Keeping Your Child and Home Safe with Smart Technology

Mar 29, 2021 | Affiliates

Baby-Proofing Your Home

Taking care of a growing child could mean baby-proofing your whole house. This is to keep your baby safe from anything harmful like knives and chemicals and at the same time maintain order and cleanliness inside your home. It’s a good thing that Smart Technology has evolved to be able to keep your child and home safe as we will discuss in this article.

Of course, you deserve the peace of mind that your child won’t get hurt while playing with the thing inside your house and at the same time your furniture and other belongings inside the house won’t be broken. Children these days could be very curious and brave that they would not hesitate to turn a knob for a water faucet not knowing that it may be hot or cold. Truly, for babies ignorance is bliss.

Nowadays, real-world problems are solved with smart devices brought to us by the advancement in the technology that we already have, but as these devices upgrade, the people who use it or even the babies born in this generation are as wise and smart as the innovators that we already have now trying to make our everyday tasks easier and less redundant. Innovators today have the same goal as the innovators of the past, they all want to produce a device that could make people’s lives easier and safer without that much of a hassle.

Living with a toddler is like having a small, curious human being who might get stubborn just to satisfy his or her curiosity – sometimes just entertains themselves. Babies’ curiosities are no joke and can actually make them wiser and smarter even at a young age.

As soon as a baby learns how to crawl, walk or run, it would not just stay still in one room and play quietly. Child-proofing your house with the basics like locks, corner cushions, etc. would work but sooner or later a child will find one or more things that will pique their interest and unintentionally (and hopefully not) hurt themselves or ruin a certain thing inside your home. If there are smart devices, there are smart babies – “Houdini Babies” as they call it.

You can lock them up or put them somewhere high but the minute you take your eyes off them they are off trying to do something else and escape. Once a baby starts opening up windows or doors for their bedrooms, it would be a disaster if babies find out about the kitchen and the bathroom; not to mention the mess it could make once the babies find out about toilets and faucets. Babies tend to be fascinated with water and might bring their toys in to play with. Unsupervised playing in the water (and soaking in it too long) could cause flood and give the baby the colds. This is just one of the many things that a curious mind of a baby can do, the other things are unpredictable and it would not hurt to prepare and child-proof your home.

Not baby-proofing your home could bring harm to your baby and damage your furniture inside the house as well. As parents, you would not want your child to stop playing and discovering things but you would still want to keep your things on track, but as a homeowner, you would not want your assets to have any damage either.

Good thing Smart Tech devices are here to turn your home into a Smart Home to protect both your house and your smart baby, in the easiest way possible using a mobile phone application synced. These devices are now available, can be installed now in your homes so you would have control over the things in your house at the tip of your fingertips. 

Here are three devices you can start installing to protect your child and your home:
  1. Security Camera. If you are comfortable installing a camera in your baby’s room a security camera would be great to check if your baby is up and moving. This security camera detects motions and sends alerts straight to your phone when it does detect something moving – like when your baby would try to escape their room and go to another room. You can monitor the real-time events seen through the camera using the application on your phone. In this way, if you ever want to see what your baby is up to you can just look at your phone and find the app to monitor your baby’s activities even when they are alone.
  2. Motion sensors. Conceptually, this is the same with the security camera just minus the viewing option. It detects motions and would send alerts to your phone when a movement is detected. This can be installed near doors so you could know if your baby is up and gets near the door or wherever you will place this motion sensor.
  3. Door monitor alarm. Most of these smart devices are very easy to install but this one might be the easiest.  You could just actually hang the door monitor alarm on a doorknob after setting it up through the app on your phone then it will work like magic. Since it is already synced with the app on your phone, this would also send notifications on your phone even at the slightest movement it could pick up. 
  4. Contact Sensors. The difference between this and a motion sensor is that a contact sensor needs to be installed at the exact place or spot that you want to monitor. For example, if you want to know if a door has been opened, closed, broken, or if the surface has made any contact with another surface or anything else it would be best to use a contact sensor. This could also tell you how long has it been opened and will send you a notification regarding any movement and its details right through your phone via an app. 
  5. Smart Locks. If you are worried if your baby will play with your valuables and might unintentionally break them, upgrading your cabinet’s lock by installing a smart lock would be the right thing to do so you can be at ease. Smart locks are easy to install; just put the sticker to one side (in the inside) of the cabinet and put the other sticker to the bolt of the lock of the cabinet. What makes smart locks “smart” is that you can actually control the locks through your phone by clicking on the app or just by the lock detecting if your phone is nearby, and you can also monitor your cabinet and valuables through this application. With just a click on the app, you can lock and unlock the cabinet. This would be useful for instances that you are in the kitchen and your baby is in your room, you want to be sure that your valuables will be safe in the cabinet and also protect your baby from accidents such as their fingers getting caught between the drawers of the cabinet. 
  6. Water Sensors and Temperature Sensors. These two sensors go hand-in-hand. In the event that your baby discovers the faucet and managed to have water running, in order to not waste water and keep your baby from any harmful situations such as drowning or slipping, a water sensor would detect if the tubs are overflowing. Just install these water sensors in places where you want to monitor the water level and it will alert you if anything happens. Since tubs usually have controls for water temperature (and your baby probably does not know it yet), your baby might accidentally turn on the water either too cold or too hot. Once installed, the temperature sensor will show you, from its built-in screen, the temperature of the water so you can determine if it is too cold or too hot for you or the baby. Similar to most of the smart devices, it will also notify you regarding the temperature of the water – the sensor comes in with a color-coded light for each temperature; green for warm, red for hot. And if you leave the water temperature too high, it will even beep loudly if it is too hot. 

Having a child at home and peace of mind is something that any parent and homeowner could dream of. Thanks to these Smart Home Devices, child-proofing and protecting your assets at home is as easy as ABC. Parents could rest at ease and let their children roam around the house without that much restriction since they still could control things in the house with just an app on their mobile phones. Parenting and maintaining a home could be a challenge, but this should not let you stop from enjoying the comfort of your home and letting your child grow and enjoy the things that he or she finds fascinating. These Smart Home Devices could make your lives easier and safer with just a click on the app.

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