Nursing Momma Problems

Jul 28, 2017 | Insurance Agent Mom Life

Hi. My name is Michelle. I’m a single full-time working momma of two, a three year old going on thirteen and a five month old. I’m currently nursing my five month old and have recently been battling allergies. Being this is my second time around & reading every article I could, I’ve come up with a couple tips for us nursing mommas with allergies!

When you’re nursing and you have allergies, you can’t simply go to your favorite allergy pill for relief as their primary role is to dry inflamed mucus ducts in your system. One of the ducts that can be dried up in conjunction with the others are milk ducts responsible for supplying breast milk. So what’s a nursing mom to do to function?

Well… I’m already drinking mother’s milk tea to help increase milk supply, so I add a tablespoon of raw organic local honey to sweeten the flavor (make it more tolerable and taste less like black liquorice) and local honey has so many health benefits including allergy relief!

Honeybees collect pollen from blooms that are the primary source for those pesky allergens that are wreaking havoc on your mucus membranes. By ingesting local honey made from the pollen you’re surrounded by, you are able to combat those allergens without risk of drying up your milk supply!

Please be cautious not to get honey anywhere near baby as little ones can not have honey until at least one year of age as it can cause botulism in babies if exposed and ingested. So, you can knock out a few momma problems in one, increase your milk supply with mother’s milk tea as well as sweeten the taste and combat allergens with local raw organic honey.

Stay tuned for the turnout of your favorite insurance agents nursing and parenting adventures!