Can I Get Pet Insurance After An Accident

Feb 26, 2020 | Personal Insurance

If your pet gets into an accident without pet insurance, you can still get one, but note that the injury is now a pre-existing condition. It’s not the end of the world though. Read on to know what your option for pet insurance after accident is so that this doesn’t happen to you again.

Pet Insurance Coverage

Pet insurance coverage depends on the plan you choose. Most pet insurance plans come in three different types:

Plans for accidents and illnesses

This is the most common and covers things like broken bones, cancer, hereditary conditions, birth defects, etc.

Plans specifically for accidents

An accident pet insurance plan only pays for veterinary bills caused by accidents, like broken bones or cuts. It doesn’t pay for treatment for ear infections or other illnesses. If you get this type of pet insurance, coverage usually has payout limits or how long it will last. This coverage isn’t very common, so check the details with the insurance agent to be sure.

Wellness plans

Pet wellness plans cover routine care. Routine care may include annual checkups, vaccinations, heartworm treatment, and other routine care costs that help keep your pet healthy. These are usually available as add-ons.

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Pre-Existing Conditions in Pet Insurance 

Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. This includes conditions that occurred during any waiting period. Ask if there is a look-back period so that conditions before the look-back period can have coverage.

What is a pre-existing condition and what does this mean for your pet?

A pre-existing condition can be a health issue (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, asthma) or an injury (i.e., broken leg) that your pet already has before you apply for pet insurance. It doesn’t matter if you were aware of it or not.

If your pet has a diagnosis of an illness during the waiting period, then that condition is now ‘pre-existing’ and thus excluded from the coverage.

In case your pet has an accident, the injury will be also be ‘pre-existing’. Any medical expense related to this injury will have no coverage from any insurance company. 

And just so it’s clear, there is no pet insurance that covers pre existing conditions. There may be differences in some coverage terms or recurrence of health conditions. The bottomline is that it would be best to speak to your insurance agent to help clarify things for you about pet insurance after accident.

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It depends

Depending on the issue, you may still get pet insurance. Before accepting or rejecting an application, insurers consider a few things.

A pet’s health condition matters after an accident. If it was a minor injury requiring a few stitches, but your pet is generally healthy, you should have no problem getting coverage for the injury (and any future condition resulting from the same accident/injury).

Depending on the illness, other symptoms may not have pet insurance coverage. Chronic uninsurable diseases include FIV, CHF, FELV, and advanced kidney failure.

Dog breed. Some breeds are prone to diseases. Congenital diseases may cause the insurance company to reject your application or charge you a higher premium due to the higher risk. Your pet is cured. Curable conditions aren’t covered when you get insurance, as you know.

The insurance company may reinstate that condition if you can prove your pet hasn’t shown symptoms or been treated for the condition within a certain waiting period. Depending on the type of condition and the insurance company’s guidelines, the waiting period could be months or years.

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Why should you still get pet insurance if the injury from the accident won’t be covered?

Accidents don’t make anyone invincible, including our pets. Accidents or injuries can trigger congenital or genetic conditions in some breeds.
Canine hip dysplasia is a genetic disorder that affects the formation of the hip socket and is considered a pre-existing condition. This abnormality can cause painful arthritis and joint dysfunction, lameness, or crippling in dogs.

A pet hit by a car, bicycle, or falls down the stairs, its hip dysplasia can go from bad to worse. No insurance company will cover veterinary costs if your pet has hip dysplasia and you don’t have pet insurance.

What other conditions are considered “pre-existing”?

Hereditary or genetic disorders and congenital conditions are “pre-existing” as the pets are either born with the condition or develop the condition early on, with symptoms surfacing only years after. 

Hereditary or genetic disorders in cats and dogs include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cancer, patellar luxation, allergies, and intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). Congenital conditions include hypothyroidism, hernia, and portosystemic shunt.

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Are there companies that cover these “pre-existing” conditions?

Some companies provide coverage for pre-existing conditions as long as there were no symptoms prior to (or a couple of months after) the insurance application. There are companies that do not cover the pre-existing conditions with their basic plans but offer “riders” or additional coverage to include the said conditions.

Things to consider before you make your final decision

  • What type of pet do you have? Does it have a “pre-existing condition” breed?
  • A pet’s age matters. Younger pets mean cheaper premiums.
  • What’s your budget? When choosing pet insurance, consider your pet’s needs and budget. A missed payment means no coverage, so pay premiums on time.
  • Medical costs are high. Hip dysplasia surgery, for example, can cost $4000-$4500. Imagine a cancer bill. Unknown. Nobody wants to think about their pets getting sick, but it happens. We need financial protection from illness and accidents.

Pet Insurance After Accident

As you can see then, pet insurance actually costs little to maintain and gives you a lot of benefits in return. Pet insurance after an accident can be difficult to come by though. Nevertheless, this is money well spent because the peace of mind that comes with having this coverage is worth a lot more than the cost. So even if you are currently without any pet insurance, there’s still hope.

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