How To Find High-Value Insurance in Denver, CO?

Apr 27, 2020 | Personal Insurance

High-Value, Luxury Homes

Your home is most likely one of your most valuable assets. You will do everything to keep it clean and safe. If you have an expensive and luxurious home, you need to be with a high-value insurance provider that can give you a very important consideration when you need to file a claim in the event of damage or destruction. And if you are from Denver, Colorado, you have probably wondered how to find a company that would be able to offer the right coverage in your area.

High-value home insurance understands your needs for better quality coverage. If you have an ancestral home with a higher-than-average value, a high-value condo or a rental home, your high-value insurance knows that your home has unique risks. High-net-worth individuals (HNWI) with huge assets need high-value insurance to protect their homes from these risks. 

The high-value home insurance market is a lucrative business. The state of Colorado is no exception as it continues to be a booming market in the insurance industry despite the threat of weather conditions and other natural disasters such as hailstorms, tornadoes, and wildfires.

Based on the report on the annual Phoenix Wealth & Affluent Monitor, Colorado was ranked no. 13 among the states with the most millionaires per capita. In Colorado, there are 158,073 millionaire households. According to the Phoenix Marketing International report that tracks high net-worth households, Colorado went one notch higher on the ranking since 2017.

Prosperity in Colorado

Proof of increased wealth in Colorado is that in Forbes’ 2018 Annual List of Billionaires, 11 individual billionaires were from Colorado. The state also has a relatively striking flock of millionaire households. “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” is what the famous road sign says. Colorado is considered an outdoor recreational paradise. Apart from Denver, the small town of Edwards is a millionaires row. Many analysts think that the reason for this is that Edwards is close to world-class ski resorts like Beaver Creek and Vail. 

The degree of income and home value are both above the national average in Colorado. The cost of living is also superior in general. Although sales taxes are somewhat high, property taxes are fairly low in Colorado. According to a survey conducted by the Denver Post, many individuals from Denver believe that worth equates assets minus liabilities. In general, Coloradans have a formed opinion that home equity can make up a big share of net worth, especially in areas with fast-growing housing costs like Denver.

Further Development and Growth in Denver, Colorado

 As wealth develops well in Denver, there is an opportunity for high-net-worth individuals to avail of high-value home insurance either for the first time or for a couple of times depending on the number of properties they have or they are about to have that can be a field day for insurance brokers and agents.

High-net-worth individuals have many unique risks that come along with their way of life. This is why finding the right high-value insurance is imperative. It is not enough that one insurer can offer you so many things because understanding your lifestyle and experience requires knowledge and expertise. How your assets, net worth, and collections are handled by the insurer are important.

That is to say that the capability of an insurance provider is a must to ensure that your proper coverage is met. It is not even about an agent’s superior ability to persuade you as a client to take high-value insurance as it is not as simple as explaining in one sitting. High-value insurance is complex because you have unique risk exposures and treating you as real people with real needs is not optional.

It takes time to build trust and good relationships but once an agent understands the high-value insurance industry, the challenges will still be there but the explanations of the benefits of high-value insurance will be easy as a breeze.  

Having conversations with insurance agents and getting the chance to hear their valuable advice in high-value insurance will be your steps in understanding your insurance as a whole including risk management.

As a client, you have to verify that your agent works with trusted partners who know that you spent years building your dream home, your assets, and even your legacy that is why they need to be protected. The nature of coverage on your most prized possessions is intended to be as broad as possible, extending to worldwide basis coverage and many add-ons such as kidnap and ransom, travel insurance, and cyber-attack.

As mentioned previously, Colorado’s rates are relatively high on a national scale. This could mean that premiums will be distinguishable from the mode based on several factors. Higher deductibles will lower your premiums.

The cost of high home values could be attributed to the cost of living in your area. The cost of rebuilding, depending on your area, can also increase or decrease your premium. Damage due to natural disasters is another factor being checked upon for the insurance rate.

Mainstream Coverage Types For High-Value Home Insurance

Every standard homeowner’s insurance company provides several types of insurance coverage. In the case of high-value home insurance policies, there is a common inclusion of particular features. These features start with higher liability limits and these limits protect you against damages and injuries.

The great thing about these higher liability limits is that the coverage extends even outside your property. For example, if you are on a holiday and there was an accident that occurred that caused injury to someone where you were at fault, your liability coverage would be your shield to cover the cost of someone’s injuries. Your liability coverage also helps you cover legal fees up to your policy limits if someone files a case against you.

High-value home insurance providers can offer coverage types that are not available in standard homeowners’ insurance providers. Since you have special coverage needs as a high-value homeowner, your insurance provider can offer you premium coverages and specialty coverages that a standard homeowner’s insurance simply does not have.

 These are examples of mainstream coverage types that are only present in high-value home insurance:

Living expenses coverage

This type of coverage offers a significant aid for paying a temporary home and meal allowance when your house is being repaired or rebuilt. This extends from groceries to gas expenses. If you rent out your property, the Loss of Use coverage helps cover the lost rent should your tenants have to move out because due to damage to the property. High-value homes with bigger spaces and square feet with specially-designed features generally take a longer period to rebuild or replace especially after an incident due to fire and natural catastrophes. If the aforementioned incidents are the cause where you and your family have to be relocated, the waiting time to bring your home back to its former glory will be lengthy. Some carriers put a limit on the time that the coverage on the expenses while some carriers have unlimited coverage for you not to experience a drastic change in your lifestyle.

Sewer and pipe backup coverage

Most standard home insurance companies do not have this coverage as part of their policies. Coverage for drainage backups and problems involving sewers and hollow pumps are included together with repairs and replacement of water sewage, drapes, floors, walls, and pipes are available for high-value home insurance. Coverage for backups caused by drains and sewers is treated separately and is not the same as flood insurance. Most high-value home insurance providers make this part of common coverage. 

Identity theft and cybercrime coverage

This coverage protects you from unfortunate circumstances surrounding cyberspace like becoming a victim of stolen identity and cyber attacks. High-value home insurance providers help protect you against identity theft and cybercrime with their advanced facilities designed for cybersecurity protection. This coverage also helps you recover financially in case there is a temporary stoppage to use your online banking and other online transactions due to stolen identity. Some insurance providers would expand the coverage to online ransom where a computer hacker encrypts the data on your computer and the hacker has ransom demands with a certain amount you have to pay for them not to leak any data from your computer.

Partial loss Coverage

During a covered loss when only a portion of your house is affected, partial loss coverage will help you with the costs. For example, if the damage is only half of your living room floors, standard homeowners’ insurance carriers are not obliged, under any circumstances, to ensure the replacement materials equivalent to the original ones. Standard homeowners insurance carriers may do the replacement but they get to choose which materials to use and they are under no obligation to ask permission regarding brands or likeness of the quality. This could mean that the possibility of not getting a match of the original materials is big. High-value home insurance coverage, however, often goes the extra mile by matching replacement materials with the originals, even to the point replacing materials that are not damaged. 

Employment practices liability

This type of liability coverage will help protect you if any of your domestic help employees is injured while working for you. This could also cover your other house staff such as your drivers, gardeners, and bodyguards. This coverage will also help you pay for medical expenses and lost wages while your employees are recuperating and unable to work. In cases when your domestic employees will file a lawsuit against you based on accusations and wrongful termination, your employment practices liability will pay for your legal fees.

High-Value Home Insurance in Denver, Colorado

There are plenty of high-value home insurance companies in Denver and each company is special on its own. You just need to know what their companies can offer and how they are of better service to you. Many high-value insurance providers offer home inspections at no extra cost. The home inspections conducted by these providers will help them determine to cover your property at an accurate level. If your home high-value, custom-made, chances are the replacement costs are higher than usual that is why it is highly recommended to get high-value home insurance.

Five of these home-value home insurance companies are on top of their game:


Chubb offers “Unique insurance services for your unique insurance needs’ ‘ as what they say on their website. This insurance company offers premium services and coverage options especially designed for high-value homeowners. Chubb also offers very competitive rates. Chubb is famous for its excellent customer service. Many reviews and reports from customers highlighted on stress-free and smooth transactions regarding claims. Customers also mentioned abundant limits as key benefits of this insurer’s policy.

What makes Chubb stands out as well is it offers upmarket benefits that other insurance companies do not offer. One example of that would be the  “cash-out” option if your home is destroyed. You have the option to simply pocket the money for the same amount if you do not wish to replace or rebuild your home.

Chubb generally persuades policyholders about coverage minimums, meaning that you will only be eligible if you buy at least a certain amount of insurance coverage. Chubb’s offerings and costs are not available but once you contact an independent agent, it is certain that calculations of the policy you will be readily available for you.


PURE has a comprehensive and thorough understanding that as a high-value homeowner, your home needs extraordinary protection. It has in-depth knowledge with custom and unique features, so this high-value home insurance company offers specialty coverage.

PURE policy presents adaptability to fit the type of coverage that meets your unique needs. These needs include customized options for your home and its structures. PURE gives you the option to rebuild or replace your home but it will give you another option to receive a cash settlement should you decide to use your replacement cost reimbursement elsewhere. PURE understands that the cost to rebuild your home and restore it to its original beauty is not that simple.

PURE’s Guaranteed Replacement Cost puts your mind at ease by assuring you that your home can be rebuilt in like kind and quality. PURE also extends its generosity in covering the rebuild that goes beyond your coverage limit, Now that is customer satisfaction right there. PURE also offers a broader coverage for sewer and pipe back-ups.

For example, if a sewer backs up causing drains or a toilet overflows, PURE will pay to clean up the damage and even replace or rebuild a certain damaged property and it does not make a difference if it is an interior or exterior drain, PURE got you covered. PURE understands that the best way to protect your home is to prevent losses primarily from the time it was built and ready for occupancy.

PURE has risk managers who give you valuable tips on how to make your home safer so you do not have to experience losses in the first place. Their dedicated team will help you in carrying out recommendations for a safer home. If in case a loss does occur, they will be there to help reduce the incident from happening ever again. PURE also has a special insurance policy for your jewelry.

PURE will ensure that your pieces are protected and that they understand that some of those items may not be put in on your schedule. The confidence that this insurance company protects your valuables as if they are their own is one for the books.


AIG is now in its 100th year of service. Although it is best known as a life insurance company, AIG has become a diverse insurer with specialized products including high-value home insurance to cater to the needs of high-value homeowners.

AIG’s Private Client high-value home insurance policy is a perfect way to demonstrate the company’s specialized products. Their high-value home insurance is a great match to tailor a comprehensive homeowner’s policy designed for high-value homes. Their specialized products make sure that the company can be up for the challenge in insuring high-value homes delivering a service with precision.

AIG’s experience in the insurance industry and its specialized policies enable them as a company to handle complex insurance coverage such as high-value homes. AIG’s comprehensive coverage on risk property management conveys a message that they can supervise both the larger insurance risks and potentially costly gaps that are not covered by standard policies. This is something that an average homeowner’s insurance company cannot address.

AIG Private Client features are outstanding. One feature includes full replacement cost coverage where the damage of your personal property in a covered claim is paid for by AIG. This insurance provider can cover your belongings up to their full replacement cost, and take note, without deductions for depreciation.

Another feature of AIG Private Client is a cash claims settlement where you can opt to pocket the reimbursement of the replacement cost instead of going through the repair or replacement of your property. AIG also has a feature called additional living expenses.

In cases when you need to vacate your home due to loss or damage, AIG will make the coverage ready for you to use such as hotel bills and food allowance.

AIGPrivate Client features include extended rebuild coverage where repair and rebuilding costs can be impacted by increased expenses or by the accessibility of the distinct materials required to match your home’s original quality. AIG can provide coverage above your policy’s limit when necessary, ensuring that your home is back to its original version.


NatGen protects homes valued at $750,000 or more through its Premier Client Home Endorsement. Coverage includes guaranteed replacement cost, sewer and pipe backups, and identity theft protection. The Premier Client Homeowners Program under NatGen Premier provides coverage for your home up to $10 million in value, as well as coverage for your valuables and belongings.

Founded in 1920, NaGen has been protecting the assets of American households since then. NatGen offers specialty insurance products with exceptional overage solutions, built-in policy features, and optional features that make your home insurance policy clear-cut.

NatGen’s guaranteed replacement cost coverage not only pays you for returning your home to its original splendor, but it will ensure to provide you the coverage you need even if it means exceeding the cost to rebuild your home. NatGen also has ordinance and law coverage that may not be present even with other high-value home insurance providers. This consideration under NatGen Premier offers built-in coverage for the additional costs associated with rebuilding when new code enactment takes effect.

Since rebuilding due to an ordinance can be unexpected at times, it is extremely helpful to have this coverage. NatGen also offers contents replacement coverage for contents inside your home that may depreciate and can create a costly gap between your claim settlement amount and the amount it will cost to repair or replace your valuables.

NatGen understands this financial risk that this coverage can help you with the cost to repair or replace your home’s contents minus the depreciation adjustment. You also have the option to ask

NatGen Premier to provide you coverage for service lines to your home, such as underground pipes and electrical lines. NatGen can also provide coverage for your heating and cooling systems, water and power systems, and even your electronics and appliances.

American Modern

American Modern provides various specialty home policies for properties that are not generally covered under the standard homeowners insurance. As a high-value homeowner, American Modern understands the different unique risks that you have that is why their coverage is also broad under specialized policies.

American Modern has policies made available both for standard and high-value vacation properties with similar or bigger amounts than your main homes. This could extend to bigger value properties like your cottage or cabin and you can bundle up your second home to your main high-value home insurance coverage.

American Modern also offers plans for your manufactured or mobile homes regardless if they are owned, rented, or seasonally used. American Modern also has policies for homes that are owned but generally are not qualified for standard home insurance.

There are some reasons your home might not qualify for insurance from other companies. It might be because your home is in a high-risk area, such as being situated along the coast; because it’s very old, historic, or just low-value; or because you have made a high number of insurance claims recently.

American modern might be your best option for the given reasons when standard homeowners insurance will not offer you or they do not have specialty coverage that you need.

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