Being a Dog Groomer Is Not As Difficult As You Think

Jan 3, 2022 | Business Insurance

A love of people asks, “is it hard to be a dog groomer?” Choosing to be a Dog Groomer as your profession requires a healthy body. You are going to handle all breeds of dogs. From the largest and heavy English Mastiff to the cute and toy-like Chihuahua. You must have enough stamina to keep up with these loving and loyal animals. But, being a dog groomer is not as hard as you think it is. 

If you love dogs and caring for them is more of a passion than work, this job is for you. Natural dog lovers and fur parents turned dog groomers have a bigger chance of succeeding in this field. 

Who Can Be A Dog Groomer?

Dog groomers can work in pet shops, grooming doggy daycares, shelters, pet owners’ homes, veterinary facilities,  and kennels. More job opportunities for animal service workers will be expected to grow by another 23%-25% more from today until 2029. 

Simply, dog grooming is one of the most in-demand pet services. The job’s time flexibility is one of the perks of having this job. That is why more dog lovers prefer to have this as their professional job or side hustle. 

A Dog Groomer’s Responsibilities

The primary duty of a pet groomer is to maintain the physical appearance of the dog they are taking care of. Typically, the grooming consists of these tasks:

  • Brushing and cutting the fur
  • Cleaning the ears
  • Clipping their nails
  • Bathing
  • Drying the fur and styling them
  • Detangling the fur
  • Removing matted hair
  • Brushing teeth

Some dog groomers also schedule the appointments, reporting any issues or assessments for the dog if they notice any health problems. They also clean and sanitize the shears and combs they used in the process. 

Frequently, grooming salons require pet owners to present proof of vaccinations before they accept the dog. Therefore, if you get a fully vaccinated and healthy dog, you should be very careful in grooming them. Avoid any incidents like scratches during the process. Pet owners surely don’t want to get their beloved pet getting hurt or sick just because they entrusted their pet to you. 

How to Become a Dog Groomer?

Unlike other jobs, becoming a dog groomer doesn’t require a college degree. Here are the most common requirements for you to become a dog groomer:

  1. You must have a High School diploma –  You can make your passion for taking care of dogs become your source of income. It doesn’t matter, even if you could not go to college. You can still have a decent job with your high school diploma and pet grooming training. 
  2. You need to undergo training – To start becoming a dog groomer, you must begin first as an apprentice or get experience through on-the-job training. Furthermore, it would help if you learned how to bathe, clip the nails, and trim the fur under the supervision of your superiors. But if you wish to be a professional dog groomer. You need to undergo more intensive training and get certified. Also, having Professional Pet Care Insurance is a must if you want to stay secure while doing this job. 
  3. Attending a grooming school – You can also try to attend and train underdog grooming schools. There are 50 state-approved grooming schools here in the U.S. The program usually took 2-18 weeks. 

What Do Dog Groomers Learn During the Training?

Pet grooming requires training to gain knowledge and skills before you start any job. This is an important part of learning where you can do hands-on activities and procedures based on what you have read or what your teacher taught you. During training, here are the things you can learn:

How to keep a dog happy and calm during the grooming procedure.

Keeping a dog happy may not be hard for you if you are a natural dog lover. You might also know how to calm them down after having a bad day. However, making them calm and happy while grooming them is different. Especially since they are being groomed by someone they didn’t know. Also, the sound of the scissors or fur dryer might scare them if they are not that familiar yet with being groomed. A scared and troubled dog might bite you if not attended right. That is why having proper training that will teach you how to handle this situation is a must to avoid incidents. 

Knowing all breeds of dogs and their nature.

Dogs can be deceiving when it comes to their looks. Never try to test their infamous “puppy eyes” or you’ll regret it. Just like how cute a chihuahua is. This little dog is very loyal to its owners. However, they are known for being one to two-person dogs. They hate strangers, which is why they are one of the child-friendly breeds of dogs. They bark non-stop if a stranger approaches them and makes them aggressive. Hence they can also be considered watch-dogs. Learning each breed of dog’s behavior, temperament, and nature can tremendously help you with your dog grooming profession. 

Learning how to treat and maintain different types of pet furs.

Each type of coat has different maintenance. In training, you will learn how to properly take care of them. Here are the common types of fur that you need to groom:

Long Coats

Dogs with long furs like Yorkshire Terriers shed their furs throughout the year. And this shedding is more intense during the molting season. Hence, brushing it every day is recommended to avoid tangling which causes more coats to fall. If there are tangles and it seems that they can’t be removed, make sure to cut the whole strand of the fur. Now, to keep the coat bouncy and healthy, washing it once a month will be enough. Just make sure to use a softening shampoo to prevent tangles. Then carefully dry it thoroughly with a blow dryer.

Wiry Coats

Dogs that have thick 4 inches long coats or 10 centimeters long are the usual type of wiry coats. The popular breeds that have this type of fur are Wire Fox Terriers and German Wirehaired Pointers. During training, you will learn why their coat becomes like that. Dogs with wiry coats need daily brushing. It is because as the new hair grows, the old hair becomes dry. This dry hair then gets trapped in the thick fur that makes it look wiry. Also, other dogs with this kind of fur have two layers of hair.

To maintain this tricky coat, aside from brushing it daily, you need to use the right tools. It is recommended that you use clippers or stripping combs. It will make the fur stronger and easier to deal with. Moreover, wash the coat every 3 to 4 weeks and use a shampoo without a softener to keep the natural texture of the coat. 

Curly Coats

Dogs like Poodle and Kelly Blue Terriers have curly hair that grows continuously. Yes, it just grows longer and longer. That is why regular grooming is a must to maintain the dog’s overall health and appearance. Being said, dogs with curly coats need to get washed at least every 20 days. Due to their fur’s characteristics, dirt can easily get trapped inside them. So make sure to shampoo the coat thoroughly. Don’t use shampoo with a softener, doing so will keep the natural volume of the coat. Then brush the fur every day for them to look great and to avoid any tangles. 

Short Coats

Dogs that have short coats like Dobberman and PitBull generally have a smooth coat characteristic. Normally their fur will just be from 0 to 4 centimeters long. Since their hair is short, maintaining their coat is easier than the other breed of dogs. Brush their hair once or twice a week. And you can just bathe them once every month or oven a month and a half. 

Benefits of Becoming a Professional Pet Groomer, Particularly a Dog Groomer

Earning by doing what you love

Making a living by doing the things that you love can be fulfilling. If you love dogs, becoming a pet grooming professional will not cause much effort. Dogs know if the person taking care of them is compassionate and sincere. If taking care of pets is natural for you, this job is the perfect full-time or side hustle that you can have. 

This job is always in-demand

Why? Because having pets is a part of people’s lives. It is not a trend that will pass after a couple of years. Also, people need to work to pay their bills and buy food, which means, that they need to have a pet groomer to keep their beloved pets’ physical well-being while working. 


Being a Pet Groomer is a blessing for any animal lover. And having this job is not as difficult as some may think. If you want to become a Professional Pet Groomer, you should take professional training and certification. It would also be best to have Pet Care Professional Insurance coverage.

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