Teen Driver Safety Tips

Apr 9, 2023 | Personal Insurance

The NHTSA’s Adolescent Driving website offers ideas and tools to assist parents in setting ground rules with their aspiring drivers before handing over the keys to the family car. It also provides information on the states’ requirements for teen driver licensure. You can discover detailed information on some of the most typical safety issues new teen drivers should avoid right here. Learn about issues including the dangers of underage drinking, the advantages of wearing a seatbelt, the rising epidemic of distracted driving, and much more.

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Tips for Teen Driver Safety

  • Always buckle up in a car.
  • obey the posted speed limit You have less time to respond if you move too quickly.
  • To let other cars, know what you are doing, use your turn signals.
  • Avoid drinking and driving. Drinking while underage is prohibited.
  • Keep your attention on the road, the weather outside, and your driving duty.
  • Avoid using a phone while driving. This is a diversion that will divert your focus from operating the vehicle.
  • Never eat or drink and drive. These are distractions as well.
  • Think ahead. Get directions and be aware of your destination.
  • Go out early. Make sure you allow enough time to get there.

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How to Teach Your Teen to Drive

  • Be a role model.
  • Understand the laws of the road.
  • Ensure the safety and upkeep of your car.
  • Know what it entails to train your teen to drive and what you need to do. Use the Guidebook for the Parent-Supervised Driving Program (PDF).
  • Start out gently and easy in a parking lot or area with little traffic.
  • gradually introduce more challenging driving.
  • Discuss driving.
  • Give your teen permission to drive in any situation and in any weather.
  • There can never be too much practice.

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Once your teen has received their driver’s license

  • Put a cap on the number of passengers.
  • Apply a curfew.
  • You should gradually extend your teen’s driving privileges.
  • The distance your teen is allowed to drive should be gradually increased.
  • Keep your teen’s eating and drinking away from the road.
  • Never let your teen use a phone while driving.
  • enforce compliance with speed limits and other driving regulations.
  • Keep your teen from driving after drinking. It is forbidden to drink if you are under 21.
  • To keep an eye on your teen’s progress as a driver, periodically ride along.

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How parents can help:

  • Give your teen additional driving practice. The average amount of on-the-road training time offered by school driver education programs and private driving lessons is six hours, when the real amount of time needed to become relatively proficient is closer to fifty hours (two hours a week spread over six months). Provide as much driver education as you can since “practice makes perfect.”

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  • Upon obtaining a learner’s permit by passing a written examination and vision test, teenagers are granted permission to drive under the supervision of a licensed driver who is at least twenty-one years old. Beginning with the fundamentals, such as basic maneuvers and road rules, is crucial. Subsequently, transitioning to more complex driving situations, such as driving at night, navigating country roads, and handling congested city streets, should follow once the basics are mastered. Consulting with your child’s driving instructor to identify mastered skills and areas needing additional practice is a wise step. Additionally, actively involving your teen by habitually handing them the car keys when conducting errands together can enhance their learning experience. Experience holds invaluable significance in shaping a confident and capable driver.
  • Implement a tiered licensing system (GDL). The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement, The Teen Driver, recommends that teens wait to receive an unrestricted license until they are eighteen or until they have been driving for at least two years while under adult supervision. This is even though many states permit boys and girls to get licenses as young as sixteen. According to the CDC, more thorough GDL programs have been linked to decreases in fatal crashes and overall crashes among 16-year-old drivers.

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  • As part of a tiered licensing system, several states have also incorporated a middle step. New drivers who successfully complete the road test must be at least sixteen years old (the minimum age and the limits vary by state). They may operate the vehicle on their own during the day for the next year. However, after it becomes dark, they must have one other licensed adult in the car. If they don’t have any moving offences or car accidents on their record after their probationary time is out, they are given a full license. Teenage drivers and passengers are more likely to be in accidents, according to research. Some graduated programs include age restrictions for new drivers under the age of 18.
  • You can start your own program for your teen and family without having to wait for your state to approve a graduated licensing statute. Depending on how your kid is driving, you may decide to shorten the probationary period from the standard twelve months to six months or extend it from the standard six months to twelve months for your teen. Give your teen driving privileges at a rate you believe they can handle.

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  • Spend an afternoon showing your child how to perform standard auto maintenance, including checking the oil and transmission fluid, the windshield-wiper fluid, the water level in the battery, and the air pressure in the tires. Show the person how to fix a flat tire as well. If you have the money, you might choose to join an auto club that offers road service.
  • Make sure that your child’s car complies with all safety requirements. Although saving money to purchase a car is a noble ambition for a teenager, “beaters” might not be as safe as more recent models with contemporary safety measures.

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  • Adolescents should ideally only operate full-size or mid-size air-bag-equipped vehicles. Larger vehicles provide greater collision protection. Stay away from fast, slick cars that can encourage teenagers to speed. Teens shouldn’t often drive sport utility vehicles either because of their higher centers of gravity, which make them less stable and more likely to roll over. Installing a heavy-duty roll bar will significantly increase their safety.
  • Lead by example. You provide a strong example for children as a parent.
  • Furthermore, drivers must always wear seat belts, avoid speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, driving while intoxicated, texting, using their phone to stream music, or erupting into fits of wrath because the car in front is moving slowly. Many states now prohibit drivers from using handheld phones and other forms of distraction while driving.

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