The Three Most Important Dental Practice Success Factors

Jan 1, 2022 | Business Insurance

Starting a dental practice or having one can be overwhelming at first. There are a lot of roles to be filled in and so many services to offer. Choosing the right balance can be difficult, but if you have effective dental practice management, it will be financially and emotionally rewarding. 

Four Areas Of Dental Practice Management

You need to build on four areas in dental practice management to help your business grow. These four areas should work cohesively to achieve productivity and profitability. 


A dental practice’s day-to-day operations are critical for good management—all of these must work seamlessly, from appointments, scheduling, and staffing to documentation and billing. Operations are the heart and soul of the business. It has to be effective and efficient to be successful. 


Dentists are good at their practice. But when it comes to financial matters in their dental practice, they may not know enough to examine all aspects of financial controls. 

Human Resource

We all know that in any business, employees are the biggest asset. A good human resource team should be able to maintain an excellent staff. They should be able to develop the fullest potential of each worker and maximize their contribution to the dental practice. While doing all these, human resources should also be able to give rewards and incentives to deserving employees. 


As more services are offered, you must utilize a systematic marketing strategy to inform current clients, potential clients, and others about new procedures and services. The dental practice can do marketing either internally or externally.

  • Internally – You can do internal marketing by posting services in areas accessible by clients, giving out brochures, approaching clients to ask for referrals, and giving welcome packets for new patients.  
  • Externally – You can do external marketing by going through the social media route where you can post services and patient testimonials on your business social media accounts. You can also sponsor local events in your area to advertise your dental practice. 

Three Important Dental Practice Success Factors

Competition in the dental practice business is fierce. It would be best if you went the extra mile to make it stand out from the rest. There are many ways you can make your dental practice successful in this competitive industry. One needs grit, patience, and the will to make it a booming and profitable business. 

Here are three crucial success factors that you can combine with your will to succeed:

Good Dental Practice Management 

Good dental practice management is probably the most critical factor in the success of a business. As mentioned above, there are four areas that you can focus on to build your practice. These four crucial facets in your organization will make or break your business. It is essential to cover all areas by having skilled and knowledgeable department heads lead each area. 

Go the Extra Mile

Entering a dental office can be overwhelming for some, especially for kids. There are lots of reasons why people don’t like going to them because:

  • It is expensive
  • The environment is too formal and intimidating. 
  • The waiting time is too long
  • The smell and sound inside the office are intimidating
  • Being scolded for not taking care of the teeth
  • Bad experience with the previous dentist

Knowing what people experience and feel going to a dentist, you can fix these issues by going the extra mile for your clients. Remember that patient experience is key to the success of your business. You can:

  • Schedule appointments with buffer time in between. Encourage your clients to book at least one week ahead and fill up forms electronically if possible. Offer online scheduling and send out reminder schedules. Automation is good as long as you can still incorporate human touches once in a while. 
  • Make your workplace feel a little bit like home. You don’t have to paint the place white to make it look clean all the time. Put some colors on your walls and decorations. 

More about going the extra mile

  • Dentists should take time to talk to their patients first before doing any procedure. Have a conversation instead and make your clients relax in the dental chair before proceeding. Avoid lecturing patients. Instead, explain what they can do to ensure good dental care and hygiene. 
  • Offer drinks while they are in the waiting room. Let them sit on comfortable chairs instead of those stiff ones we usually see—layout some good books and magazines to cater to all ages and play relaxing music. 
  • Remember your patients. From the office receptionist to the cleaning crew, make them memorize at least the clients’ first names. Make them feel special by creating a personal connection. Be observant and interested in the patient. 
  • Make it easier for your patients to pay their bills. Create family or membership plans to encourage them to return for dental needs. Give discounts and loyalty rewards from time to time. Offer financing options for expensive procedures. 
  • Reach out to customers after a complicated procedure and check how they are. Call clients to remind them that it is time for a check-up. Make a personal call instead of automated reminders. 

These are just some ways to go the extra mile for your clients. You can do more to make them feel welcome and appreciated in your dental practice. Your patients are the heart of the business. Make them your priority always. 

Dental Professional Insurance

Importance of Insurance in Dental Practice

The work of dental professionals is not without risks. The potential for errors is high in health care. Dentists also need to protect themselves from financial loss in case of accidents in their dental practice. 

Aside from dentist protection, you will also need insurance for the business and the property where your practice stands. As a business owner, you must protect the company from unforeseen events that may pause or stop your business from operating. 

Insurance for Dental Practice

There are many types of insurance that you can purchase for your dental practice business. They will benefit your organization in many ways and help you curb financial losses in case of accidents and lawsuits. Here are some types of insurance that will best fit your company:

A business owner’s policy combines three essential coverages into one policy. These three are:

  1. General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers claims made against your dental practice if a patient or visitor suffers an injury or property damage while on your property. 

  1. Business Property Insurance

This type of insurance covers the building and personal property inside of your dental practice. This may include equipment, tools, furniture, and fixtures.

More details about Dental Insurance

  1. Business Income Insurance or Business Interruption Insurance 

If your premises or practice is interrupted due to unforeseen events and damages, this type of insurance will cover earnings lost until it is ready to operate again. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a state-mandated law for all businesses with employees. Moreover, workers’ comp pays for medical costs, lost wages, ongoing care costs, and death benefits if an employee gets injured or taken ill in the workplace. 

This type of insurance is for vehicles used in the course of business. If an employee uses the company car for errands or home services and gets into an auto accident, commercial auto can help cover costs for bodily injury and property damages. 

Also known as professional liability insurance, errors and omissions protect professionals from lawsuits claiming mistakes you made as an experienced dentist. This will help cover legal fees and settlements. 

More details about Business Insurance
  • Data Breach Insurance

With new technology, a data breach is common amongst businesses nowadays. Hackers take client data and financial information for their gains. Data breach insurance helps protect your business by responding to cyber attacks. It helps look for the source of the breach and mitigate damages. 

This will help protect business owners against claims of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and failure to promote. EPLI can help with litigation costs in case of a lawsuit. 

  • Business Umbrella

Most insurance policies have limits on coverages. Policies limit the amount for payout for most liability and auto insurance. To help your business with costs exceeding the limit of your policies, you can purchase a business umbrella for additional protection.

  • Commercial Flood Insurance

If your dental practice is in a flood-prone area, you may need to purchase separate commercial flood insurance for your business. Most insurance companies do not offer this if you are not in a high-risk area. Flood insurance protects business owners from financial burdens due to flooding resulting in water damage. 

Ensure Your Dental Practice’s Success

Your dental practice’s success will depend on the three factors detailed above. You must carry them out with the best intention for your clients and employees. A good business uses its resources effectively and efficiently to succeed. 

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