Commercial Child Care Facilities

Our Commercial Child Care Insurance Program is designed to meet the needs of the following operations:
  • Commercial Child Care Centers
  • Nursery Schools
  • Montessori Schools (serving children 7 years old or younger)
  • After School Care
We are pleased to offer coverage to several types of incidental operations. We can write the following only if they represent less than 25% of a commercial child care operation:
  • After School Programs
  • Day Camps (in conjunction with a child care center)
  • Tutoring (if conjunction with a child care center)

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Commercial General Liability

Possible Liability: Claims due to accidents for property damage, bodily harm, personal injury. 

Solution: General Liability is necessary to save commercial child care facilities from financial loss, lawsuits, claims, or damages due to non-professional negligent acts by your services, company operations, or your employees.


Business Personal Property

Possible Liability: Inclement weather, fire, theft, burst pipes, etc are the usual losses in a child care facility’s property.

Solution: This policy can allow for the replacement of damages caused by a covered loss. Detailed coverage can be discussed with an agent.


Child Facility Vehicles

Possible Liability: Possible lawsuit for any injury or damage to property caused by the vehicles hired or owned by the business for meetings, transporting children to and from the facility, etc.

Solution: You can have a commercial auto insurance policy in place for company-owned and maintained vehicles. Alternatively, you can have hired/non-owned auto liability coverage added to the company’s general liability policy.


Professional Liability

Possible Liability: Claims due to negligence or error in judgment related to child care.

Solution: Provides protection for the child care facility, teachers, and child care employees at the event of a lawsuit.


Student Accident

Possible Liability:  Children being accident-prone is normal and that is why it is a must to have student accident insurance.

Solution: This policy helps cover for student medical bills should they get hurt during a school field trip or within school premises.


Workers Compensation

Possible Liability: Most states require employers to cover for any job-related injuries or sickness employees may have.

Solution: Make sure to add this to your policy to avoid fines and be able to provide benefits to eligible employees.



Possible Liability: Claims made by any current or former employees, applicants, clients, or potential clients for what they feel is unequal or unfair treatment.

Solution: Employment Practice Liability Insurance usually comes as a standalone policy and can cover the business for alleged discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, service refusal, etc.

DISCLAIMER: Consult actual policy for exact terms and conditions or talk to your insurance agent for clarifications.

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