Commercial Fleet Safety in 2023

Jul 14, 2020 | Business Insurance

Fleet Safety Management Program

Employees who are working for your business are the most essential asset of the working force. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible to mobilize all the resources needed to grow your business. So, isn’t it better to ensure their safety within the environment they are operating?

A commercial fleet safety program is a program for companies that aim to educate their employees about safe and defensive driving and its importance. It ensures safety and liability against accidents of the employees within the work environment by establishing policies and procedures for them. Its goal is to prevent injuries, property damage, and even death among the workers. 

Without this, you are risking the lives of your employees and your company as well. In business, fleet vehicle accidents incur injury claims with the most price. You wouldn’t know when an accident might hit them so rendering the right training and other safety procedures is very essential.  We come up with five important reasons why you need a commercial fleet safety management program for your employees.

5 Reasons Why You Should Enhance The Commercial Fleet Safety Management Program 

Establishing a safety program for your employees is very important for the business to move forward and grow. It’s your employees’ welfare and yours too as the employer who is at stake that’s why it is a wise move to proceed on implementing this system.

It aims to avoid risks to the company and its employees.

During driving, the risk of being on the road is inevitable no matter how safe your driving is. Injuries that are met by the employees are quite costly, even the injuries that they might incur with other people. Oftentimes, employers get shocked when total costs have been revealed out of that accident. Coming up with a commercial fleet safety management program will save your business from spending money on these dangerous events.

Also, as required by law,  your obligation to your employees is to provide a healthy and safe working environment. The outcome of an accident sometimes leads to a total disability which eventually creates a big impact with regards to performing their job. Therefore, considering this program motivates a sense of responsibility that will prevent an accident from reoccurring in the future.

It improves the driver’s behavior and efficiency.

One of the biggest reasons for fatalities from accidents on the road is distracted drivers. It had caused a large number of reported cases each year and resulted in ascending insurance and maintenance costs. Traffic violations are also met by reckless driving that affects the business in terms of service and delivery.

By doing this system, you’d likely lessen the risk of putting them in these situations by training them to improve driving traits. It will eventually sink in and reckless behavior towards driving would be lessened, if not removed.

This program has courses that include tips on efficient driving that result in your fleet’s lowered fuel costs. Educating them with proper driving habits makes a big difference in improving fuel efficiency in an overall aspect.

It reduces insurance premiums and claims.

Notifying your insurer about the ongoing program reduces the cost of insurance costs. It assures them of expecting less unfortunate events to happen due to the safe driving that the trained employees are performing. Simply put, fewer accidents means fewer claims.

It doesn’t just lower the risks and violations but moreover, its benefits in decreasing your insurance costs while keeping them safe can save you a lot of money. You can already assume that the lowered amount of premium per driver or employee has compensated half of the program. 

It monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the program.

The company does annual and quarterly reports to display results of how the business is going. With this program, effectiveness is measured and evaluated. A breakdown of reported accidents and violations of the drivers involved in the commercial fleet safety program will give you a hint of the employees’ progress.

It continuously monitors the drivers’ behavior by checking their motor vehicle record (MVR). Doing it more than once gives off information on potential exposure to liability. There are two types of liability that your business might come to face in an event of an accident. 

  • Direct liability pertains to the situation where the insurer will only cover the damage and injury if the company or the individual insured is directly liable for the accident.
  • Vicarious liability is where a company will be held liable for the negligence incurred by his employee or a vehicle owner to his driver. You may need additional insurance to cover for the negligent actions.

Moreso, you can simply realize and estimate the saved expenses from road mishaps that could’ve caused unexpected high costs for the company. Evaluation of your employees’ records can mitigate the company’s goal to ensure their safety and expand the business.

It retains and gains a good record and branding of the company.

Safety ensures the quality of products being delivered by fleets. Drivers being efficient and less prone to accidents somehow shows off how your business is going. Implementing a fleet safety management program reduces the risk of damage to other properties and injuries against other people and also to your customers.

Executing the training establishes your name through word of mouth. It travels fast and affects your company’s morale. You’d likely gain more clients if they will see the quality of work and processes your company is doing. They would want to work for a business that protects its employees because it reflects your concern not just for them but for the clients too.

A fleet safety management program is an inexpensive way to enforce safe driving on your employees. It’s not just them that will benefit from this training. It’s you who could gain a lot from pursuing this program because it may boost the brand of your business and improve the efficiency of the workers. It is indeed worth spending your time and money that will reflect the goodwill of your company to potential clients in the future.

Secure your employees’ and company’s future

Securing safety for your people gains a positive outcome on their working mood. It produces happy and contented employees, improved behavior towards work, and a harmonious working environment within the company. ‘

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