Removing Ice and Snow Buildup on Trucks Safely

Mar 17, 2023 | Business Insurance

The Durasweeper Commercial Vehicle Rooftop Snow Removal System is the answer to the issue of removing snow off trailer rooftops. This easy-to-use automated device can remove snow off the tops of trucks, containers, buses, and other commercial vehicles. The trailer’s rooftop is cleaned by Durasweeper in under a minute. Instead of spending 30 minutes or more shoveling from the rooftop in the frigid weather and running the danger of hurting themselves by sliding and falling off the scaffolding ramp, drivers can securely clean the roofs of their vehicles and be on the road in no time. No matter the height of the trailer, snow can be cleared from rooftops with Durasweeper with ease! Surfaces as low as 41 centimeters and as high as 5,5 metres may be cleaned with a Durasweeper.

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Safety should always come first when concerned about tread wear. Your car could operate poorly in inclement weather, such as snow and rain, if the treads on your tyres are worn. A good tread will increase your car’s ability to grip the pavement. Additionally, having insufficient tread is illegal in several places. Finally, worn tyres can hasten the degeneration of other parts of an automobile.

Use Covered Area for Parking

Always attempt to park in a covered place if snow and ice are a regular issue. By doing this, you’ll prevent the bad weather from your rig. If this isn’t a possibility, cover the top of your trailer with a heavy-duty tarp until you’re ready to go.

It is currently prohibited in a number of states to leave snow and ice on a truck. Some truckers may have their licenses revoked for persistent infractions. Do your best to avoid allowing debris to accumulate so you won’t have to clear it later in order to avoid receiving a citation or penalty. Keep this tip in the back of your mind when it’s time to pull over if you’re worried about snow.

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Air Compressor Should be Used

Many drivers often don’t include physically clearing off slush in their routines since it requires a lot of time and physical power. But they ought to. 35% of employees working in the sector in 2006 said that their vehicles’ snow and ice had injured other people. It is therefore prudent to err on the side of caution.

Using an air compressor, sometimes referred to as a snowblower, is a simple way for truckers to keep their trailers clean. The process is significantly simplified by the speedy debris removal provided by the pressured air. Numerous small, cordless products are available that you may keep at home. Commercial versions of this product that may be installed in facilities should be investigated by fleet owners.

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Consult truck stops

This problem frequently arises for those who drive in extremely cold climates. Local businesses and institutions along your route may provide a service that removes snow for you to assist with this. Even though there are many different devices, the majority automatically remove snow. These are drive-throughs that have rakes or brooms connected to sweep off debris that has gathered on the roof.

All of this gives you peace of mind that you are not endangering yourself or others. Always see if there are any places close by that can help you with this issue. These tools typically come with a cost, but they’re beneficial in the long term.

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Truck Wash

Even while it’s not the best method because too much water might freeze and cause the same issue again, a vehicle wash can properly clean your trailer. Although this technique is expensive, facilities that provide washing are often readily accessible.

Typically, the rig is sprayed down with pressured water to remove any dirt and debris. Find a vehicle wash nearby if the weather is going to warm up or if this is the only solution you can think of. As they may additionally apply a weather protectant, it will manage snow and ice accumulation.

Safety Measures

Although it might seem innocuous, snow and ice buildup on cars puts other drivers’ safety at risk in addition to commercial drivers. The following can happen when ice and snow from a truck trailer fall onto the road:

The vision of the commercial driver or other motorist is hampered by snow blowing off the trailer roof. Other drivers may be hurt or have their property damaged as ice spews from the car.

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Commercial fleets must clear their vehicles of snow and ice because of these risk concerns to maintain safe roads for all drivers. Although it could seem tempting, you should resist the urge to just climb on top of your vehicle and shovel snow and ice off manually since doing so poses serious safety risks.

When removing ice and snow accumulation, consider the following safe workplace controls:

Use snow and ice removal tools, which are often available in warehouses and other places where commercial trucks frequently stop. Drivers drive under the machine to clear ice and snow, and an adjacent control panel allows it to be adjusted to fit the height of the vehicle. Drivers just need to go ahead once the gadget is on the truck’s roof to guarantee a clean roof.

Utilize a mobile snow removal device. These tools, which drivers may use from the ground up, are compact roof rakes. Additionally, if drivers are on the road when a storm comes, these tools might assist them in cleaning their roofs.

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Always be diligent

As long as the weather is frigid, snow and ice are always a possibility. Keep any debris off the top of your truck to keep both you and other drivers safe. This prevents you from breaking the law while also saving lives. Ice is similarly hefty and adds a few pounds to the total weight of your trailer, which might push you over the limit.

Overall, make an effort to employ one of these removal techniques during each winter season. In cases when you’re unsure, check with your organization to see what options they offer for its operators. The focus should always be safety.

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