Protecting Commercial Property Against Hail

Jun 2, 2023 | Business Insurance, Personal Insurance

Hail can be a significant weather worry everywhere in the world. Mass deviation can be caused by ice pellets that are as small as a pea or as large as a golf ball. Strong winds and hail can cause extensive damage that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. This severe weather can smash windows, dent or destroy cars, and rip off the shingles and siding of houses. It’s not always easy to see the devastation that a storm like this causes. Small cracks in roofs caused by hail can let water seep into the house and behind walls, causing floods and the growth of mould.

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But there is still hope. You can defend your residence, your vehicles, and yourself against this potentially hazardous weather phenomenon by taking simple precautions. Here are some suggestions for reducing the harm that hail can do.

A thunderstorm with strong upward winds must lift raindrops higher into the atmosphere for hail to reach the earth. Raindrops that are too cold freeze and turn into ice pellets. The pellets accumulate layers and develop by repeated collisions with clouds and other water droplets until they are too heavy for the winds to lift them, at which point they fall to the ground as hail.

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Anywhere can experience a hailstorm, but some places are more vulnerable than others. Hail is often little ice balls that occasionally form during thunderstorms. However, this meteorological phenomenon can be harmful and dangerous for those who live and work in Hail Alley. Property insurance claims came to about $14.2 billion in 2020.

It is essential for people who work in Hail Alley to safeguard their companies against this damaging weather. Building structures and other property are in great danger of needless expense and harm if no defences are in place. Learn more about some practical strategies for reducing the effects of hail while maintaining efficient operations.

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“A region in North America known as Hail Alley, sometimes known as Hailstorm Alley, regularly suffers an excessive number of pelting ice storms.”

Hail Alley’s weather prevents ice from melting, but much of America is too warm for hail to reach the ground before melting. Due to geographical characteristics like Colorado’s High Plains and the Rocky Mountains, a large portion of the territory is at a high elevation.

Hail that is falling can range in size from a pea to a baseball. Hail nearly the size of a soccer ball has been produced by some of Hail Alley’s worst storms. The residents and workers in this area anticipate numerous hailstorms each year.

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How to protect your property from Hailstorm?

  1. Impact-resistant shingles:

A wonderful suggestion is always to upgrade your roof’s material and choose an impact-resistant option. These 4-rated materials, which include asphalt, rubber, and metal, will significantly lessen the damage hail has on the roof. This is not to suggest that the roof won’t sustain any damage; there is still a potential for minor cosmetic damage that would require repair but using impact-resistant materials makes the requirement for a complete roof replacement far less likely.

  1. Impact-resistant roof:

According to various studies conducted across Canada, the typical price to build an impact-resistant roof on a typical-sized home was roughly $3400. When compared to the $10,000 cost to completely repair a roof after significant hail damage, this is a minor price to pay. The typical price of repairing an impact-resistant roof is reduced by over 50%, to about $5000. Most of the structural damage to a home caused by hail begins at the roof, so replacing your roof with an impact-resistant material is a wonderful investment that might end up saving you thousands of dollars.

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  1. Deal with water damage:

The damage caused by hail to a home can be catastrophic. Water damage is even more likely if hail rips through the siding or punctures your roof by accident. Unattended water damage is a serious problem that can completely ruin a house. Water will collect on the roof, seep into any holes the hail may have made, and possibly even into places you can’t see.

It is essential to thoroughly inspect your home before the hail season to ensure no cracks or gaps where water may seep in. This needs to be taken care of because water damage is far more likely to occur following a hailstorm. Proper roof cladding installation is another excellent barrier against water intrusion.

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  1. Protect outdoor goods such as air conditioners:

Costly outdoor air conditioners are incredibly vulnerable to damage, even from strong gusts. Therefore, unprotected A/C units are vulnerable to serious damage from hail. Installing a protective cage would be a terrific idea to guarantee that your A/C unit remains safe during hailstorms and strong winds. The cage must have adequate airflow for the device to operate properly.

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  1. Outside valuables:

The same goes for any other valuables you store outside. To prevent damage from the hail and wind, items such as barbecues, dog homes, and kids’ toys should all be securely fastened and covered. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place so you can safeguard everything fast and effectively and avoid getting trapped in a hailstorm while attempting to preserve your belongings.

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8. Include machinery and vehicles:

Taking the necessary precautions to protect your vehicle is crucial since hail may have disastrous impacts on vehicles. Parking your cars within a garage or carport is the simplest approach to keep it secure. If the car will be parked inside for an extended period, it is crucial to disconnect the batteries because they constitute a fire risk. Securely cover automobiles with a hail-resistant cover for added safety. Additionally, there are tarps and blankets resistant to hail of all sizes made to protect everything from little cars to big trucks. Purchasing a hail-resistant cover, blanket, or tarp may be your best bet for protecting automobiles left outdoors during a hailstorm if it is not possible to move them into your garage.

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