How Pet Sitters Are Making The World A Better Place

Oct 19, 2021 | Personal Insurance

Pet sitters are the most trusted people you can rely on when it comes to your pets. You can be at ease that your beloved furs are being cared for while you are away. So just imagine a life without pet sitters. How can you work without someone to look after your dog? How can you go out of town for business without someone to feed your cat? Truly a pet sitter’s job is like a heaven-sent job for pet owners.  With pet sitters to look after your pets, they already can make the world a better place just by existing.

Benefits of Having a Pet Sitter

Having a professional sitter to take care of your pet is important to ensure that your fur is in good hands. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a sitter that every pet owner should know. 

  • They are the best companion- Pets need to have a companion while you are away. And a pet sitter knows how to provide attention and the needs of pets. We all know how clingy pets can be. They always want to feel love and are always up for playtime. Having someone to talk to and play with them can help your pet feel at ease and less stressed while you are not at home. 
  • Sitters help your pet with physical activities- While you are away, your pet will just wait for you until you go home. So just imagine how boring that can be for an energetic cat or dog. Having a pet sitter to walk them around and do some physical activities can relieve that energy. Pets should run around, not only for them to keep entertained but also for their health. Everyday exposure to fresh air and exercise routines can make your pet not only healthier but also happier.
  • Your pet can play with other pets- Now this is more suitable if your pet is a dog. If your hire a professional pet sitter that has other clients, chances are the sitter will look after your pet together with other dogs. This can be a fun experience for your pet. Running around with other animals like them can uplift their mood.

Also, they can learn to be more sociable and domesticated. Although having other animals to interact with your pet can make you worry. Because having other dogs around means there is always a chance of a dog fight. But again, these situations are properly handled since your pet sitter is trained and knowledgeable enough.

When to Hire a Pet Sitter

Let’s be honest, hiring a pet sitter is not everyone’s first choice. Many pet owners tend to look for easier and cheaper options. But how will you know that it is time for you to hire a pet sitter? 

Whenever you leave your pet for a long period like the whole day or overnight, you need to hire someone to look after them.

Remember that having a pet is like having a child to take care of. Someone needs to feed them, bathe them, and clean up after them. Paying someone to do that work for you while you are not at home is better than paying a vet if something bad happens to your pet, or paying the damages done to your house. 

Advantages of Having a Professional Pet Sitter

Asking your family, friends, or neighbor to take care of your pet is okay. However, having someone who has the right knowledge and proper training in taking care of pets is different. Here is a list of the benefits of  having a professional sitter:

  • A professional pet sitter will know right away if your pet is sick. They are well-trained on how to properly give medicine and what to do in case of an emergency. Also, they can notice if your pet feels stressed or uneasy. Someone who is an expert in pet care can tell if the scratching is still normal or not even when your pet is scratching its skin.

Having someone that can prevent your pet from having more serious sickness or injuries can tremendously save your pet’s life and also your money. 

  • Professional sitters are more likely available whenever you need their service simply because it is their job. Unlike your family and friends who also have their everyday chores to do. Sitters prioritize their job, so you will be at ease that the one looking after your pet is always keeping their eyes on your fur.
  • What if your pet is hurt or is missing in your house? These are just some of the inevitable incidents that can happen if you asked someone to look after your pet. So what if you leave your cat to your sister one afternoon. Your cat injures because your sister was too busy with her online work. Can you blame your sister for what happened?

More Pro’s of Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter

Now let’s say, you asked a neighbor friend to watch your pet in your house while you’re at a party. When you get home, you realized that one of your jewelry was missing. Can you confront your neighbor about it?

These scenarios happen in real life. Asking favors to your family members and friends is not that easy, how much more in this kind of situation. Hence having a professional pet sitter is better. Since it is their job to take care of your pet and secure their safety, anything that can happen on their watch will be their fault.

Also, in case of theft, you can always ask them ( or their manager ) without any hesitation or personal feelings involved. 

  • A professional sitter is insured and protected – One of the best reasons to hire a professional sitter is if worse comes to worst and an accident happens they are properly insured.

For example, if your sitter is walking your dog to the park and bit a stranger passing by, the General Liability policy will cover that. Their insurance protects the pet sitter against any third-party claims. So imagine if the one who walks your dog is your sister or your friend. You then need to pay all the medical bills for the stranger’s medication. 

Health and emotional benefits to your pets for having a pet sitter 

Companionship and safety are just some of the many things a pet sitter can give to your beloved furs. But there is more than just their presence that can benefit your pets. Pet sitters are trained in taking care of different kinds of animals. They know their behaviors and how to deal with them. Just like the difference between cat and dog. These two animals have a lot of differences. That is why the way to treat them is not the same as well.


If you have a cat, look for a pet sitter that can just go to your house to pet your cat alone. Because, unlike dogs, cats prefer to stay at home. Meeting unfamiliar animals and going outside can stress them. Cats just usually need their litter box to relieve themselves.

Also, a feline’s nature is to mark their scent to a specific place and make it their own or their territory. This scent is enough to calm them. That’s why going outside can’t help them like how playing and socializing can benefit a dog.

Moreover, cats are frightened more easily than dogs. So there is always a chance that your cat can scratch a stranger if your pet sitter brings them outside to walk. 

Hence, it is better to just have a pet sitter to look after your cat at home. They can just walk in your backyard where your cat is familiar. By this, you can be more at ease in leaving your sensitive pet while you’re away. 


Walking your dog can be very beneficial for your pet. It can improve your dog’s cardiovascular fitness, strengthen its muscles, and bones, relieve stress, and lower its blood pressure. Going outside can also give them a healthy social relationship with other dogs. 

Some breeds of dogs need to go outside for a walk each day or more. Doing so can avoid them from being obese. Dog’s obesity is associated with many kinds of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, liver disease, osteoarthritis, cancer, joint pains, and insulin resistance. 

Playing outside can relieve a dog’s boredom. If your pet lacks walking and playing, they can be aggressive and stressed. Most of the reason why a dog bites a stranger is because of their defensive behavior. Dogs who spend most of their time alone at home are more destructive than dogs who socialize with other pets. 


A pet sitter is someone passionate and affectionate with animals. They have the knowledge and skills to properly take care of your pet when you are away. Having them can not just make your lids easier but also your pet’s. 

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