Incidental Farming, Coverage For Personal Liability 

Sep 2, 2020 | Business Insurance

Incidental Farming Coverage

Sometimes people who love gardening want to grow fresh produce for personal consumption. But what if something happens to this labor of love or someone has an accident within it’s tiny plot of land? Today, Advantage Insurance Solutions talks about Incidental Farming Personal Liability Endorsement for Hobby Farmers.

HO 2472:  Incidental Farming, Coverage For Personal Liability 

Incidental Farming: Personal Liability, also as HO 2472, extends coverage for any farming operations that happen within your residence’s premises or anywhere that is specifically within proximity to your insured areas.

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What is Incidental Farming Coverage?

Incidental Farming coverage covers custom farming/ business activities that you, as a farm owner, might be offering. However, it is nowhere near the definitions of coverage for your business insurance policy or homeowner policy insurance.

What are we talking about here?

To put things more simply, let us take hobby farming as an example.

Is it within your residences or dwellings? 

Homeowners’ coverage may not cover your hobby agricultural enterprises. If your agricultural operations have no coverage in your homeowners’ policy endorsements or coverage, you can’t collect reimbursement for any damages or injuries caused by them.

You can’t hold your current company insurance accountable for personal farming expenditures unless you’ve added those dangers as endorsements. This is when Incidental Farming Coverage helps.

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What Incidental Farming Coverage Includes

Within the ‘Insured Premises’

Hobby Farmer Ben

Now, picture this. Farmer Ben does more than just grow crops; he also gives tours of the farm and rents out a building on the property for special events like weddings and parties. However, he does this on the side and mostly for the benefit of his family.

One bright and beautiful day, one of his workers needed to reach him immediately about a cousin who had unexpectedly shown up. This relative is renting out one of the structures on his property for a party.

Disaster Strikes

Unfortunately, his farm’s liability insurance policy does not protect him in the event that a non-employee sustains an injury on the property. Since hosting guests on his farm was not his full-time job, he either forgot to add coverage for any responsibility that can emerge from ensuring anybody other than his staff.

Since he did not register this as a business venture, he is not able to file claims for any injuries that may happen on his farm in case one happens.

Unfortunate Mistake

He has not declared this rental since it was for personal operations. Therefore, he has no coverage for medical fees of other people’s injuries in those areas.

With Incidental Farming Coverage, this hypothetical event would have been different.

Defining operations is important when it comes to getting an endorsement for Incidental Farming Coverage. Neglecting to specify one instance or possible peril that might ensue during personal-consumption operations will omit that instance when it comes to coverage.

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Away from ‘Insured Premises’

Another Story

Let’s use another hypothetical sample of Farmer Ben.

This time, his delivery truck, on his way to a nearby store location, suddenly breaks down after a few miles away from the destination.

A storm suddenly hit and although he was unharmed, his nearby storage building was not. The stored produce he was supposed to deliver to the market was now spoiled and is no longer fit for sale or even personal consumption.

Another Unfortunate Event

In this unfortunate event, not only was his equipment damaged but so was his stored produce.

What was he supposed to do? This time, fortunately, Farmer Ben is now no longer a stranger to Incidental Farming Coverage.

It’s A Good Thing

Incidental Farming Coverage covers agricultural produce stored away from the insured premises, as long as the location is indicated or nearby.

The same holds for mobile machinery not covered by an insurance policy. As long as it was indicated, it would be covered if it broke down near the insured property.  This is useful for temporarily displaced cattle or poultry. Other instances aren’t included until specified.

It doesn’t mean homeowner’s insurance can’t be changed. HO 2473 is a close version of HO 2472’s endorsement.  It covers the farmer’s liability expenditures, but only if farming is not the insured’s primary vocation and the farm is remote from the house.

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Similarities: Umbrella Insurance

The Parallelism and More

Incidental Farming Coverage works along the same lines as umbrella insurance does, but as much as it is closely alike, there is also a difference. Here’s why.


While Incidental Farming Coverage specifies its coverage or endorsements as ‘within the insured premises as well as operations ‘away from the insured premises, it may also typically include certain exclusions aforementioned in some provisions of the insurance policy. 

What does that mean?

The three-word term may pop up frequently as one reads along the lines of their farmer insurance. Incidental Farming Coverage can be an entirely different provision or endorsement, depending on the insured.

Any previously excluded factors may be included here, and those particular exclusions, when specified, can be distinctly covered once enumerated within the insurance policy’s endorsements

Under Umbrella.

The Umbrella Insurance policy typically covers for when the liability loss of the insured exceeds the cost limits of their basic policy, whereas:

Incidental Farming Coverage covers the previously specified but unprotected factors you have.

How, then, can it be similar to Umbrella Insurance?

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It also acts as a safety net when you specify the operations they are to be covered for. Or when they aren’t already included in previous endorsements within your policy.

With that being said, what are you supposed to cover?

This should go without saying: any specifiable operations in your farm that are excluded from any existing liability policies. While umbrella insurance policies help, incidental coverage is just what you need. It secures any particular areas you focus on. Even more so when the additional operations can double your liability as a farm owner and an employer.


In conclusion, incidental coverage is a great help when you have more operations that typically cover your pre-existing policy. Need insurance help? Don’t freak out. We got you! At Advantage Insurance Solutions, we’ll find the best insurance coverage for whatever life throws at you.

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