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Feb 10, 2021 | Business Insurance, Personal Insurance


It is a given that to some extent even as an insurance company, we can still relate to our customers’ opinions and feedback. At some point, we all still live in the same community, and outside the insurance company, we are also consumers and customers.

As consumers, we could appreciate it if businesses would take in our feedback and opinion. This would make us feel valued as customers and boost our customer service relationship.

And as a business, we would want to keep our customers and give them the best insurance shopping experience they could ever have. This would help the insurance industry by letting other people know that insurance shopping is pain-free.

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At AIS, we take pride in ourselves and our services such as personalized insurance coverage. So that our customers will get the best out of what they are paying for. Some of our customers leave their old insurance companies for their reasons.

In case there is anything that we need to take note of, we would love to document the experiences our customers had. Also, to let others know that insurance shopping is not that bad of an experience. Leaving a review comes hand in hand. Customers are not required to leave one, but it would be helpful to other customers and the companies if there is one. Reviews for companies are constructive criticisms. 

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With that being said, we would like to humbly ask you to leave a Yelp review, and here is the best way how:

Why Leave A Yelp Review?

You may be wondering why you should post a Yelp review if there are so many of them already. Statistically speaking, there are currently 184 million worldwide reviews on Yelp. 

You may think that your review will not make a difference out of all the other reviews. But the truth is it would help a lot. Here are a couple of reasons why you should leave a Yelp review:

Social Bond

Yelp reviews can be filtered by location. If you are in a small community, leaving Yelp reviews for local establishments is a good contribution to the community. This could also help tourists who are on vacation in your community.

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Documentation Purposes

Yelp reviews document the experiences you have had with certain businesses or establishments you have been to. A review could help you pick out which establishments to go back to. 

Sense of Satisfaction

Leaving reviews could also be a display of your knowledge, expertise, or tenure in a certain industry or field. Sharing information and experience that you have had and acknowledgment from peers you a feeling of satisfaction.

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How Does My Yelp Review Help?

Shows real-life experience

Your reviews will be honest since you would be posting about the services that you have experienced first-hand. Some experiences are too good to be true, but if it is from a customer, they would be a reliable source for other customers. Plus, it would help the company build credibility and trust with its customers.

Displays accountability

If the post is from a paying customer, people would know that the company did not plant these reviews for their benefit. This would build accountability for all businesses and would also help other customers to choose the best insurance company for them. Showing accountability for companies is a big factor. This means that the company has a sense of responsibility for taking care of its customers. It would give the customers the impression that their hard-earned money would not go to waste.

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Creates good customer relationships

A personal, real-life experience Yelp review would let other customers know what you have been through hence allowing them to relate to it. The customers could compare your scenarios and weigh which one was handled better. This gives people the chance to choose the best insurance company that they think could cater to their needs.

By leaving Yelp reviews with only a couple of minutes of your time, you get to save a fellow Coloradan from a bad experience. Your 2-minute Yelp review could save years of wasting time for others! Also, we, as a company, get to do more to make sure that your insurance shopping experience is top-notch for our customers.

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Advantage Insurance Solutions to our Community and Charity

As a company that started small, we believe that to strengthen the relationships in our community, we should all support small businesses. It could also serve as a way for other local businesses to give back to their communities. And at the same time, businesses could show that they appreciate their consumers more than anyone. 

Advantage Insurance Solutions’ way of giving back to the community, we have launched the referrals for a cause program.

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The Yelp Website

Yelp is a popular website for restaurant reviews, but it also caters to other industries. There are thousands of business categories to choose from that are available to rate and leave feedback. Leaving a Yelp review is easy and user-friendly, with a search bar and location filter. Scrolling down and navigating through the page will let you see others’ reviews. Some leave pictures, while others post text reviews only.

How do I Leave A Yelp Review?

We have the best and easiest way for you to leave a review! Here are the three steps on how to leave a Yelp review:

Sign Up / Log Into Your Account.

Yelp users need to have an account to post reviews on their platform. But, don’t worry, signing up for an account is free and would only take a minute or two. Just fill out the online sign-up form that would require you to input your name, email address, password, and zip code. If you have a Facebook, Google, or Apple account, you can also use your accounts on these platforms to sign up for Yelp. In that way, you do not have to manually input your information on the form on the Yelp website.

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Go to Advantage Insurance Solutions Page.

Once you are done signing up, log in on the Yelp website. After logging in on the Yelp website, navigate through the Advantage Insurance Solutions page. This would be the easiest way to search for AIS on Yelp. After searching for Advantage Insurance Solutions, then all that is left to do is to post your honest feedback regarding our services.

How to Leave a Review

There would be two fields that you need to fill out when leaving a review on Yelp: The rating field and the text field. The first one would be a star rating for our services which ranges from 1 to 5.

After rating our services, it would ask you to write a couple of sentences summarizing your experience/s with Advantage Insurance Solutions. We would appreciate it if you could leave an honest review and let us know exactly what your experience with us was. We want to let you know that your opinion is important to us. And this would help us make insurance shopping a better experience for you and others in the future. Once you’re done with what you have written on the review, simply click on the Submit button to finish.

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As AIS continues to grow, we aim to be the best at what we do. AIS would not compromise the quality of services and would always value the relationship that we have with our customers. We at AIS are consumers, too. At one point in our everyday lives, we are customers like you too. We want to treat our customers the same way we wanted to be treated. For us, maintaining a good relationship with our customers is as important as choosing the right insurance broker. 

We take the golden rule seriously, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” 

Asking a Favor

We’re committed to providing the best insurance solutions in Denver, and your review can help us do just that! Leave a review on Yelp for Advantage Insurance Solutions and let us know how we’re doing.

Advantage Insurance Solutions is a top independent insurance agency in Denver, Colorado. Let our team be your insurance advantage. Call or text us today at (720) 221-8168.

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