Signs That Your Plumbing Has Problems

Oct 3, 2022 | Affiliates

Unfixed plumbing problems can cause water damage in your home. It would take time and money to fix if this were left unfixed and ignored. Advantage Insurance Solutions discusses fixing plumbing problems. To contact our insurance specialists, just click here and complete the form. One of the most reputable companies in Denver, Colorado is Advantage Insurance Solutions. Call us right away!

Think about this scenario:

You invested in Home Insurance for your house. Imagine three gallons of water per minute leaking in your place. By the time you arrive home from your fantastic vacation, thousands and thousands of gallons have already filled your home. This is, of course, just a tale of warning. Furthermore, read through these guidelines; this is meant to help homeowners know more about the significant water issues that plumbing problems can bring if left unaddressed. And, while you were away on vacation, an unaddressed plumbing issue happened and caused water damage; imagine three gallons of water per minute leaking into your house.

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Causes of Common Plumbing Problems

To avoid having plumbing problems, have a regular inspection of the plumbing parts inside your house. In addition, this is crucial as you can tell visually if something in your plumbing part gets damaged. Also, inconsistent maintenance or lack of it is usually the reason why this happens. Moreover, understanding and thinking about the plumbing parts could also help.

Inspect Visually

Checking your plumbing system visually and looking for “symptoms” or signs that need fixing could help avoid any plumbing problems. Furthermore, as a maintenance practice, you should do this regularly. So, start by looking for drips or slow leaks in any plumbing components you have at home.

However, there are a few places where you may rapidly inspect elements of your home’s plumbing system:

  • Under sinks and wash tubs
  • Inside access panels near showers, sinks, or appliances
  • Parts of toilets, water heaters, and appliances
  • Basements and holes

You can find leakages at connection points on faucets, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, shut-off valves, other appliances, and toilets. Also, the piping system may look complicated and may be hooked up or connected to multiple pipe sections inside your house.

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Common Plumbing Problems and How Fixing them can help you

Copper Tubing

With this type of material, you have two signs of possible plumbing problems: discoloration or deposit buildup. Pinhole leaks indicate a problem in water chemistry. Upon seeing deposits like this, have someone from your state’s Department of Public Health or Department of Environment Protection test and treat your water.

Braided Stainless Steel Supply Lines

Braided stainless steel supply lines connect appliances and fixtures to piping systems. This type of stainless steel is very open to a specific type of corrosion – stress corrosion cracking. Signs of damage can be easily spotted by the naked eye – rust, worn-out, and cracked strands.

Brass Valves

Brass components with cracks and corrosion explode with the highest force and cause the most extensive damage. Crystal-like deposits colored white, blue, or green are spotting signs of corrosion on brass valves. The root cause of problems with brass valves is usually harmful to water chemistry, faulty material, and design.

PEX Tubing and Connecting Parts

The use of plastic in making plumbing parts is starting to make its name in the industry. PEX pipe is more popular than copper despite its regular problems. Water chemistry and household chemicals are the primary reasons for damaging PEX tubing and components. And just like everything else for plumbing systems, you need a visual inspection to maintain a functional plumbing system.

CPVC Parts

CPVC stands for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. Problems can start when this material exposure is to either heat or strong chemicals. If you see any discoloration or any part of the CPVC tube cracking, you might want to have it checked by a plumber.


Toilets have tanks that are full of ceramics that can easily break. Ceramic cracks are unnoticeable and spread slowly. If you notice any discoloration or staining on the outer part of the tank, this may be a sign that there’s a crack somewhere.

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Prevention and Protection

A leak detection system or water sensor would be a good idea. With the installation, you can easily spot leaks and can prevent damaging other parts of your home. The best thing about this is that you can monitor and control this via your smartphone as you can synch these systems.

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Protect Yourself

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