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Commercial General Liability

Possible Liability: Claims due to accidents for property damage, bodily harm, personal injury.

Solution: General Liability is necessary to save businesses from financial loss, lawsuits, claims, or damages due to non-professional negligent acts by your services, company operations, or your workers.



Possible Liability: Employees that might sue their employers for what they feel are unequal or unfair treatment.

Solution: Employment Practice Liability Insurance usually comes as a standalone policy and can cover the business and upper management officers. A Third-Party coverage option can also be added by endorsement to address claims made by clients and vendors for acts done by employees.


Professional Liability

Possible Liability: Licensed professionals and staff can be sued for alleged misdiagnosis or incorrect dental procedures. Exorbitant settlements may force the practice to close.

Solution: Professional liability insurance can protect a dentist and/or other licensed staff from costly lawsuits.


Workers Compensation

Possible Liability: Most states require employers to cover for any employee work-injuries.

Solution: Make sure to add this to your policy to avoid penalties and be able to provide benefits to eligible employees.


Commercial Umbrella/ Excess Insurance

Possible Liability: If your company is found liable for loss that exceeds limits of a standard policy.

Solution: Adding a commercial umbrella policy can accommodate extended limits from $2,000,000 and $10,000,000 over general liability workers comp, commercial auto and directors and officers liability insurance.


Commercial Property Insurance

Possible Liability: Business property catches fire, theft, or any other type of disaster even during or may years after construction.

Solution: Coverage for the building, signage, furniture, equipment, inventory, fence, and landscaping to be repaired or replaced in case of untoward incident.


Commercial Auto Insurance

Possible Liability: Accidents involving vehicles owned or leased by the company causing physical harm or property damage to others as well as rendering the vehicles unusable.

Solution: Business Auto policy for leased or owned vehicles that can also include comprehensive and collision coverage.


Cyber Liability

Possible Liability: Risk of customer’s financial info getting lost, stolen, or endangered can turn into a legal responsibility for a business to communicate about any such breach and even pay for financial damages.

Solution: Adding a cyber liability policy can assist with the fees and losses in the aftermath of a cyberattack.

DISCLAIMER: Consult actual policy for exact terms and conditions or talk to your insurance agent for clarifications.

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Helping Driving Schools Get Insured

Being one of the main overhead costs for operating a driving school business, it is crucial to get the right coverage that is the best value to you. And in driving schools, it is normal that you have a beginner or a rookie behind the wheel. That’s what driving schools are for. They sure are nervous and you are too. Imagine this scenario. Instead of hitting the brake when stopping at the light, they suddenly hit the gas. The car suddenly whizzed into the intersection and sideswiped a car. You definitely need driving school insurance for your business for moments like this.

Key Coverage Benefits

  • Classroom Liability Coverage
  • Broadened definition of covered auto
  • Coverage for driving instructors and student drivers while being instructed
  • Abuse and molestation liability


Additional Important Features

  • Comprehensive general liability
  • Premised liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Personal and advertising injury liability
  • Property coverage for your building and contents
  • Business marine coverage for your equipment
  • Auto-owned hired and non-owned 


Supplementary Coverage Available

  • Employee benefits liability
  • Employee practices liability
  • General Liability WRAP – Broader general liability protection with increased limits for supplementary payments, automatic additional insured for certain eligible persons, and more.


Value-Added Services

  • Outstanding Claims Service
  • When we’re notified of a loss we call you back within 24 hours follow-up regularly and work with you until your claim is resolved.
  • Consultative Risk Management
  • We offer risk management solutions that help you improve safety
  • You have unlimited access to our online safety resources.
  • More information regarding driving school insurance


Things To Consider

You, of course, need to consider purchasing driving school insurance for your protection to be completely protected. Please consider the following:

Business Property Insurance

Of course, in a school, you have classrooms with desks and chairs and also some audiovisual equipment. Fires could happen due to electrical wiring, wear and tear or even overheating of your school equipment. You also need to protect the building itself aside from your business property inside if you own your location. This coverage would cover a tree falling, a student driving a car through the building, and also vandalism.

Crime Insurance

You absolutely need to do proper background checks and have the right procedures in place so that your money is accounted for and that fraud will not happen since employee dishonesty and money and securities coverage can be a huge responsibility for your business. Employing also an accountant to conduct external audits can help you reduce the loss.

Premises Liability Insurance

In your driving school, you have students and visitors coming in and out. You could be held responsible if one of them got injured on your property. Ensure that your location has the right amount of exits and that objects are not obstructing the way and they are well marked. Also, make sure that you have working fire extinguishers and that you meet the requirements of the fire marshal. There are also some instances that you may be holding classes off-premises, make sure that your insurance policy is also protecting you at these locations too.

Abuses and Molestation Insurance

This is a serious exposure when your instructors are working with teenagers. This kind of coverage is usually not provided unless you get it through a specialty market. So, always ensure that you do background checks, monitor, and also supervise instructors. It is also important to report all allegations of abuse to proper authorities.

Automobile Insurance

You’re a driving school so your company vehicles are used by people who are still inexperienced. Make sure that all your vehicles are clearly marked as a driver’s education vehicle. Also, ensure that these automobiles are regularly checked. Always review the motor vehicle reports on all your instructors. Furthermore, review your insurance coverage so that you know that you have the correct limit of coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance

In a driving school, you employ experienced drivers to teach the inexperienced ones. Some of them may be in a dangerous situation when they are in a car with a new student. What if there’s an instance that a student suddenly crashes the car and it causes injury to your instructor? If you have independent contractors as instructors, make sure that your agreement with them has been reviewed by a lawyer and both your lawyer and accountant agree that your instructors meet all definitions of an independent contractor. If you yourself teach the students, it would be also a great idea to add yourself to the workers’ compensation coverage since your work is risky.

Data Breach / Cyber Liability Insurance

You carry sensitive information about your customers and you also have personal identifiable information. This would be considered a data breach and become a cyber liability by state laws if this confidential information is stolen. This information may contain your full name, birthday, address, driver’s license numbers, credit information, etc. You are, of course, responsible for the expenses to notify your clients as well as monitor their report if a data breach happened in your system. This may happen electronically through computers or the loss or theft of paper files.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

If one of your employees brings a claim of discrimination, unfair hiring practices, sexual harassment, etc., you have to acquire protection for these under this coverage. You can still be dragged into a lawsuit by a dissatisfied employee even if you did nothing wrong so it’s very important to acquire this. Without EPLI coverage, the expenses of the lawsuit will not be covered.

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