9 Useful Tools for Professional Groomers of Dogs and Cats

Dec 5, 2020 | From The CEO, Personal Insurance

Grooming pets can be a hassle sometimes, especially for busy pet owners who have a lot on their plate to deal with. That is why having a Professional Groomers to take care of that responsibility is such a lifesaver for many. From bath, nail trims, ear cleaning, and de-shedding, those are all covered. Whether it is for dogs or cats, Pet Groomers in Denver, Colorado, and pretty much everywhere else in the world, have the most effective tools that they use to ensure that they give the best service on keeping all pet’s hygiene in its prime. 

Most useful tools Pet Care Specialists use for dogs and cats 

1. Brush 

Using the right brush for pets is very important to achieve that tangle-free hair. Some pet owners do not have enough time to groom their pets properly due to their busy schedules, or maybe they just do not know how to do it right. Mostly that is the reason why pet parents bring their dogs and cats to Professional Pet Groomers. So what is the right brush to use for dogs and cats? 


For long-haired dogs such as Yorkshire, Golden Retriever, and Collie, it is wise to untangle the coat first. This is to prepare the hair and to avoid a hard time brushing it. First, you need a metal comb with wide teeth. Make sure to comb the hair into a moderate speed while gently untangling every knot. This process can be hard because this can be painful for the dog. Be patient in doing this grooming step, and if needed, use a pair of blunt-ended scissors to cut the knot easily. 

For short-haired animals like Labrador, Boxer, and Doberman, It is recommended that you use a metal comb with very fine teeth. Using this kind of comb will help you efficiently remove the dead hair from topcoat up to the undercoat of the hair. Once you are done with untangling the hair, you can then use a soft brush as a finishing to achieve that smooth and silky look. Because unlike cats, dogs cannot clean themselves. Regular brushing prevents shedding and tangles. Hence cleaning and brushing them is essential to maintain their skin in good condition as well as their coat. 


Cats are known as an animal who can clean themselves using their tongue. They have this certain characteristic that leads them from swallowing dead hair, then vomit it after. Although they are very famous about self cleanliness, still, they must be groomed as well the same as how dogs are properly groomed. 

For most cats, you can use a dual-sided brush which has a finer pin brush side and a softer bristle side. The pin brush side is for tangles and mats and it is good for fluffy and long-haired cats. Just like on dogs, you must untangle the knots first and large clumps. While for cats with short hair, you can use a fine-tooth metal comb to remove any debris. Just make sure to comp from head to tail in a gentle manner to avoid any injury. 

2. Deshedding Tools 

Deshedding tools are one of the favorite tools of many Professional Pet Carers. For dogs and cats that shed their fur religiously, having tools that can lessen scattered hair is a must. The steel comb pulls out the loose fur that is about to fall. Most groomers use special tools and cleaners that delicately remove loose hair like de-shedding shampoo and conditioner. Here are some of the useful de-shedding tools: 

  • Slicker brush: This is a rectangular-headed type of brush. Slicker types of brush have fine, short wires that are close together in a flat like surface. It is commonly used on medium to long types of haired dogs and cats. Also, different varieties of slicker brush were used depending on the breed of dog/cat. Using the correct size of the brush and flexible handle can make a big difference. 
  • Wide-toothed combs: This type of comb is usually made of plastic or metal. It has widely separated teeth and some even have rotating teeth style. This can help remove minor knots and unwanted fur tangles. Wide-toothed combs are best for medium to long hair cats and dogs for it prevents unnecessary tugging and pulling. 
  • Blade-on-a-handle metal combs are new and trendy types of pet de-shedding tools. One example is the Furminator, it is a metal comb which has teeth that are long enough to reach through the dog and cat’s topcoat. It can remove any matted and fur trapped beneath it. This comb has a rubber grip and has a button that you can push to release the gathered fur in the comb. 
  • Rubber brushes: This kind of brush has many shapes and styles. It is best during the bath and can clean the pet down to the skin. This can also give a good massage and stimulate circulation, moreover, it can remove loose dander and loose hair. 
  • Bristle brushes: The bristles of these brushes can be made of synthetic or natural bristles. It is commonly used on short-haired and smooth-coated dogs and cats. It also removes loose hair and can also stimulate the skin. 
  • Pin brushes: Pin brushes are almost the same as a bristle brush, but with metal or wood pins instead of synthetic and natural bristles. 

Why Dogs and Cats shed their fur? 

Dogs and cats have 2 types of hair: 

1. Primary Hair – It is the long and rough type of hair 

2. Secondary Hair- Is the fluffy and soft hair 

Shedding is a natural way for cats and dogs to remove dead hair in their body. However, the amount and frequency of shedding depend on these factors: 

● Stress 

● Allergies 

● Poor nutrition 

● Breed 

● Season 

● Pregnancy 

● Illness 

● Fleas or parasites 

● Dirty or irritated skin 

● Hormonal deficiencies or changes 

3. Nail Clippers 

Just like us humans, nail clippers are also a necessity for grooming our pets. It makes them look clean, prevents any chance to hurt themselves and their owner, prevent them from ruining furniture and clothing, and also avoid health issues caused by dirt that can be trapped in their long nails. Moreover, long-untrimmed nails can break off, and that can be painful for your poor dog or cat. In other words, regularly trimming your pet’s nails is a must. 

Professional Groomers use several types of nail clippers. The most common clippers that they use for both dogs and cats are the guillotine style and a scissors style. Though both are very effective in cutting your pet’s nails, however, the guillotine style is the easiest one to use for dogs and cats. Cutting your pet’s nails can be tricky because of their “quick”. Quick is the blood vessel and nerves that supply the claw. Hence, if the one who will cut your pet’s nails is not well aware of it, they may end up hurting your pet. That is one of the benefits of having a professional groomer to groom your pet. They are knowledgeable enough to know the dos and don’ts. However if in any case that even the Pet Care Specialists accidentally cut the quick because of certain reasons like your pet doesn’t want to behave or having a temper, do not fret. Silver nitrate on a cotton ball can do the trick to stop the bleeding. 

4. Shampoo 

Bathing can make our pets clean all over. Dogs love to bathe more than cats and we all know. that. That being said, using the right shampoo is very essential to achieve a clean and fresh pet that we all wanted. 

For dogs, there are several shampoos that Professional Pet Carers can use. But the most ideal kind of shampoo is a non-toxic shampoo with natural ingredients to avoid any chemical reaction to the dog’s skin. Also, different shampoos were used depending on the breed of the dog. Here are the other types of shampoos: 

  • Tear-free shampoo – Just like what we use for babies, the tear-free shampoo helps protect your dog’s eyes during baths. 
  • Medicated shampoos – This type of shampoo can be prescribed by a veterinarian. It has ingredients that help dogs with allergies and other skin conditions. 
  • Conditioners – The same reason why humans use conditioner after the shampoo, It also helps keep your dog’s coat moisturized, silky, smooth, and tangle-free. Other conditioners are even designed to be rinsed off while others can be left on the coat to dry without the need to rinse it. 
  • Medicated Dips – This type of shampoo is used to eliminate fleas, mange, or other external and unwanted parasites. Although nowadays flea dips are no longer necessary for there are already safer methods to prevent or remove fleas. It is because some dips contain strong chemicals that can irritate the skin, mucous membranes, and eyes. 
  • Oatmeal shampoo – Ever wonder why oatmeal is very popular with us humans when it comes to soothing? It seems that oatmeal is effective even in animals. It also soothes irritated skin and eases itching when used in pets. 

While for cats, since they are not a fan of taking a bath with real water ( But loves to bathe themselves using their tongue.) Bathing a cat is already a hard task to make, if the groomer uses real shampoo, imagine how many times they should wet the cat to fully remove all the soap? What a chaotic scene that can be! Hence, dry shampoo is their best bet. This new type of shampoo is already being used by many professional groomers. 

Pet Care Specialists often use high-quality shampoo. Several ingredients high-shampoo have. It can keep the skin of dogs and cats in good condition. Some shampoos even have ingredients that can remove ticks, fleas, and repel mosquitoes. 

5. Drying Towel 

Most dogs go from the tub in any home to the closest fabric or carpet they can see, and this is where they’ll try to shake the water off their fur, then start rubbing their dripping wet fur all over it. As for cats, they will sit in a corner licking themselves while still dripping wet. This will soak any surface with their wet fur. This is why a lot of pet groomers have sturdy pet towels of good-quality handy for use.

And absolutely nothing can beat a thick and warm drying towel to calm them down. Both for dog and cat, a nice and sometimes warm towel is used by Professional Pet Carers after bathing. For dogs and cats that have thick and long hair, a hair blower is usually used by groomers. 

6. Toothpaste and Toothbrush 

Again, just like us humans, brushing dogs and cats’ teeth are very important for their hygiene. If taken for granted, it may lead to your pet having periodontal disease, tooth resorption, tooth decay, and another gum disease. However, just like taking a bath, dogs enjoy it more than cats. Cats also have issues about washing their teeth, especially if the groomer is cleaning it thoroughly. Good thing that Professional Pet Carers know how to handle this matter.

7. Ear Cleaner 

Dogs and cats have long ear canals that can be 5-10 centimeters long. So just imagine how much dirt can build up inside it. We all know how playful pets can get, and properly cleaning their ears is a must to avoid any infection. 

Pet Care Specialists usually use a liquid cleaner with a dropper. Soak a cotton ball then efficiently clean the inside of the dog and cat’s ears. This kind of liquid ear cleaner has no sticky oil and chemicals to ensure that there will be no harmful reaction to the pets. 

8. Grooming Mat 

Having a grooming mat is very useful for pet groomers. The ideal mat to use is the anti-slide mat that is made of rubber. Another one is a cushioned mat that reduces fatigue. It helps encourage the pet to sit still and stand longer because it has a comfortable surface. 

9. Grooming Gloves 

Pet grooming gloves are very effective to use as a brush to remove the dirt trapped to dogs and cats’ hair. It can easily wear on hands that is why the groomer can massage the pet while doing the job. 

Since you are reading this article, it may be because you are a pet owner or an owner of a Professional Grooming Business. Here is some important information that can help you: 

For Pet Owners 

Because the demand for Pet Insurance is extremely increasing, many insurance companies are modifying their policies to have Professional Grooming Service added on their insurance policy. Because usually, Pet Grooming Services are not included in the standard Pet Insurance. So if you want to know what insurance company that can help you with this, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information that you need! 

For Professional Pet Grooming Business Owners 

Pet Groomers, Pet Trainers, and Pet Boarding Business have a Business Owner’s Policy or BOP type of Commercial Insurance in Denver, Colorado, and is applicable in many states across America. This policy helps protect businesses the same as how Homeowners Policy protects your home and personal belongings. 

Business Owner’s Policy can help protect businesses because it can cover: 

● Pet Grooming 

● Pet Training 

● Pet Boarding Business

Having an open-related business is sure to be risky. Pet owners are entrusting their pets in your hands. And we all know that accidents can happen anytime. That being said, having insurance to protect you, your business, and your clients’ trust is a must. 

Contact us and let us know what you need! We can explain or clarify anything about Pet Care Professional Insurance in Denver, Colorado (or elsewhere in the USA) with just a phone call on our toll-free number +1 (877) 658-2472 or chat with us in that pop-up box on the lower-right of your screen. Just as a question and leave your details, we will get back to you in the soonest possible time.