Discounts for Home Insurance

May 9, 2020 | Personal Insurance

Looking for home insurance discounts? Prior to getting insurance, you seek for more adjustments or great deals that will give you coverage and save more, right?

Of course, since you are about to face the cost of having insurance you might as well grab the chance to save some extra money for it. Discounts ring to our ears because sure enough, it reduces a lot from our insurance premiums. But claiming discounts has qualifications that you need to pass.

Available discounts depend on your eligibility and other things to consider before they give it to you. They consider looking for potential damage within your home or area depending on your home structure and its safety measures. 

So here’s a list of the major and other credits for discounts we enumerate that you can ask your chosen insurance company. Each company has different offers so this will help you find out for yourself these available discounts that await you.

Major discounts 

Discounts have categories where you can find the one that fits you. You might want to check it out with your insurance company. You may have discounts for your marital status but not aware that you actually have other discounts that are waiting for your inquiry. 

Discounts for safety. You can avail of this one if you would make improvements and upgrades to your home that are more than average that others are using. Special features you’d install shows your urge to be safe at all times. 

Therefore, you are likely to receive an acknowledgment from the company through discounts. Safer home, less claims for them. 

Discounts for loyalty. Staying with the same company through the years is already considered loyalty. Insurance companies reward their loyal customers with discounts to maintain a good relationship. 

You must inquire about it cause it’s up to your advantage. Being loyal really pays off. 

Discounts for groups. This discount is given if you are part of the groups or organization and other associations. Most of the companies deal with these groups to give discounts for its members. 

Discounts for bundling. Getting home and auto insurance will earn a discount if you get them from the same company. Multiple homes also apply for this one. That is what we call Bundling. 

Companies are happy if you get more than one insurance from them so most likely they will give you discounts as a reward. It is also more convenient to deal with one insurance provider to avoid consuming much of your time. 

Other credits for discounts 

Aside from the major discounts that are surely available in every insurance company you might negotiate with, there are other credits as we list down the major discounts’ breakdowns. 

Obtaining a monitored security system

Acquiring a security system like cameras, set-up alarms, and detecting lights that monitors robbery most likely to achieve discounts from their insurance provider. It decreases the chance of being a victim of a theft that will probably rob you off of your valuable stuff. It is indeed a big help too for easy tracking and responding to police on catching the burglar.

Having measures for fire safety

Fire causes home insurance claims. Installing sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and being close to a fire hydrant gives you discount opportunities because there’s a lower risk of damage to property. Being near to a fire station has an advantage too. They can rescue in less than no time and save you from further damage or harm.

Fixing up a pool

Having a pool inside your property has a good benefit upon claiming a discount. You’ll never know when a fire would take place. If there’s no water available, firefighters would consider using the water from the pool to let the fire subside. 

Less claims or zero-claims

If you are one of those clients that seldom file an insurance claim or do not file at all for years, your provider may reduce your rates. It’s a big advantage for them if you have low maintenance so you may qualify for a discount. Just ask them about it.

Installing high-quality roof

Installing a high-quality roof ensures your insurance company that your home would not be easily damaged by a single or multiple hails that will come. This may qualify you for a discount but bear in mind that you need to be sure if your roof is eligible for discounts before going for it.

Tidiness reflects safety 

During an inspection, the company looks at the place and corners of your home. Seeing that your house is neat like you have well-trimmed shrubs and trees that cause fire, makes them think you care enough for your home. Taking good care of your home means staying away from danger and damage. Thus, earning you a discount. 

Improving home

Claims are less likely to arise if you improve your home’s structure, durability, and safety. Thus, this earns available discounts because they know your home is set to be stronger from the improvements made by you. Examples are new roof, fixtures, and wirings. Always check with your provider if these improvements qualify for discounts before you start doing it.

Living in a gated community

Insurance companies take into consideration if you are living inside a community that is well-secured by having gated entrance or monitoring from the neighborhood. It has less chances of being robbed and less claims would take place that’s why there’s a chance for discounts.

Having non-smoking domicile

Smoking may lead to a fire. The No. 1 cause of home fire fatalities in the United States is smoking. Fire leads to damage and that is a big no to insurance companies. They may spare some savings or discounts for those who are non-smokers. However, each company varies on these savings.

Setting up leakage sensorsLeaks from water and natural gas have been remedied by sensors these days through technology. You may avail of discounts if you can install water and gas sensors at home. It can also save you from further damage or repair because it will alert you right away once a leak happens.

Joining a Homeowners Association

Homeowner’s association or HOA has high standards when it comes to home maintenance. They have regular monitoring around their neighborhood. Thus, insurance companies tend to give discounts if you are associated with HOA because it decreases the instance of theft. 

Recommending someone 

As a loyal member of your insurance company, it will be of big help to refer a friend or acquaintances to them. Since you already knew the procedure of your policy provider, it would be easy to approach and let them avail the same. In return, the company might reward you with discounts. 

Full payment of policy

Paying your policy in full earns some savings but most of the companies offer small discounts. However, try to look at the advantage of being free from worries of paying them numerous times and being bothered by them to pay dues.

Having a new home

New homes are safer since every little thing in the house is new. Setting up new things like fire escapes and asbestos as a ceiling that is fire-resistant earns a discount. It is similar to other reasons, less damage is less insurance claim.

Marital status is considered 

You can also avail discounts if you’re married because they think that they are matured enough to handle situations. Having someone left at home lessens the risk of having further damage to your home as there is someone who will look after it.

State your occupation

On the other hand, being a teacher or a part of the military also gets discounts for their valuable work. It’s a common thing for insurance companies to give out discounts if you happen to have this profession. Tell the company if you’re a son or daughter of a veteran for they will surely grant you a discount.

Senior citizens discount 

If you are over 55 and retired you may have discounts waiting for you. Being retired means you’ll spend most of your time at home. This will ensure less chances of crime, theft, and fire because there’s someone who will oversee everything during the day. 

High deductibles

Agreeing to pay for higher deductibles lowers your insurance premiums. That’s an instant discount. You have to save a lot for that so when the time comes that you’ll be needing a claim, you know that not all will be handled by your insurance provider. You will cover other expenses so you should have enough money on hand. 

Discounts on home insurance differ from each company. You may not be aware that there are discounts that fit your status. They have different calculations and offers that can give you benefits in the future. 

Ask your insurance provider of the possible discounts allocated for you if there’s any. Starting a new home or maintaining your house comes with a good choice of property insurance. Take a look and it is indeed an investment worth taking. Most of the discounts they offer make ways to your own safety and security as well.

You may also contact us regarding this matter, we’ll definitely help you find the best insurance coverage that will cater to your needs.