Restaurant Insurance

As a restaurateur, you know there are many ingredients needed to run a successful business. And restaurant ownership is challenging enough, without having to worry about food spoilage caused by equipment breakdown, fire damage, and employee or customer injuries onsite.

Restaurant insurance helps protect you from the risks you face as a restaurant owner so you can put your focus where it belongs: your food, your customers, and providing a great experience.

Adequate restaurant insurance can help reduce exposing your restaurant to the unneeded risk and ensures your restaurant is ready to do business with all-in-one property insurance, liability insurance, worker’s comp, vehicle insurance, and business interruption insurance.

Who needs restaurant insurance?

We offer insurance to cover all foodservice businesses including:

  • Bar Insurance
  • Café Insurance
  • Cafeteria Insurance
  • Diner Insurance
  • Deli Insurance
  • Food Delivery Insurance
  • Fast Food Insurance
  • Pizza Restaurant Insurance
  • Lounge Insurance

Some restaurants require specialized coverages, and we can help you navigate the issue facing the type of business you own or wish to create

What’s covered in a restaurant insurance policy?

There are typically three important areas for making a solid restaurant insurance plan. These coverages include:

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP) protects restaurants through general liability property insurance, loss of income coverage, and more. It may also provide protection against lawsuits and other financial liabilities that result from customers slipping on a wet floor, or building damage from fire, or lawsuits, and other business-related risks.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance can help cover medical costs and a portion of lost wages for employees who become sick or are injured on the job.
  • Business Crime Insurance protects you from losses both within and outside your restaurant from employee theft, robbery, and forgery.
  • Restaurant Vehicles may also need to be covered in some cases.

Worried about the cost?

We specialize in covering restaurants like yours. The cost of restaurant insurance is one of the best reasons not to delay: you won’t believe how inexpensive it is to protect your investment.

 We have everything you need right here, including:

  • Monthly payment options to help spread out your payments so you can better manage your cash flow
  • Coverage of temporary staff, full-time employees, and independent contractors
  • Claims responsiveness when time is of the essence, especially in the event of an insurance claim
  • Tailored coverage for the specific risks of your restaurant type
  • Knowledgeable agents who provide exceptional, passionate service
  • Coverage for events satisfying most standard event requirements
  • Fast and simple online quotes, or helpful agents, immediate coverage

Why We’re Different

You may think you want the cheapest insurance you can find, but realize you may not be getting everything you bargained for…

While most insurance products are similar in price and function, insurance providers are very different when it comes to structuring a policy that actually covers you.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy when it comes to your business.

We’re your neighbors. We protect businesses and people we know and care about, and that means we always look for ways to protect you better, including carefully choosing the insurance companies we represent to be both affordable and responsive.

Contact us and let the professionals at our company help you forge the strongest shield possible to help you protect the things you are working hard to build.

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Business Income

Possible Liability: In case your restaurant cannot operate due to unforeseen circumstances (can be due to issues with supplier or vendor company relies on to make the business run smoothly).

Solution: Adding coverage for business income insurance can protect against potential financial losses.


Workers’ Compensation

Possible Liability: Most states require employers to cover for any employee work-injuries.

Solution: Make sure to add this to your policy to avoid penalties and be able to provide benefits to eligible employees.



Possible Liability: Employees that might sue their employers for what they feel are unequal or unfair treatment.

Solution: Employment Practice Liability Insurance usually comes as a standalone policy and can cover the business and upper management officers. A Third-Party coverage option can also be added by endorsement to address claims made by clients and vendors for acts done by employees.


Theft Insurance

Possible Liability: Any employee theft, robbery, and forgery that can become a financial loss to the business.

Solution: Protection in the event a business crime may occur and coverage for a restaurant after such a financial loss.


Restaurant Vehicles

Possible Liability: Possible lawsuit for any injury or damage to property caused by the restaurant’s food delivery service, whether the employee is using a personal or company-owned vehicle.

Solution: You can have a commercial auto insurance policy in place for company-owned and maintained vehicles. Alternatively, if your employees use their cars, you can have hired/non-owned auto liability coverage added to the company’s general liability policy.



Possible Liability: Hurricanes and heavy storms can cause floods that may affect almost any business anywhere.

Solution: Flood insurance can be added as an endorsement as long as a business location is not a high-risk flood zone. If the business property located in such high-risk areas, a standalone policy is needed.


Food Spoilage

Possible Liability: This refers to any uncontrollable situation that leads to food spoilage.

Solution: Get a policy coverage for the cost of replacing spoiled food ingredients, best to check if the limit is enough to cover everything.


Liquor and Alcoholic Beverages

Possible Liability: Establishments that sells, serves, assists in the purchase or use of liquor can be at risk of a lawsuit due to someone.

Solution: If your restaurant sells or serves alcohol, it is very important to get Liquor Liability coverage to protect your finances. This covers for the cost of legal, court civil or criminal fees due to someone getting heavily intoxicated in your business premises.



Possible Liability: Most fixtures, furniture, and others are insured, but potential future improvements that aren’t always thought of in hindsight.

Solution: Maka sure to factor in the costs of future renovations into your building limit (or contents limit if you’re on lease).


Cyber Liability

Possible Liability: Risk of customer’s financial info getting lost, stolen, or compromised can turn into a legal obligation for a business to contact about any such breach and even pay for economic losses.

Solution: Adding a cyber liability policy can help with the fees and losses incurred in the aftermath of a cyberattack.


System Breakdown

Possible Liability: Equipment essential to the business breaks down due to a power surge or mechanical failure.

Solution: Adding a systems breakdown insurance can protect your business from financial losses due to interruption of operations or food spoilage.



Possible Liability: Business-related exterior signages can be at risk of deterioration due to fire, vandalism, and weather.

Solution: Check for the condition of signage and if the existing policy would cover for it, If not, consider raising the policy limit.

DISCLAIMER: Consult actual policy for exact terms and conditions or talk to your insurance agent for clarifications.

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