Concerns with Purchasing Online Auto Insurance

Jul 5, 2022 | Personal Insurance

Technology has made a lot of changes when it comes to marketing. Shopping for the items you want is no longer difficult because everything is available online, including services. Online businesses have greatly impacted society by making it easier to buy goods without the hassle of standing in long queues in different markets.  There’s nothing wrong with grabbing an opportunity that will make some savings and the flexible time it offers. However, considering purchasing something as important as auto insurance online, consider these issues before you click “BUY NOW.” You’ll never know if you gained something or have just put yourself into a more complicated process. We will discuss online auto insurance in this article, so kindly read on.

Consider These Issues Before Buying Auto Insurance Online

Being busy is one reason you purchase online instead of going to the market. But there’s no better option regarding insurance purchases than speaking to an agent or representative. Here are why you must choose actual buying rather than online shopping.

  • Don’t Believe The Ads. Unlike what they advertise, searching, comparing, and buying insurance online will take more than 7 minutes. You must read and research thoroughly to find the right one. And if not? You will need to go through the same process again.
  • The Price You See May Not Be The Price You Get. Some carriers don’t fully run the motor vehicle and/or CLUE reports. A vehicle clue report is a special report that shows if any insurance companies have paid out any claims to you. If you have gotten any tickets or insurance companies have paid you any money, it affects your rate. So, it’s very important that the online carrier runs these reports and gives you the correct rate vs. issuing a policy without the reports, and adding anything the next month could be an eye-opener and a price shocker. 
  • Better Rates And Offers Await You If You Could Talk to A Real Agent. Did you know that some companies like older drivers? Or did you know that some companies have better rates if you combine more than one type of coverage?

More considerations

  • You Will Definitely Need some Computer Skills to Navigate the Online Application Process. If you fill out the application incorrectly, you may purchase the wrong auto coverage or pay more than you need.
  • If you have questions, call an 800 number to talk to a real person. Then you don’t know that person’s qualifications or understanding of the laws in our state.
  • If You Have a Claim, You Will Not Get Much Help. With a local independent agent, you will get personal assistance resolving your claim satisfactorily.
  • If You Buy Online, You Have to Become An Insurance Expert, Because You Won’t Have An Advocate to Help You. Do you understand what is required in our state? Do you understand what insurance coverage you need for your individual situation?
  • If You Have a General Question About Your Insurance Or Want To Make A Change, You Have to Log In And Go Through A Lengthy Process Of Updating Your Information. With an independent agent, all you need to do is call, we do all the administration.

Our Edge vs. Online Auto Insurance Purchase

Traditional buying would give you many advantages since you can ask questions and talk personally to a live agent. A human connection is something that will earn your trust and loyalty. Here’s how we make the buying process as easy or easier than the online direct-writing insurance companies.

  • We are quick. A client is a client, and we treat them with utmost importance, so we offer a quick response from the beginning to processing your policy.
  • We need to collect very little information to get your quotes. Online purchase requires too much personal information, including your social security number. You must ensure you are talking to a reputable company before giving sensitive information.
  • We are here to work with and guide you through the buying process. There’s nothing beats buying in actuality because you will be assisted in a personal manner.

More about Edge vs. Online Auto Insurance

  • We run quotes with 15-20 A-rated insurance companies. Leave it to us, and we’ll search. That’s how we care for our clients to ensure you deal with the right company.
  • We are here to service your policy and answer any questions you have. Our agents are trained, so rest assured that they know the ins and outs of insurance thus, they can answer any question you have in mind.
  • We’re easy to reach. However, whenever you want to reach us, you can call, text, email,, or service your policy directly from our app. Unlike online, you can talk to an agent, where you will be dealing with different agents each time you process a call.
  • We watch your renewal rates for you. Our loyalty is to you, our client, so we can check rates without other carriers if your rate goes up. We work for you and want our relationship to be long-term.

In Conclusion

We hope you learned a lot regarding online auto insurance. We believe that buying insurance is not something you can effectively buy online. That is why we have trained, friendly, and professional staff ready to provide you with the best possible coverage, price, and service. We know about all the opportunities to save you money, and we shop the market for you.

Our job as a local independent agent is to know the markets, coverages, and discounts. We do the shopping for you, and you don’t pay us anything. We get paid a commission by the insurance carrier to help write and service your policies.

Remember that what you shop needs thorough scrutiny since it will cater to claims for your safety. A knowledgeable agent of a reputable company can provide deeper details that no other online shop can give. Choosing better options includes a personal mark matching your needs and preferences. Contact us for any inquiries regarding Auto Insurance.

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