Smart Home Automation Safety and Security

Nov 30, 2022 | Affiliates

The wonders of smart home technology have brought people a lot of conveniences. The comfort that the person experiences while having it is the best advantage anyone could wish for. It offers peace of mind, efficiency, and ease of tasks such as automation of home equipment and security systems. As a network connection makes this possible, your smartphone makes these tasks happen. In this article, we will discuss security systems costs and smart home automation safety and security.

Your smartphone controls the automation, making it the center. Wherever you are, you can access the monitors inside your home. You can maneuver the video cameras, turn on and off your lights, and remotely lock/unlock your doors. Another advantage is that water leaks are detected and shut off. What a convenient way to leave your home for work! You won’t worry about anything while you are out.

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What is Smart Home Automation? 

Have you thought of the idea of how smart home automation works? It can move things around your home without your help is impressive. That is how great the new technology has become.

Smart home automation gives safety and security. It has a system where you have control over the smart devices in your home. Through their connection to the internet, you have access to monitoring them anytime, wherever you are, using your smartphone! Awesome, right? You don’t need to worry if you go home late and forgot to close your garage door. In the morning, if you want coffee and you’re in a hurry, it will work on its own. It works even before you show up in the kitchen!

They can be scheduled too. So when the night comes, your lights will turn on based on how you programmed them. We are in a generation where almost everything, specifically smart devices, is called the Internet of Things. Through home automation provides a home with safety and security, IoT devices trigger one another and move. You don’t need to control them one by one.

How does it work?

You already have an idea of how it works from the word automation. It pertains to the ability of this smart technology to plan out the schedule of events of your smart devices. Through Wi-Fi networks, you can program commands for a device to perform its duty. One example is programming your lights to turn on at night. It will light up your house in time.

After scheduling these devices, you have your smartphone with an app to monitor your home remotely. You can see what’s happening in and outside your home through your security system. Part of it is the cameras to view the present situation and the history of events. You can check and control every device while you are away from home. Especially if something is going on, you will see what triggered your smart home security system.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of Smart Home Automation?

Everything on Earth has pros and cons. Smart home automation is not exempted. We think that it is all about comfort, but the reality is it has disadvantages that are unfavorable for us.


  • You have access to your home devices. It lets you monitor and control them everywhere.
  • It gives comfort to our lives. You don’t need to worry about having anyone manage your home while you are away.
  • It saves energy. You won’t waste energy because you set everything, especially the thermostat’s activity. 
  • It is very convenient. If you are a busy person and have no one to do things for you, then it is a big help. It is because those tasks can be scheduled or just one voice commands away!
  • It secures your safety. Smart devices such as sensors, video doorbells, and cameras increase your security from people who attempt to crash in your home.


  • IoT devices or smart devices are expensive. Setting up your home automation costs a lot, not to mention the prices of each device. 
  • Your privacy or personal information may be hacked. There is a big possibility of intrusion on your network because smart devices connect to the internet.
  • They might experience lags or cannot connect to the network. Smart devices are still a new innovation, they might not connect because the internet connection is sometimes unstable.
  • Smart security can see your video through the app. Other users can see the live stream through the cameras installed in your home.
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What are the safety tips to protect smart home automation devices to lessen security systems costs?

Our home is our sanctuary. We gain our strength and get that peace of mind when we’re home. We do everything to keep it private and protected. As smart technology evolves, hackers also get smarter in accessing our homes and invading our privacy later on.

Being safe is what we always aim for, not just for our family but also for our property. We must be careful and stay informed about safety updates to safeguard our homes. Below are some of the best tips you can do to ensure that automating your home is safe from potential cyberattacks and thieves.

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Choose the right feature to lessen security systems costs

Many people choose smart home solutions such as turning lights remotely or locking and unlocking doors. When you purchase them individually, it may lead to incompatibility. It would be hard to communicate and operate since you will be using a lot of gadgets for each. Controlling them would consume time. You have to deal with different apps to control your home.

A smart home promotes convenience, right? So, it would be best to find one that won’t consume much time controlling the smart devices. You may choose between the two general kinds of home automation: Service provider solutions and individual solutions.

Service provider solutions impose monthly charges for their services and single, smart devices like smart TVs, sensors, and thermostats. Another one is the individual solutions for individual smart devices. These devices, however, can connect to a smart home automation system. You must choose the system hub that supports them to control these devices. Choose whatever works best for you.

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Opt for smart sensors

Smart devices help in managing the risks in a smart home. You can set and control remote monitoring alerts of your home automation system. If you cannot find out these risks, it might lead to more expensive circumstances. These risks are preventable by acquiring smart sensors. They will notify and alert you once something unusual is going on in your smart home. Some of them are listed below.

Water sensors 

It provides detection and alerts if there is a power interruption in your home. Also, if there is an irregularity with the temperature that you set. It also keeps the temperature comfortable for you as it learns your temperature preference.

Smart thermostat

It provides detection and alerts if there is a power interruption in your home. Also, if there is an irregularity with the temperature that you set. It also keeps a temperature that is comfortable for you as it learns your temperature preference.

Smoke and heat detectors

Carbon monoxide can also be detected by them. There are central hubs and mobile apps that can be used to detect the risks such as a fire. You can monitor these remotely and control them even more than a classic alarm system.

Glass break sensor

It will automatically alert your security system once your glass door or windows are smashed by a burglar. The attempt will notify local authorities as well.

Motion sensor

This sensor detects brightness and any form of movement in your home. It provides information about saving energy and lighting inside the house. It can be programmed, and you can monitor them remotely.

Door and window sensors

It detects doors and windows left open while you are away. This is very useful as it secures your home and saves energy while your thermostat is on.

Install smart security systems

A smart home security system is essential in protecting your home and your family. It connects to a network or Wi-Fi so you can track everything around your home. You can control them through a smartphone or an app. Aside from detecting burglary attempts, you can also detect fire and water leaks remotely. It would be best to take advantage of the smart features to increase the security of your home system.

Smart locks

You can control and monitor any entry to your home with this feature. It connects with your smartphone through Wi-Fi so you can monitor your home system. This will allow you to remotely lock or unlock your door. Some people even forego their keys upon using this amazing device. You can choose from designs, such as the traditional way where there is an available touchscreen or number pad. With this type, you have to put the code first before unlocking your door. Another design type uses your smartphone’s app, which can perform locking duties. Other smart locks provide a key slot if you choose to have this option, just in case, but there are just a few.

Smart lights

While you are away, the lights automatically turn on based on how you programmed them. This would show and help your home look occupied. You can also control them through an app on your smartphone and when connected to Wi-Fi. Your phone really plays a big part in all this smart stuff.

Even if you are not home or somewhere out of town, you can manage to light your home. You can do it by scheduling or manually turning them on. You get to choose the color or if you want it dim.

Smart cameras

Installing cameras around your home secures it from risks such as burglary, water leaks, and other damages while you’re not home. The connected cameras monitor your home for your safety while motion sensors produce alerts. Through a Wi-Fi connection and with the app on your smartphone, you can view the scenario in your home.
You may install indoor or outdoor cameras and even both of them. Indoor cameras are usually small and are discreetly installed inside your home. Outdoor cameras, however, need to be sturdy to survive while it is installed outside the house. It may be susceptible to tampering and beating by thieves who attempt to enter your home.
Look for the most essential feature of your camera – the resolution. It must capture the video with high resolution for a clear view. Other features are audio recording, detection of motion, and wider viewing.

Smart doorbells

The door is where anyone enters so it is of high priority in the smart security system. The smart doorbell monitors the front door for any activity and will alert you immediately. You can view and capture a photo of every visitor anywhere you are. 

It works by putting or incorporating a small camera in the button of your doorbell. When someone presses your doorbell, it will alert your phone and turn on the camera. It will let you have a clear view of the visitor through this video doorbell.

Smart garage door

The smart garage door looks like a typical garage door but is way better when it comes to function. It opens and closes depending on how you program its activity. It sends you an alert if you forgot to close it through an app on your smartphone. You will then have the power to close them even if you’re out of your home for some time.

The best part is you can secure your garage from unwanted people like thieves and view them through the linked camera. Most smart garage doors can let you view the history of events in your garage. Another good thing is it notifies local authorities when your garage is open at unusual hours. 

Learn your smart device’s privacy policy to lessen security systems costs

As IoT becomes popular in monitoring, sharing, and may selling data of the consumer, every smart device comes with a privacy policy. Examples of these smart devices are dishwashers, thermostats, and smart coffee makers. You must be aware of how strong the privacy policy is being offered to you. It is for your protection.

However, it’s up to you if you would agree with the presented policy. Read the agreement carefully for each smart device you have. After all, it’s your privacy that we are talking about here. You must be at ease with how the information from your smart home is shared and used. 

What will you feel like having some video footage inside your home being uploaded on the internet? The cameras are for your safety, but are you comfortable with them? These were just samples and it would make sense to weigh your stand with them before buying.

Safeguard your network

Protect your smart devices from potential hackers and other types of invasion of privacy. The first thing is when you purchase smart devices. Read carefully and evaluate if they can bring risks to your safety. Each manufacturer varies when it comes to the security features of their products. 

Devices are more secure when they are connected to the internet through hardwire. Wireless networks tend to be hacked and are prone to signal interceptions. This would cause your data or personal information to be at risk. Activate your security system when a device uses a wireless network. Ensure that it sends an alert once the connection is lost.

The best way to secure your network is by creating a strong password. It’s not just for your router or your Wi-Fi but with each smart device that you have. Avoid using the same code for each. If a hacker happened to pass through the password then everything would be exposed. Try using a password manager to remember all of them. 

You may also use two-factor authentication where there is a second password that needs to be unlocked. Even if a hacker gets access through your password, the second one needs a code before he can open it. It is sent as a text message or email so you will be notified of any suspicious events.

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Final Say

We hope you learned a lot about smart home automation and security systems costs. Smart home automation gives us the safety, security, and convenience of controlling things around our homes. This new technology has made sure we get the comfort we ever wished for. With one mobile device that connects to the internet, we are able to monitor and utilize every device in our home.

The benefits of smart home automation also come with disadvantages. The potential risks are everywhere so we must be vigilant. We want comfort but we must not compromise our safety. Take all the necessary steps to ensure your security against possible dangers such as cyber hacks and burglary. It will give you peace of mind. You can enjoy life’s comfort without the worry of being harmed. Protect your smart home technology from cyberattacks.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Team AIS in Denver, CO if you have any questions in mind.

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