10 Ways To Be Productive During Covid-19

Mar 26, 2021 | Affiliates

As an attempt to lower the speed of Covid-19’s transmission and keep people from getting it, multiple cities have asked their citizens to stay at home for their work and school until the time that it is safe to go out again. One of the great things about being productive after working or attending classes from home is that people can now have the time and luxury to do activities that they wanted to do before but did not have the time to do so. 

Some of these tasks are more enjoyable than other tasks, but doing these at your own pace and time at the comfort of your own home, wherein you can enjoy doing work or school activities while doing something to ward off boredom makes one be more productive, motivated, and satisfied.

Listing here 10 productive things you can try to do inside the house during the Covid-19pandemic to be more productive:

Clean Out Your Closets

You have the liberty whichever closet you want to start cleaning out; you can either declutter it or just clean it physically. Kitchen closets are a good start to clean out, check the expiration dates of the foods you have then use up the ones that are close to expiring, and while you are at it, you can get rid of the old condiments, herbs, and spices, and other food products that you think are not safe to eat up anymore. To physically clean your cabinets, you can start off by wiping the insides of the cabinets clean making them squeaky clean and good as new. Then, you can start putting aside the dishes, pans, or other kitchen equipment that you don’t see yourself using anymore in the future next. Let others use it and donate it when we’re free to go out again after the pandemic.

Then move on to other closets and storage pantries in your home. It would also be good while you are clearing out unused stuff in your house to start assembling your own emergency kit with this equipment that you will probably find while cleaning out: flashlight, batteries, water, first-aid items, and non-perishable food products. By doing this, you are both organized and one step closer to emergency preparedness.

Organize Your Digital Photos

If you have thousands of photos on your phone, tablet, or other devices, go through all your photos there. It may be time to start deleting the photos you don’t want to see anymore and organize the other ones by date or by occasion. This would be a great time to start your vacation album if you have been meaning to make one.

Conduct a Safety Check

It is advisable for smoke detectors to be checked and have the batteries replaced two times a year during daylight savings time. If you have forgotten to do so or did not have the time so you had to put it off, now is the best time to do a safety check. A safety check would also include checking your place’s plumbing, the pipes on your bathroom and kitchen sink, wires and cords of appliances, and being on the lookout for leaks or run-down components. While visually checking these parts of your home, make a list of the repairs and upgrades that need to be done based on what you have observed while conducting this safety check.

Take an Online Class

Multiple companies and websites are, for a limited time, now offering free access to some if not all of their programs and courses. This is a great time to take advantage of these classes and make it a challenge for yourself to finish any online class, be it an academic subject, an additional work skill, a hobby to cure cabin fever while being stuck at home, certification programs, and many more! You can choose if you want to start with just a one-time class or finish one that lasts for a whole semester.

Go Digital

The virus can live off different surfaces and paper is not an exception, it would be best to lessen the use of it. It will be like killing two birds with one stone, keeping viruses away, and conserving trees. One use of paper to cut off is utility bills; go online and request your provider to send you paperless bills or statements. Also having less paper mail means having less of something to make a mess of. If an account allows, you can opt for autopay while requesting a digital bill. In this way, forgetting to pay the actual bill and having to pay a fine for paying late could be avoided. If you are online and checking your mail while requesting a digital bill, you can also declutter your mail and unsubscribe from email lists you don’t want to be included in anymore.

Prepare for the Future

In preparation for the future, having a will, an advanced medical directive, or a signed power of attorney could be considered as your safety net. And while you are cooped up at home, this is something that you could spend some time working on because lawyers can actually do business over the phone or have a video call scheduled to set you up. Checking up the beneficiaries listed on your investments and insurance is also something you could do during this time. Assuming that this won’t be something that you would use yet for a long time, having it tucked and prepared is nice then you won’t have to think about it again unless you would want something in it to be changed.

Work on Your Lawn or Garden

With the coronavirus lingering, having to distance oneself from others for at least one meter is recommended – if not required. But this does not mean that you are supposed to be cooped up inside your house. Given the weather, you can do some lawn work and grass weeding. Maintain your lawn or garden by trimming the bushes and preparing a box for your plants and blooming flowers. You can also actually add plants in your garden; go plant some seeds and watch them grow through time.

Take Up a Hobby

You might have a sewing machine that you have been itching to try but did not have the time to do so. Make use of the time that you have now and watch a video to learn how to quilt and get started with it. Or get the nearest recipe book you can find and try out a new dish you can whip out in the kitchen. If you are not into these things, open up your cabinets and look for your art supplies to paint some watercolor sunsets. You can do many things with all the time in your hands while you are inside the house; study movie editing with what software you have, start reading the book you have been putting off, take an online class for your well-being such as yoga classes or meditation classes, unleash your inner bartender and craft some new drinks you can think of, decorate your own cake! The sky’s the limit, try out anything you find interesting.

Embrace Culture

With everything going digital during this pandemic lockdown, even if you can’t go visit museums you can actually have a virtual tour inside it! Many institutions are making advancements to technology wherein you can watch a live stream of a concert or an opera that you want, listen to e-books or podcasts. Companies have also invested and innovated different technologies so that they can still serve people in the comfort of their homes; there are so many ways to enjoy the outside without actually going out thanks to the technology that we have right now.

Complete a Home Inventory

Documenting the assets you have inside the house or having a complete home inventory would be a great help in the events of a robbery, flood, fire, or any other disaster that could take some things out of your house. A modern way of keeping a home inventory would include photos and videos of your house and the things inside it. After compiling these photos and videos, upload them on a cloud-based storage program so you can access them whenever and wherever you want as long as there is an internet connection. After that, check up on your insurance coverage and make sure that it is enough to cover your assets, and also take note of the upgrades that you have done on your home. It would also be nice to review or look into specific insurance policies that could cover your valuable items such as jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, or art.

This pandemic has made a drastic change in the way we live and in the world, Advantage Insurance Solutions can get you the protection your family needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to help you right now! Call us toll-free at (877) 658-2472 today!