Boating Insurance

What floats your boat?

Getting out on the water in your boat, jet ski, or other watercraft is likely one of your favorite places to be. But owning a boat can increase liability risks (even when you’re on dry land.)

Let’s make sure your “financial boat” doesn’t sink should you hit any unforeseen crosswinds or rough water.


Does homeowner’s insurance cover your boat?

Maybe, if it’s just parked out in your driveway.

The fact is, homeowner’s policies usually place numerous restrictions on boat owners depending on the size, horsepower, and damage coverage you expect.

In other words, if you don’t carry a specific boat insurance policy, you are probably underinsured, which can make for troubled waters if you lose control of your craft, sustain damage or sink, or a guest causes an accident.


What’s insurance for, anyway?

Keep in mind that you can’t buy insurance after you have an accident. That means you should think carefully about the position you want to be in if you’re ever in an accident, or spring a leak.

That means you should think of your boat insurance as a shield.


Know the basics of boat insurance

You must know the basics of boat insurance coverage before you venture into acquiring both a vessel and boat insurance. There are different factors that you should take note of such as the size, type, and value of the craft and the water in which you will use it. These will depend on the kind of insurance you will need and how much you will pay for the coverage.

    • If you have a small craft, you will be covered under your standard homeowners policy or renters insurance policy. Insurance companies only offer enough coverage for property damage for small vessels like canoes, small sailboats that run 25 miles per hour horsepower. Insurance coverage for vessels will cover for the boat, motor, and trailer. Kindly take note that liability coverage is not included. It can only be added to a homeowners policy.
    • For larger, faster boats and also personal watercraft such as jet skis, please be aware that you need a separate insurance policy.

Usually, most boat insurance policies will also cover physical damage to the vessel itself. They will also answer for property damage, theft, and medical payments. These all come with different deductibles. They may also include optional coverage for your trailers and your boat accessories.

In a boat insurance policy, usually provide comprehensive liability protection than a homeowners policy. However, please take note that you should also consider getting an umbrella liability policy depending on the assets that are at risk. This will give you more protection for your boat, home, and car.

Now, imagine someone driving their boat right into that shield


Will it hold?

Our main job is to make sure your shield can withstand as much damage as possible for the most reasonable cost.

That means, we’ll show you all of your protection options, recommend the right limits and make sure you receive every discount you’re entitled to.

And that’s just one reason you should consider talking to a real person at our local office, instead of a telephone salesperson working for a cartoon reptile.


What boat insurance covers—and what’s optional…

You should be aware that boat insurance has two kinds. Each has different parameters and different premium expenses. These are Actual Cash Value and Agreed Amount Value policies.

  • Actual Cash Value policies – These will pay for the replacement costs minus the depreciation for your loss. Used boat pricing guides and other essential assets are used to decide your boat’s approximate market value. If you have partial losses, these are settled by gaining the total cost of the repair minus a percentage for the depreciation.
  • Agreed Amount Value policies – These will be based on the estimated value of your boat that both of you and your insurance have agreed upon. If there is a total loss, you will be reimbursed with the agreed amount. These kinds of policies will also help you replace old items in case there is a partial loss without any deduction for depreciation.

The most important things we cover are the things that are important to you. Typical coverages should include:

  • Personal liability
  • Boat
  • Motor
  • Trailer
  • Medical and physical damage perils

And we provide insurance for the following types of boats and personal watercraft:

  • Runabout
  • Mini Jet Boat
  • Sailboat
  • Pontoon
  • House Boat
  • Cabin Cruiser
  • Other Fishing Boat
  • Bass Boat
  • Many others, let’s talk



Boat insurance discounts spoken here

We also work with carriers who provide multiple boat insurance discounts, which reduces the cost but gives you the exact same high-quality coverage. Here are just a few ways you may be able to save, including if you …

  • Own your home
  • Have idle assisted steering installed
  • Insure multiple vessels
  • Bundle other kinds of insurance
  • Are the original owner
  • Paid your policy in full each year
  • Have a clean automobile driving record
  • Have a safety course certification

There are even more ways to save on boat insurance, but the only way to truly determine the best policy for you is to have a quick chat about your needs and the amount of protection for income and assets that you will require.


Why We’re Different

You may think you want the cheapest insurance you can find, but realize you may not be getting everything you bargained for…

While most insurance products are similar in price and function, insurance providers are very different when it comes to structuring a policy that actually covers you.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy when it comes to your business.

We’re your neighbors. We protect businesses and people we know and care about, and that means we always look for ways to protect you better, including carefully choosing the insurance companies we represent to be both affordable and responsive.

Contact us and let the professionals at our company help you forge the strongest shield possible to help you protect the things you are working hard to build.

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