Maintaining A Safe Fleet Of Vehicles: Quick Tips

Oct 4, 2020 | Business Insurance

Quick Tips To A Safe Fleet

 As companies are boosting their performance, there is also the need to improve the business and maintain the assets that help make it possible to grow.






Fleet vehicles are one of the essential assets that keep the business going thanks to their competency, as well as the drivers, efficiently perform the task to transport the products to the clients.


Therefore, it is a must that proper maintenance should be done to these vehicles and make it a routine to ensure safe transport of the business. Read on to find out some quick tips on how you can maintain your fleet of vehicles safely.



A maintenance checklist must be present when you start with the plan of how to manage the safety of your fleet vehicles. It will be used to provide the guideline that will act as a tool for the evaluation of your vehicle.

This checklist will validate the criteria needed to ensure the fleet’s reliability and productivity. It is, therefore, a great way to assess the result of continuous monitoring if this checklist will be strictly implemented.

Keep an eye out for damage, excessive use, or wear on tires, vehicle light functionality, brake status, fluid leakage, and fuel consumption. Explain the importance of this checklist in the driver’s everyday routine before they travel or during discussions, because their compliance will contribute a lot to the fleet’s maintenance and safety.



 Fleet safety is everyone’s job, starting with the initial assessment done by the drivers. The drivers are the first ones that will do the inspection of the fleet vehicle components or any damage or problems that they might or have been encountered while on the road.

The repair people or the technicians are the second in line who are responsible for repairing or fixing any breakdowns that will create downtime and unsafe situations during the trip. They are the ones who do the detailed work and inspection based on the report.

You must give your inspection checklist if you will be choosing outsourced repair technicians to ensure that your requirements are met. There must be enhanced teamwork between the two- drivers and repairmen.

Without cooperation from the drivers to firmly follow the standard procedure, even a mild problem will not be noticed, leading to serious injury or property damage.


A scheduled maintenance check-up is one way to lessen unexpected cases of accidents and breakdowns that will affect the business.

Never miss the schedule as it might cause unexpected mishaps as your driver is out for a traveled delivery. It does not just concern your brand’s reliability but can also lead your employees to danger and furthers unexpected costs.

That is another problem to handle. Your employee’s welfare is your responsibility to take care of. A small problem is easier to resolve if preventive actions are done before a bigger misfortune happens



Involving your drivers in comprehensive training about safety helps in achieving the goal of maintaining a safe fleet of vehicles.

The training teaches them how to deal with real-life situations during traffic encounters, change in weather, and road conditions like weather hazards, fatigue, and first-aid practice.

Conducting training in both sit-down discussions and actual hands-on settings will evaluate the capability of the driver to run a fleet vehicle smoothly.

Maintaining a safe fleet of vehicles needs a lot of factors to succeed. Motivation together with the training provided will attain positive results and responses from the employees to perform better at work. To learn about insuring your fleet, get in touch today. 

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