Fleas At Work (Getting a Pet Care Facility Cleaned Up)

Dec 13, 2019 | Business Insurance

Fleas At Work

Running a pet business means keeping a clean and pest-free workplace. One of the problems you won’t ever want to happen in your workplace is the fleas that stay and multiply around the corners. Many pet parents wouldn’t want to know that these pesky creatures live inside your workplace. These parasites are nothing but a nightmare to everyone.

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No Fleas, Thank You!

What’s frightening is that a pet in your care and businesses that handles them can be infested without the owner knowing it. Most of the time, these parasites multiply before people notice them. They are capable of going everywhere. And when you’re running a business, having these parasites in your workplace is a big no, no. Hence, having a clean and safe surroundings is a must to keep your business free from unnecessary trouble. Remember, prevention is better than cure! 

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Finding the root cause

Dogs and cat fleas don’t see humans as hosts. Still, fleas are a considerable health risk to humans too. Fleas can be everywhere in the workplace too. Certain diseases can be carried by fleas and transferred to humans, including plague and cat scratch fever.

These parasites came from:

  • Pets with fleas having contact with other animals (especially outdoor pets) then transfer to their stuff at home, cars, and workplaces.
  • Fleas from other daycare that have been transferred to your workplace by a pet.
  • Traveling in a warm climate country/ place (fleas loves warm and humid surrounding)
  • Visiting clients and friends who may have fleas in their homes can be transferred to your home or workplace.
  • If you move to a new workplace or location, you may inherit flea problems.

Eliminating Fleas At Work

Checking every pet before you accept them in your daycare is one of the essential things to do. That is to prevent fleas from coming inside your workplace. But what if they are already there? Here are the things that can help you eliminate fleas in your place.

  • Vacuum regularly to eliminate the fleas in every part of the workplace. The target is to get rid of their eggs, larvae, and adult fleas. These fleas also love dark places. Use vacuums with the most potent suction to take them off their breeding places. Larvae feed on organic matter that is in the carpets or rugs and also on adult fleas wastes. 
  • Wash seat covers, pet beddings, and toys. It is a kind of flea elimination that is chemical-free. It would be best to soak pet beddings and blankets in a hot water cycle at 50 degrees Celsius. You may add vinegar to it to intensify the effect. As for the toys, you must wash them once or twice a week with the same method.
  • Properly dispose of the vacuum bag after every use. Ensure that these parasites can’t return to your workplace or any other place.  
  • Fog your workplace. After doing all this, professional foggers are still your best option to ensure the best result. 

Keeping the workplace sanitized for your protection, the pets, and the clients is essential. A pet parent wouldn’t want to entrust their beloved pet to a place if they would notice fleas that might bite them. To keep your business operating, ensure the safety of everyone and all the animals your daycare takes care of.

Final say

A pet business must consider its reputation by delivering good service, friendly employees, and a clean and worry-free workplace. Pet Business Insurance is the key to ensuring the safety of your business. It also aids in adequately safeguarding your employees from harm and lawsuits from clients that you are unprepared to face. 

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