Get a Hobby

August 21, 2017
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I have been told to get a hobby so many times I have lost count, but what my friends and family don’t understand is that I do have a hobby.....Insurance. I have been an insurance agent for about 9 years now. I often tell people that I eat, breathe and live insurance. Most people think I am joking, that is until they engage in a conversation with me, and then they change their tune. While I love being an insurance agent, my family does get a bit frustrated with me. For example, the other day we went to the movies and while watching a scene where a building gets blown up, everyone is the theater is oohing and awing. What do I do? I am thinking, how the heck a claim would pay out on that and I hope they had business income with extra expense on their policy. I have been at dinner parties where the host was telling everyone the story of how her mom left her all her antique jewelry. The other guests were asking questions like, “how old was the diamond ring?” and “is that piece gold or platinum”? Me on the other hand, waited for a break in the conversation to ask, “Do you have those rings scheduled out”? My question was met with a collective eye roll from everyone. Once, I was in a discussion group about a pretty serious subject and the next thing I know we are discussing the difference in coverage’s between a commercial cab and a Lyft driver. I might add that the matter actually became quite heated, but luckily I was there to give “expert” advice. Honestly, I don’t think it is my fault that when talking to a neighbor about their baby taking their first steps that it ends up with me giving them advice about an umbrella policy, I love what I do. I am a Mom and a soon to be wife and I am an insurance agent. Who needs a hobby when my career is my hobby? I think I am pretty darn lucky!
p.s. I do have one more hobby – BAKING. It’s a nice outlet for the occasional break from insurance, which of course I love if you couldn’t tell.