The “Normal” Worries of an Insurance Agent Mother

Aug 4, 2017 | Insurance Agent Mom Life

Hello! My name is Erica Diana. Yes, I have two first names. You can call me Erica, or Diana, or any other name. I answer to everything! That’s what happens when you are a twin and grew being called the wrong name. Believe me, I don’t take offense to much.

A little bit of background on me – I’ve been at Advantage Insurance Solutions for 2 years and have been part of the financial services/insurance industry since 2002. I like to say that if it’s boring and requires a license, I’m down.

This October, I will have been married for 12 years. I have two daughters who are my life. My husband is a carpenter by trade and works for Jeffco Public Schools – he’s super handy and can build me whatever my heart desires (wink wink…). We’re actually talking about and planning on building a new garage – let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

Doing what I do, for as long as I have doing it, I have to tell you – it has changed my mindset as a mom.

A “normal” mom will think about what kind of cupcakes to serve at our daughter’s upcoming birthday party. Me? Guess what I think about.

Oh – well, I wonder about what kid is going to fall off the jungle gym in my backyard and if their parent will then sue me.

A “normal” mom will worry about their dog getting hit by a car when he escapes (AGAIN!!!) from their backyard. Guess what I think about…

Oh – I wonder what would happen if he attacks someone (he won’t) and how I’m liable for him even if he isn’t at my house.

A “normal” mom thinks about how great their children do at school, about their kids excelling at studies and at sports.

Yep – again, I’m different. I am scared that if one of my girls is playing with a rubber band and it gets loose and damages another student’s eye. You guessed it – I’m liable. The parents are responsible.

Like I mentioned before, I have two beautiful, kind, respectful girls. I cherish this time as their mother. Yes, my looking glass is different, and I might have additional worries because of my profession, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Also – my husband helps keep me sane.

Things like liabilityresponsibilitybeing sued, not having the right coverage, and not knowing how insurance provides the coverage are all really important to me. Remember, I like the boring stuff. My biggest, most important professional goal is to help my clients – personally.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!