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7 Best Marketing Tips for Your Dental Practice — Keep Those Patients Coming

7 Best Marketing Tips for Your Dental Practice — Keep Those Patients Coming

January 26, 2020
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Just like any other business, you need to market or promote your dental practice to grow your customer base. You can’t just rely on your family and friends; and as much as word of mouth can be a very effective way to gain new customers, in today’s very competitive business world, it just won’t be enough to cover all the expenses.

But before we dive into these marketing tips that will help you grow your dental practice, let’s talk about the 4 P’s of Marketing -- Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Place.


You need to know your product. Make a list of what makes your dental practice stand out from your competition. This list will help you decide who you want to target.


Know the average pricing in your area. It will most likely also depend on the purchasing power of the population where your dental practice is located.


It’s important where you decide to set up your dental practice. You might have the best dental practitioners in the world, but if your dental practice is nowhere near populated areas, then there’s going to be a big problem.


Every product or service needs to be promoted. Otherwise, how will people know of its existence? But it isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are many ways to promote a product or service, but not every single one will prove to be effective for every business. When you think of ways to promote your dental practice, think of the other P’s -- What products/services do you provide? Who can afford your products/services? Where do you find them so that you can communicate and engage with them?

Keeping the 4 P’s of Marketing in mind, let us now talk about the 13 best ways to market your dental practice.

Create your own website and make it engaging

In today’s modern world where everything is practically done online whenever possible, one can say that a business has no business running without its own website. But it doesn’t stop there. Make sure you make your website engaging. Don’t just set it up, add content, and then expect it will do you any good without giving it any attention thereafter. Having said that, here are a few things to keep in mind: