Employing the Best Drivers

Dec 2, 2023 | Business Insurance

It goes without saying that one of the biggest problems the trucking industry is currently experiencing is a lack of drivers. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) reports that there are currently 80,000 fewer drivers needed in the trucking sector. That represents a 30% increase from pre-pandemic figures, when there was a 61,500 driver labor shortage in the sector. Within the next ten years, according to additional ATA studies, the trucking industry in America will need to hire up to 900,000 new drivers.

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Along with the driver shortage, many big fleet companies are also having trouble keeping their drivers, with turnover rates reaching as high as 94%. Due to the ongoing and anticipated shortage of drivers as well as the high turnover rate in the sector, strong recruitment efforts are constantly required. Effective driver recruitment in the current market requires not only hiring but also training and long-term retention of drivers. Here are seven of the best-kept secrets of driver recruiting, whether your recruitment team is looking for new ways to engage with drivers or planning out new driver recruiting strategies for 2022.3

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Accept technology

Technology is now essential to any successful driver recruitment strategy. It’s time to embrace technology if your team is still relying on an outdated, or worse, a hard copy (also known as filing) system. Teams that recruit drivers today use ATS, CRM, and API technology to speed up internal HR procedures. These sophisticated systems are made to assist your team in information consolidation and recruitment process streamlining from marketing to hire. It’s simple to see how modern HR technology could quickly turn out to be the key to keeping your truck seats filled and on the road with features like job posting, email marketing, summary importing/parsing, interview scheduling, and candidate tracking.

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Your current drivers may be your best hiring sources.

Your current drivers might just be the key component of an effective hiring plan. According to statistics, when discussing what it’s like to work for a company, employee voice is 3 times more trusted than corporate marketing. Hearing from a driver who “knows the road,” so to speak, can help ease new applicants’ anxiety given the high stakes and intense competition in the industry. Keep in mind that personal recommendations are essential in today’s recruiting environment as we approach the new year. To differentiate yourself from the competition moving forward, think about incorporating driver testimonials into your job marketing.

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Communications are Essential

Don’t waste the time and resources your recruiter team has put into driving applications and bringing new drivers into your recruiting pipeline by failing to follow up. The ability to connect with candidates as soon as possible is one of the keys to standing out from the competition. If your team has trouble keeping up with driver communication, think about automating nurture campaigns. For more advice, see our list of the 4 Best Practices for Following Up with Truck Drivers.

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Candidates for Passive Drivers: An Underutilized Resource

Candidates who are engaged, looking, and prepared to change jobs right away are considered active drivers. Candidates who are passive drivers, on the other hand, are not actively looking for a new job but would consider a change if the right opportunity came along. A recent LinkedIn report claims that passive talent makes up 70% of the workforce. It follows that most job candidates on the market today are passive driver candidates. Incorporating this talent pool into your recruiting strategy may be the key to your company’s success in finding drivers given the abundance of candidates in this demographic.

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Make it Yours

Consider personalization as the missing secret ingredient if your recruiting sauce is flavorless. Candidates for drivers today have a wide range of options and are free to be picky. If they feel like they are just another call in the queue, they won’t sign up with your fleet. Before they even join, a driver may feel like a valued team member thanks to personalization during the recruitment process. Pay close attention to the preferred methods of contact and times of day for driver candidates. Remember to schedule follow-up conversations at times that are convenient for drivers, which may entail after-work or on the weekend.

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Social recruiting will continue to exist.

Over 3.6 billion people use social media globally, according to Statista. With that many applicants, it’s likely that your ideal driver candidate is one of them. In fact, we discovered that 87 percent of hourly candidates used Facebook in their most recent job searches in a recent Work4 survey. As we move into 2022, social media will keep expanding as a resource used by drivers to investigate businesses, assess employers, and look for new employment opportunities. Make sure your driver band has a strong social media presence, with a focus on Facebook. The experts at Work4 can assist you in getting started right away if you are unsure of where to start.

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Interest in the opening and the company’s long-term viability

One of the biggest problems that many businesses owners face is high employee turnover. High costs are associated with hiring and firing employees due to labor costs, training expenses, selection procedures, etc. 

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Every institution spends money on hiring, so it only makes sense to reconsider the processes used to try to make the best decision. As a result, make the position clear enough for each applicant to understand, and mention things like: how long the individual will, on average, be away from home, main company routes; cargo types; role assignments; growth outlook; operations in other states and income and perks. Pay close attention to the interview phase of the selection process. You will now get to know the candidate better, evaluate his behavior, and pose inquiries about: History of daily activities; leisure activities; professional experiences; reasons for liking to drive trucks and other vehicles; length of time with this; among other things, difficulties, and strengths.

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