Working Moms

Jul 26, 2017 | Insurance Agent Mom Life

Entrepreneur and Mother

Hi there! My name is Lori Busi and I’m one of several working moms here at Advantage Insurance Solutions. I’m an entrepreneur, a mother of 3 beautiful children. There are my 6-year-old twins, Ben and Alyssa. There is my21-month-old, Charlie. And last but not least, wife to an amazing fireman. Yes, ladies, I said fireman!

As a business owner and mother, I’ve had to learn how to wear multiple hats at once. There is the diaper changer, claims handler, order taker (food, snacks, and whatever our clients ask for). As well as mom/office manager (which are kind of the same thing except for its kids vs. adults). For most, finding support as a working mom can be tough. So what did I do? I enlisted several other hard-working moms to be part of my work/family team. We currently have four working moms in the office. Nine young children between us who are learning the business as we speak–whether they want to or not. HaHa!! They’ll thank us later.

Juggling Hats

Coming to work is an experience from day to day. A KIDTASTIC experience that is!! We try to make the best of what we’re working with which is a hectic insurance business and being working moms. Some days are better than others but how many working moms can actually say they’re able to take their kids to work with them?

As a working mom, there’s a lot of guilt that follows. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s that mom’s guilt. So many times I’ve told my kids just 10 more minutes but in reality, they know that really means at least another hour. In my head, I’m thinking I really just need to get this one last work thing done but on the other side of it I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be more fun for them to be at the park or pool instead? But we try not to let those things get to us by keeping a balanced work/play attitude. If you work hard and meet your goals you can go play.

My Hows and Whys

Why do I have the best team of people working at Advantage Insurance Solutions? That’s an easy answer, because what else would you want from your insurance agent other than a caring, responsive person? I have a team full of strong, multi-tasking people, and moms who are ready to take care of everyone around them.

At the office, we all do our best to support one another and are always willing to take a kid off one another’s hand when in need. I’m guessing there are many working moms out there that might feel like they’re the only ones tackling the daily challenge of it all but we’re here to let you know that you’re not alone. It’s no easy task but we’re here to support you and also fill you in on our crazy, hectic, fun-filled days and maybe teach you a thing or two about Property, Casualty, and Life/Health Insurance along the way.

Just to give you a little inside view of our office shenanigans, check out our kid vs. favorite insurance agent Bean Boozled Challange on our YouTube channel. Just click here and enjoy!

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