Fleas In The Workplace

Dec 13, 2019 | Business Insurance

Unwanted Parasites

Running a pet business takes a lot of hard work and considerations.  Including a clean and pest free workplace. What are fleas? Fleas are parasites who live by ingesting the blood of a host. They like warm-blooded hosts especially four-legged animals like cats and dogs. These parasites are nothing but a nightmare to everyone. That’s why it’s important to know how a pet can get them and how to prevent it from happening. 


What’s frightening is that a pet in your care and businesses that handles them can be infested without the owner knowing it. Most of the time these parasites already multiplied many times before they can be noticed. These super tiny blood suckers can be anywhere. No one wants to have it for sure, but they can hitchhike your clothes, bag,  shoes, hair, and skin. They are capable of going everywhere. And when you’re running a business, having these parasites in your workplace is a big no, no. Hence, having a clean and safe surrounding is a must to keep your business free from unnecessary trouble. Remember, prevention is better than cure!  

A female flea can lay 50 eggs per day,  imagine that! Though they didn’t have wings,  they can jump extremely high. They can survive even without eating for days.  Which means they don’t always have to be with the host. They can be in the carpets, floor or infested kennel and cage. That being said,  fleas can be transferred not just through direct contact with pets but also just being around in a place where they are at. Scared already? Wait, there’s more.  When a pet ingested the flea, the tapeworms inside the flea will be transferred to the pet. It will grow inside the pet and can grow into 1/2 up to 12 inches and look like maggots.

Though dog and cat fleas don’t see humans as hosts,  still fleas are a big health risk to humans too. Fleas can bite humans even they don’t live on human skin or hair. There are certain diseases that can be carried by fleas and transfer to humans, including plague and cat scratch fever. 

This can be a huge problem in your business if not treated properly. So, the first thing that you need to do is knowing the root cause.  These parasites came from:

  • Pets with fleas having contact with other animals (especially outdoor pets) then transfer to their stuff at home, cars, and workplaces.
  • Fleas from other Daycare that have been transferred to your workplace by a pet.
  • Traveling in a warm climate country/ place (fleas loves warm and humid surrounding)

Eliminating the Parasites 

Checking every pet before you accept them in your daycare is one of the most basic things to do in order to prevent fleas from coming inside your workplace. But what if they are already there?  Here are the things that can help you eliminate them:

  • Vacuum the floor,  carpets, and underneath the furniture. (Fleas also love dark places)
  • Use natural and organic remedies such as Herbal Flea Spray,  baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, salt, lemon spray, rosemary, and flea repelling plants 
  • Wash Seat covers,  pet beddings and toys
  • Properly dispose of the vacuum bag after every use. To ensure that these parasites can’t go back to your workplace or any other places.  
  • Fog your workplace. After you’ve done all this, professional foggers are still your best option to ensure the best result. 

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