Most Common Homeowners Insurance Questions

Jul 4, 2020 | Personal Insurance

Most Frequently Asked Homeowners Insurance Questions

What are the common homeowners insurance questions? A home is where you gather memories and build a foundation with your family. It is an investment you want to protect at all costs. Small or big events hold a lot of good and bad remembrances. These and many more reasons are subject to continually improving and maintaining your family’s safety. That’s when buying homeowner’s insurance takes place. 

But do you already know the whole process of insurance purchase? Are there questions in your mind that you want to be answered clearly? 

Whether you are a new homeowner or have owned your home for a longer period, there’s no doubt you have any questions about homeowner’s insurance. You want to protect your home, your possessions, and your family. Below are the five most common homeowner insurance questions

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Most Common Homeowners Insurance Questions


It’s not every day you encounter speaking with an insurance agent or even look at the policy you bought months ago. Sometimes you wonder what if’s and other questions that pop out your mind that need answers. Your insurance agent is one call away if you’ve got questions you want to clarify regarding your policy. Here are some of the questions and their answers that might help you.

As a homeowner, am I required to have insurance?

Yes, in most cases, especially if you have a lender. They always require insurance because they invested significant money in your home. In case of a disaster that hits your home, they are most likely to lose their investment. 

It’s also wise to look into insurance if you are in the process of constructing your home and even renting your home to someone else or have already owned a home. Instances like total destruction of your home or accidents in your home that may lead to a lawsuit from an injured guest are good enough reasons to acquire homeowner’s insurance for you to stay protected.

What types of coverage does homeowner insurance provide?

Two types casual, which covers the home and contents, and liability, which covers anyone injured on your property. 

The first covers the damage your home might encounter from perils in your standard policy. It also covers the loss and damage of your valuable stuff. These perils include fire or lightning, hail, theft, vandalism, smoke, volcanic eruption, and other property and electrical damage. 

You are liable for any accident or injury that might happen to a person or damage to someone’s personal property inside your home. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover that for you inside your home and other places you might have been. It also covers the damage that your pet might cause others. With both types, the amount of coverage depends on the policy.


More Questions

3. Will the replacement cost be the same as the sale price of my home?

No. The replacement cost will cover the amount needed to replace your home’s structure and/or contents. Replacement cost is usually calculated based on the individual policy formula. It’s wise to take inventory and photographs of your home and its contents to ensure you can claim the exact structure after rebuilding.

The sale price of your home depreciates as the years pass by. Its actual value is not the same as when it was new. The reason for this is the age of your home and its present condition. It’s an advantage to have your home replaced no matter how much the current price of the construction materials is.

Will homeowner insurance cover damage or theft outside of my home?

It depends on the policy. For the damage outside your home, sometimes standard policies offer this kind of coverage, but if not, ask if purchasing the coverage at additional costs is an option. Rarely will you be surprised that your policy will cover even a damaged fence outside your home! 

For theft cases, your insurance covers theft in and out of your home. But remember that your policy also limits how much they are willing to spend for the lost valuables. They might decrease the amount they will pay for expensive things like jewelry and electronics. In this case, you may buy additional coverage for your valuable possessions.

Are home-based businesses covered under homeowner insurance?

No, unless you qualify for an endorsement of your current homeowner insurance policy. A special endorsement by your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t guarantee anything significant, and only limited coverage will apply to your business.  

Most insurance companies don’t include business operations on homeowners’ policies. Better not to conclude that your insurance provider covers it since you’re working at home. There are risks you might hardly handle, like an injury you might cause by your product or service. A lawsuit might be coming, so getting a business owner’s insurance policy to cover you is best.


Purchasing homeowner’s insurance undergoes a process in which your chosen provider will gladly estimate what suits you best and your needs. Of course, homeowners will have more questions about homeowner’s insurance, particularly about their own situations (including protection against the elements, possessions that are no longer in the home, contents of vehicles, etc.). 

When searching for a homeowner’s insurance policy, ask about relevant and beneficial coverage. Take the time to contemplate the best offer that will not compromise your safety and your hard-earned money. After all, you’re doing this for yourself, your family, and your possessions’ protection, so you might as well decide with certainty.

Your home will be one of the most significant investments you will ever make, both economically and emotionally. Your family will spend countless hours there, among some of your most prized possessions. In the event of any misfortune, let us give you peace of mind knowing you are well protected.

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