Moving Made Easy Using Technology

May 24, 2021 | Personal Insurance

If you are planning to move out of your house, just thinking about it, planning how you will move out, packing your belongings, and moving can be tiring and exhausting. It would even be more of a hassle if you start itemizing your things and realize that you may forget the small stuff. Another thing that you would consider when moving out is how you will pack and make sure that all your things are well accounted for, and of course how you are going to move out. 

If you plan to pack and move on your own, it would be best to revisit your insurance and make sure of the coverage that you have. But if you plan on hiring a moving company to help you out during your move out, ask for their insurance coverage so you know what you are getting into. 

Now, aside from these policies that you need to look into, technology can help you when moving out. There is much technology-based help that you can use no matter what device you use, a desktop, a laptop, or even a smartphone. 

One of the basics that you can use is to download a 30-day move-out plan, there are apps that you can use wherein there are templated lists of things that you need to pack every day for 30 days before you move out, but there are also apps or even just images that you can download on your phone and you can create a customized 30-day plan with all the things that you need to prepare as you pack your things before moving out. Yes, you can still use the old pen-and-paper planner but you can actually misplace this planner, unlike your smartphone that can either be on your pocket, bag, or hand most of the time. 

Another result of technology advances that could replace pens and papers that are helpful when moving out are apps that have the feature to scan labels, QR codes, or tags for your boxes. How does this work? Imagine yourself packing the things you need, you categorize them by box and put labels on these boxes. If you are packing the traditional way, you would have to write on these boxes and seal them. 

But what happens if you need something you already packed? You would have to go through the box and look for it. Unlike if you use apps that you can by the way download on your smartphone, that has the ability to scan the boxes and show you a list of the things inside the box. It would save you a lot of time double-checking the boxes, you could just scan the label and go through the list in a minute or two. 

Another good thing about apps like this is that you do not have to type these things onto your phone which is similar to actually writing it on paper, you can just voice it out and your smartphone’s speech-to-text feature can handle it. Now, if you need something that is already packed you can just check your phone and easily locate the box that has it. 

These apps could save you a lot of time and energy since moving out is more than just packing and moving, you might have to clean up your old and new place so once you move out you need to unpack a certain box for your cleaning materials. If you have more than just one box of cleaning materials, opening up these boxes would take up too much time. But if you have the app record it, you can easily find it and start cleaning the place you left or moved to.

These management apps not only provide you with a to-do list but could also give you reminders on what you need to do or buy before or during your moving out. Doing an inventory of your things at home is already tedious as it is, it may preoccupy your mind and you might forget about other things. 

Your smartphone can notify you at least 15 minutes before your preferred schedule. There are reminder apps that you can download that give you the option to create a schedule of reminders, these reminders can be integrated with your 30-day to-do list. You can just put in the app to remind you to do your laundry before moving out. Reminders can notify you a day before or whenever you want to be reminded of it, and if it is something that you would do several times during the 30 days, you can create a series of reminders in the app’s calendar.

If you want to create an inventory of the things that you are moving out for insurance purposes, it would be best to take photos of these things and categorize them by the room where you used to place these items. There are apps that allow you to do this and you do not even have to do it alone, you can share the inventory on the item with your housemates and they will be the ones to upload the photos and categorize the things by rooms. Some apps have the feature of categorizing your items as properties which homeowners would find helpful for handling items from a storage unit if they do have one.

And comes the next item that can make your move easier using technology – smart vacuums. Smart vacuums or also known as robot vacuums now have sensors and can take voice commands. Robot vacuums start with just a push of a button or tell it to start, it will then start to roam around the area while picking up dust and dirt that it senses along the way. 

Aside from its voice command, this vacuum is a smart vacuum because it has an anti-collision and anti-fall feature. The smart vacuum detects stairs preventing them from falling and being broken, and also detects walls or other furniture that it could bump into. Just like smartphones, smart vacuums need to be recharged. 

Most of the smart vacuums do not stop cleaning midway right at the center of the floor, instead, it goes back to its dock (it finds its way back on its own, by the way) and charges on its own. Then it will continue to work – meaning clean – after charging.

These robot vacuums are helpful when moving out because you can just leave it roaming around cleaning your floorings, while you unload more boxes from your moving vehicle. It does not take up too much of your time since it does everything on its own. You can even set schedules on it by the time that you are settled in on your new home. 

But while you are moving out, you would just need to take the robot vacuum out of the box and let it be since it may not need to be emptied when it is done cleaning initially in your new house. There are also robot vacuums that come with a dustbin that serves as the bag to hold everything it has picked up, once the bin is full you can then empty it into your garbage can.

When packing things for moving out, homeowners tend to find items that they probably forgot about or do not use at all. These items can either be kept for future use or if the homeowner is sure that it will not be used in the future again – and if it is still in good condition – would be put up online for selling. 

There are several online selling websites and even applications that you can download and sell your second-hand items from your home that you do not want to bring over your new house. It would be handier to download an app on your smartphone and take photos of the items so the potential buyers could see the item as it is. These apps usually ask you to sign up and it would be best if you enter your real information to show that you are a legit seller, not someone who would sell something totally not usable anymore, especially if you are trying to get rid of the item as soon as possible. But of course, when it comes to personal information, offer as little information as possible.

After signing up for the selling app, the next steps would involve providing information about the item that you are trying to sell like what it is, a picture of the item, how old is the item, any issues or damages on the item, and why you are trying to sell it along with the price that you would sell it. Selling your used items that you no longer need is one way to earn money while you are moving out, the money could help you out with your moving costs anyway. 

One thing that you would like to consider as a seller would be how would the buyer take the item, would they have it delivered, or pick it up at your house (especially if it is heavy), or if you would agree to meet them up somewhere.

These are just some of the outputs of technology that you could use while moving out, not only will it help you with your packing it would also be helpful for insurance purposes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding your policies when you plan to move out.