Auto insurance for food delivery services

Apr 17, 2023 | Affiliates

Owning a restaurant and providing meal delivery pose significant risks. However, the benefits of delivery, such as higher customer and revenue counts, outweigh these risks. Fortunately, you can control those risks by purchasing commercial auto insurance, which shields your company from unexpected, unreported, and potentially expensive claims.

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What Is Insurance for Food Delivery?

Specialist insurance called food delivery insurance is available for those who deliver food. Standard food business insurance, restaurant insurance, catering insurance, and other comparable plans do not apply to food delivery drivers. Carriers now provide food delivery insurance as a default measure of protection.

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It’s crucial to be aware that short-term food delivery insurance is offered. If customers don’t want coverage that lasts a year, they can choose to get insurance for hours, days, or months. Thimble and Zego are businesses that provide short-term meal delivery insurance.

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It’s crucial to understand that your restaurant is responsible for any injuries or property damage caused by delivery accidents that result in injuries to people or damage to other people’s vehicles or property. Commercial fleets experience about 20% of annual accidents, which is both expensive for firms ($70,000 on average) and frequent.

What is auto insurance for hired and non-owned vehicles?

HNOA insurance pays for liability costs associated with accidents involving cars that your restaurant uses for business but does not own. This covers vehicles that your company rents as well as personal automobiles utilized for delivery by your personnel.

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The company holds the listed insured status under HNOA insurance. Although you can also include it in your business owner’s policy or other restaurant insurance packages, insurers typically add this coverage to your commercial auto policy. Normally, an HNOA policy covers liability claims and defence expenses. If a restaurant faces a lawsuit as a consequence of an incident, the insurance can cover legal costs, settlements or judgments, and other court expenses. Moreover, these policies may cover both part-time and full-time employees.

If an employee uses their own vehicle to make a delivery, their personal auto insurance will typically serve as the primary source of insurance for accidents. The HNOA policy comes into play in this situation.

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Cost of Food Delivery Insurance

A $1 million general liability coverage costs $40 per month or $480 per year for food delivery services. It is significant to know that a number of factors affect how much food delivery insurance costs. For instance, your location could have an impact on the price. The bare minimum of insurance that meal delivery services must carry is governed by laws in some states. Residents of states with higher standards might anticipate higher premiums.

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Cost of Food Delivery Car Insurance

An automobile insurance delivery driver costs about $62.5 per month or $750 annually. However, bear in mind that a number of factors affect how much food delivery car insurance costs.

For instance, the kind of vehicle you employ for food delivery influences the cost of insurance. A minivan is less expensive to insure than a hatchback. Location and driving history are further factors.

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Given that food delivery requires the use of automobiles, the cost of your insurance also heavily depends on your driving history. Insurance companies will charge higher premiums for your coverage if you have a history of intoxicated driving and are more likely to be involved in collisions.

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It is also important to keep in mind that different food delivery insurance policies have different coverage limitations and deductibles, which have an impact on how much your insurance will cost. Therefore, when planning your budget for food delivery insurance, take into account all of these considerations.

Remember that company insurance is more expensive than a typical personal insurance policy. The price of your current insurance policy could increase if you ask a carrier to include food delivery insurance or business coverage in your personal plan.

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Coverage for Food Delivery Insurance

The two types of food delivery insurance that are most frequently used are:

Liability protection

Business auto insurance

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Insurance for Food Delivery Liability

Food delivery insurance provides protection from lawsuits requiring the policyholder to pay for any physical injuries or property damages of the concerned party by including food delivery liability coverage. Food deliverymen most frequently obtain the following types of liability insurance:

Public liability protection

Insurance for goods and completed operations

Standard Liability

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Men who bring food work rapidly. Even when their employers give them safety training, mishaps can still occur. For instance, a delivery person may run into someone while delivering food and hurt them. In this circumstance, public liability insurance proves helpful by providing funds in the event that the harmed party seeks reimbursement.

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On the other hand, if a consumer claims that a delivery person ate their meal, then the goods and procedures are now helpful. One in four delivery men have admitted to tampering with a customer’s food, according to the frequent accusations made against them.

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Products and finished operations assist by giving the policyholder the funds necessary to pay the injured party’s damages. Food delivery workers often lose $1,442 due to claims of meal tampering, but hot food delivery insurance may assist cover these costs.

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Insurance for delivery drivers’ commercial vehicles

As the name suggests, business auto insurance for food delivery drivers safeguards the vehicle used to transport clients’ food. However, keep in mind that in practice, carriers ensure all 4-wheeled vehicles used for delivering meals, with the exception of taxis and other speciality vehicles, such as minivans, pick-up trucks, and many more.

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The following are the purposes of commercial auto insurance for food delivery:

Provide funds in the event that the policyholder causes a car accident while delivering a delivery and is liable for the victim’s personal injuries and property damage.

The policyholder suffers a traffic accident while operating the vehicle to make deliveries and needs money for hospitalisation, provide it.

If vandalism, theft, hail, a falling object, or a collision with an animal damages their car, the policyholder receives money.

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Due to the high frequency of food delivery incidents, this policy in business insurance is crucial. The Workers Justice Project’s research backs this up. Consequently, car crashes or other mishaps on their way to a customer involved 245 out of 500 food delivery workers. Moreover, if another person is injured as a result, most delivery men must pay $2,462 in damages and compensation for personal injury.

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In spite of this, not all modern trucks used for food delivery are four wheels. In actuality, motorcycles and electric scooters are more widely used for delivery services. Are these covered by commercial auto insurance? No, is the response. Food delivery insurance for motorcycles and scooters, which has the same coverage as commercial auto insurance for food delivery, is what offers coverage.

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Does workers’ compensation insurance cover food delivery drivers?

No, in the majority of instances, insurance for food delivery drivers simply provides liability and commercial auto coveragesFood delivery drivers opting for coverage against work-related accidents may choose standalone workers’ compensation insurance. In light of the fact that services like Uber Eats, Postmates, and Doordash treat their delivery personnel as independent contractors and do not offer worker’s compensation insurance, doing so is a wise decision.

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