How the Employee Retention Credit has been Helping Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Survive and Thrive after the Pandemic

Mar 10, 2023 | Affiliates

What is the ERC

So, what is Employee Retention Credit or ERC? It’s a refundable tax credit provided by the US government to eligible businesses that have experienced economic hardship due to the pandemic. The credit is to help employers retain their employees, even if the COVID-19 pandemic hit them hard.

The ERC provides a significant financial benefit to eligible businesses. It’s worth up to $26,000 per employee and you can claim for wages paid between March 13, 2020, and December 31, 2021. You can use the credit to offset certain payroll taxes. You can refund the excess to the business.

One of the best things about the ERC is that it’s not just for businesses that have shut down. Any business that has seen a decline in revenue or has had to alter its operations due to the pandemic may be eligible. This includes restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and many others.

How are businesses recovering their losses with ERC?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the country. Many businesses close down, while others had to scale back their operations significantly. As a result, countless businesses have experienced significant financial losses due to reduced revenue, increased expenses, and other pandemic-related challenges.

Fortunately, the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) has been a lifesaver for many SMBs struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. The ERC is a refundable tax credit that was under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to provide financial relief to businesses affected by the pandemic.

The ERC provides eligible businesses with a tax credit of up to $5,000 per employee for wages paid between March 12, 2020, and December 31, 2021. This credit can be for offset payroll taxes, and any credits that you are not using that you can refund.

By taking advantage of the ERC, businesses have been able to recover some of the losses they incurred during the pandemic. The credit has helped businesses keep their doors open and retain their employees, which has been crucial in ensuring their survival and eventual recovery.

In addition to providing financial relief, the ERC has also encouraged businesses to invest in new technology, equipment, and infrastructure to adapt to the changing business landscape. Many businesses have used the credit to upgrade their technology, implement remote work policies, and develop new products and services to meet the changing needs of their customers.

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Maximizing Business’s Potential with the Employee Retention Credit

The ERC is here to encourage businesses to keep their employees on the payroll even if their operations undergo the pandemic. Eligible businesses can receive a credit of up to $5,000 per employee for the 2020 tax year, and up to $7,000 per employee per quarter for the first two quarters of 2021. You can use this credit to offset payroll taxes and any excess you can refund to your business.

For example, a restaurant owner who was forced to reduce their hours due to the pandemic was able to use the ERC to retain their employees and cover their payroll expenses. As a result, the restaurant was able to stay open and continue serving customers, and the employees were able to keep their jobs and support their families.

Another example is a construction company that was able to use the ERC to cover the payroll expenses for its employees while the company was unable to secure new contracts due to the pandemic. With the financial relief provided by the ERC, the company was able to retain its employees and stay in business until the construction industry picked up again.

Overall, the ERC has been a lifeline for many small and medium-sized businesses struggling to survive during the pandemic. It has provided them with the financial support they need to keep their operations going and retain their valuable employees. If you are a business owner who has been affected by the pandemic, it’s important to explore your options and see if you qualify for the ERC.

How ERC has helped businesses across various industries

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) has proven to be a valuable lifeline for many businesses in a variety of industries that were impacted by the pandemic. The ERC is available to businesses of all sizes that experienced a decline in gross receipts due to COVID-19 or that were fully or partially shut down due to government orders.

So far, a wide range of industries have taken advantage of the ERC, including but not limited to:

  1. Restaurants and food service businesses
  2. Hotels and lodging establishments
  3. Event planners and venues
  4. Retailers and wholesalers
  5. Healthcare providers
  6. Manufacturers
  7. Construction companies
  8. Transportation and logistics providers

These industries have been able to claim the ERC as a valuable source of financial support during difficult times. In fact, the ERC has been credited with helping many businesses retain their employees, avoid layoffs, and ultimately stay in business.

Is your Business Eligible for Employee Retention Credit

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a powerful tool for businesses to recover from the pandemic’s financial impact. But, the eligibility requirements for ERC can be complex and confusing. Our team at Advantage Insurance Solutions can help you determine if your business is eligible for the ERC and how much credit you can receive. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to recover your losses – click the form now to check your eligibility and take advantage of this program. Let us help you navigate through the complicated process and ensure that you receive the maximum ERC credit you’re entitled to.

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