Awarded Best Insurance Agency in Denver…Again!

Feb 17, 2021 | News and Events

To be awarded as One of the Best Insurance Agencies in Denver, Colorado is truly an honor and we’re proud of it!

Last February 10th, 2021, we received an email from, a website that houses and lists companies in their respective industries. We were recognized and listed as one of their Best Insurance Agencies in Denver, Colorado in 2020 but we didn’t expect to be chosen again this year. So this came as a pleasantly wonderful surprise for us.

We’re thrilled to be regarded as one of the best insurance agencies in Denver, CO.

Truly An Honor

At Advantage Insurance Solutions, we are committed to getting our clients the very best value for their insurance needs. We appreciate and welcome feedback from our clients on our Google Business Profile, and social media accounts in FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitterLinkedin, or Youtube Channel. Coloradoans, and clients from other 40+ states we cater to alike, have given us great feedback and reviews since 2005.

The Selection Process

At this point, please bear in mind that we did not submit an application to be reviewed or examined by at all. Expertise has a very thorough and rigid selection process where they research and review top service professionals in over 200 industries and over 60,000 businesses in the U.S. on a monthly basis. And according to their website, they scored 25 variables in the following categories:

1. Availability

This is where they find prospective service providers using publicly accessible databases, citations, and customer referrals to create a list of local businesses. This is where companies are considered to be consistently receptive and readily accessible, and customers never feel snubbed.

2. Qualifications

This is where they validate business and agent licenses, certifications accreditations, and awards. Finding providers that have gone above and beyond to be able to educate themselves in their particular niche.

3. Reputation

Analysis and review of publicly available data regarding a business’ history of happy customers and excellent customer service.

4. Experience

Finalists are then chosen based on their expertise, the range of services offered, and years of solid experience and capabilities.

5. Professionalism

The final step would be in the hands of our mystery shoppers who call each company as a potential client. This is where each agency or business is measured based on how knowledgeable, friendly, honest, reliable, and respectful they are of their customers.

This process was something we at Team AIS didn’t know we were being graded for. But in the end, we are glad that our standards meet such a distinction that is worthy of being a top insurance agency for the second time.

We hope that this is also how you, our dear reader, will view and come to trust Advantage Insurance Solutions. Because as we all know, trust and insurance must go hand in hand. Being in the insurance industry for over 15 years, we hope to be the best option for you. Let Team AIS help you find the best value for you, your family, and your own business.
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