Referrals for a Cause

Aug 15, 2020 | News and Events

You get a $10 Gift Card and we donate to a local charity when you refer a friend!

We appreciate (and love) client referrals!
We work hard to provide our clients with a wide range of insurance companies, and high level customer service. There is no better compliment to this service than by referring a friend, family member or co-worker to our agency.

When you refer a friends, family and co-workers to us, it’s truly a win-win-win.

You look like a hero, the person you refer gets taken care of, and we’re able to grow our local business. However, we realize that insurance doesn’t exactly come up in the course of every day conversation. This is why we will give you a $10 gift card, AND donate to local charity when you tell someone to contact us for their insurance needs.

Our team regularly volunteers at Clothes to Kids of Denver, a local non-profit organization in the Denver Metro Area, that helps provide new and used (but still of good quality) clothing to kids coming of low-income or in-crisis.

This is done with their core values in mind:

  • COMPASSION To provide a cheerful, friendly atmosphere where those we serve feel comfortable and welcome.
  • RESPECT To be respectful and considerate of those we serve and not question or judge the circumstances that bring them to us.
  • SELF-ESTEEM To build students’ self-esteem by providing them with clothing that makes them feel good about themselves.
  • SERVICE To work hard and give our best to help those we serve.

Each time you refer-a-friend, we not only give YOU (the person referring) a $10 gift card, but also donate to this amazing part of the community. We also do regular sales or drives to help raise funds for this charity. We kindly ask everyone to take time and be part of giving back to the community with us!

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