Attracting and Retaining Commercial Truck Drivers

Feb 2, 2024 | Business Insurance, Personal Insurance

Since there have been fewer truck drivers in recent years, fleet managers have had to work much harder to find and keep drivers for their fleet. In Europe, there are currently 150,000 open truck driver positions, and that number is rising. Trucking jobs are not being filled at an alarming rate from the United States to the rest of the world. What was formerly classified as a crisis is now being upgraded to a shortage. Supply shortages and delivery delays are just two of the many negative effects of the ongoing trucker shortage on the economy.

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Why are there not enough truck drivers?

The lower number of drivers is caused by several factors, and it’s crucial to understand why it might be challenging to keep employees on for extended periods of time.

Typical elements include:

  • Age – Approximately 30% of truck drivers globally are over 50. This indicates that there aren’t enough younger drivers to fill the spots as many drivers near retirement age. Young people are finding employment in large numbers in other sectors, which leaves fleets short on drivers.
  • Pay and career advancement – Many young job seekers don’t consider truck driving to be a particularly well-paid profession or one that offers many opportunities for advancement. Therefore, they would prefer to choose a profession that would advance them.
  • Perceptions of the position – Since 99 percent of truck drivers in the UK are men, 50% of the population may be discouraged from applying for truck driving jobs because they think it is only for men.

Here are some things you can do to draw truck drivers and keep them around.

Make the job offer better

What aspects of the job package can you make better to encourage people to apply or continue working for you? This could include things like better pensions, flexible work schedules, courses to teach new skills to drivers, or even a higher wage or salary. Drivers will be much more drawn to the great benefits you can provide in comparison to other employers if you can outperform rival fleets.

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Increase engagement

It’s critical to express your gratitude to your staff and emphasize their importance to the company. Giving them feedback and a forum to voice any concerns they may have is a good idea. This allows for the quick resolution of any issues, preventing drivers from quitting their jobs over dissatisfaction with certain aspects of their work. A mentoring program and regular one-on-one meetings will help to ensure effective communication and job satisfaction.

The top 7 suggestions for hiring truck drivers

  • Utilize your web presence
  • One of the most significant yet underutilized recruitment tools is your online presence.
    • Your online presence—from your website to your advertisements—is crucial for drawing truckers to your business. To find potential truckers in your area, paid Google ads are a great place to start.
  • Additionally, your website needs to be current.If you haven’t updated your website in a while, truckers might not want to work for your company. In other words, a well-organized website that is simple to use increases the appeal of your business.
    • Offer opportunities for training and education.
  • If you offer training and educational opportunities, truckers are more likely to choose your business. A prospective truck driver is more likely to stay with your company if you offer thorough training. Additionally, by offering education and training, you relieve potential truckers of a significant portion of their financial burden, increasing the likelihood that they’ll stick with your business. Most of the best trucking companies in the US provide on-site instruction and training. If you want your company to stay relevant, you must change by offering training and education as a bonus.
    • Utilize hiring resources
  • One of the best ways to hire truckers in 2022 is through online recruiting apps. Applications on paper and downloadable PDFs are a thing of the past. If you’re ready to hire and onboard truckers as soon as possible, fast-forward to the present with online recruiting software.

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  • Increase Workforce Diversity
  • In a good way, the trucking industry is quickly evolving. You must encourage diversity in your workforce if you hope to keep current employees and recruit new ones. Your company must look for new demographics, such as POC and women. Ultimately, compared to those willing to lessen their bias, trucking companies will find a smaller pool of applicants if they refuse to reach out to a diverse group of people.
  • Pay Attention to Your Staff
  • Paying attention to your truckers’ concerns is a crucial part of retaining current employees and luring in new ones. You must give them everything they need to feel at ease both on and off the job, whether that means more rest breaks or better training. In the end, you want to make sure that while they are working for your business, they feel safe and heard.

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  • Foster a Positive Work Environment
  • Creating a positive workplace environment in 2022 will be a key factor in attracting and keeping new truck drivers. During company-wide events and workplace sensitivity training, your workforce should feel welcomed and content. According to studies, productive workplaces have long employee retention rates. Avoid relying solely on one method of hiring.
  • Not to mention, you should never rely solely on one recruiting strategy. You’ll find a wide range of new truckers eager to take on the task with your company by implementing multiple recruiting techniques. You must employ a variety of strategies, from financial incentives to greater diversity, to guarantee that you hire enough truckers for 2022 and beyond.

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  • The following three changes, according to a survey by Commercial Carrier Journal, would most likely cause truck  drivers to switch fleets or jobs:
  • A higher salary (35%)
  • Greater home time (17%)
  • greater route control (17%)
  • Additionally, the survey identified respect as a key element in driver job satisfaction. Nearly 70% of drivers endorsed the statement that ‘Fleets don’t respect drivers and the job they do. Considering this, tailoring employee perks to truck drivers’ preferences can significantly improve efforts to attract and retain talent.

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