Our Pets Love Us

Nov 21, 2019 | Personal Insurance

A Pet’s Love

When we look at our pets, we feel that their love is unconditional. Our pets love us! They are not picky, they are not selfish, they are our greatest friends. They will never betray us and they love us no matter what. Pets do not judge us if we have had a bad day and we get cranky or when we think we are at our worst. They will always think of you as the best thing that ever happened to them. We are the apple of our pet’s eye. They hold us on a pedestal especially when they feel how much we take care of them and love them. 

The moment we chose to have them in our lives is met with either an instantaneous or gradual connection of love and affection. Putting it that way, don’t you think pets deserve the best too? Especially when it comes to their health. With that being said, having a trusted veterinarian is a good thing. But of course, having pet insurance is a great help. We came up with ideas to share and help you here in Denver, Colorado when it comes to pet care and safeguarding their being. 

How Do Pets Affect Our Lives?

So many inspirational stories have been posted about the greatness and loyalty of animals that we love – our pets. Living with them has made a tremendous impact on our lives over the years. Coming home to a best friend that will welcome us for a warm hug and caress releases the tension we might be having from work or school. Do you know the good effects they bring to people? Here are some of them.

By providing good health benefits

Some studies show good health effects of interacting with pets. Although its research is still in the process, some cases tell positive results. It has been shown that it lowers cortisol levels or hormones related to stress and also decreases blood pressure. They keep us fit too because of their activity. We need to let them walk and run out every day and that is a good help for us to find time to have some exercise. This way, we boost our immunity level and avoid being sick and having allergies.

The reduction of loneliness, boosting one’s mood, and the feeling of being supported are some of the positive effects on a person that these studies have discovered. Researchers are finding out the relationship between people with special needs and animals through endless studies. They are looking for good results in the child development of kids with health conditions by checking the interaction between them. 

By bringing positive behavior to people while overcoming illness 

People inside the hospitals that have terminal illnesses fight inner battles. Bringing therapy dogs around the hospital to somehow comfort and support the patients is a big factor in making them feel alive. It lowers anxiety and the stress of what they are facing. Dogs tend to be very loving when someone is struggling over something. 

There is also a study that discovered the good effect of bringing dogs to a classroom. It helped children with ADHD to focus and listen to the class. They read to these dogs and later on developed social skills. Another study tried letting diabetes patients (kids) take care of pet fish. It made a big change in their behavior when it comes to discipline. They do regular checking of their glucose level unlike those who are not fish-keepers.

By meeting new friends             

You will find it amazing how having a pet helps in making friends. Some people will stop and talk to us about our pets, thus, making conversation with people more fun. The advantage of bringing our pets outside is incredible. Sometimes we could kind of create a bond between pet owners. If you are shy in talking to people, this would help you out in meeting new friends and acquaintances.

We can share ideas and even find tips from others about pet care or where to get supplies for them or the best vet they could recommend. By letting them out, it is not just our pet that we

By teaching kids to become responsible

Children tend to ask sometimes “Can I have a puppy/cat/pet?”. Kids love animals which is exactly why at some point in their lives parents are told about wanting to have one. It has a lot to teach kids the essential skills in life. Taking care of a pet means having allotted time for their grooming and cleaning their cage. It is a responsibility that they will get used to and eventually be a habit that they would carry till they grow up. 

Teaching tricks and letting them walk outside would teach them patience, empathy, and nurturing skills. Developing kids’ character would be a little easier by having pets at home. Later on, these skills will further develop. These will make them more mature and responsible which are very essential in the future.

By keeping us feel safe

Pets, usually a dog, becomes our guard inside and outside our home. Being home alone sometimes scares us but with a dog around, we somehow feel safe. That is because dogs’ smell and keen eyesight are what they use in sensing a stranger or a thief in the house. Most of the time burglars do not enter houses with a guard dog especially those that roam around the whole property.

Some breeds perform magnificent strength in saving lives and homes. They will protect their beloved owners with their lives. They also follow us when we walk or run around just so they can keep an eye on us. That is just how big a pet’s love is. They are dependable and very brave to fight for us.

How Do We Return Love To Our Pets? 

Almost 68% of households in the US have pets. In Denver alone, it is found in 2019 that dogs are higher in population than kids. Health is essential for a pet’s happiness and life. Therefore, it would be great if we could keep them strong and well. Unfortunately, we never know when a disease or illness could strike, be it common or serious.  

Nurture Healthy lifestyle

We, as humans, protect and take care of ourselves through a healthy lifestyle. Isn’t it what we always wanted too for our pets? Below are some of the ways we can nurture their wellness.

  • Food and water

When it comes to raising animals, we must know that healthy food and exercise would keep them strong and physically fit. They are like humans that need these necessities to survive. Water is also very essential to keep them hydrated all the time. Different breeds have their treats and food that are not the same as others. It is best to consult a vet for any recommendation they can give for products that will keep our pets happy and healthy.

  • Exercise

Animals need to exercise through running, walking, and playing. It would keep them fit because they will be burning stored energy. Keeping them away from these activities may cause them to catch an illness. Some pets like cats can play with us and we may use wand toys or balls. Another good factor of playing with them is it gives benefits not just for their well-being but for us as well.

  • Grooming 

Every pet must be pampered with proper grooming. Not only because they will look nice and smell good with it but more importantly is the health benefit it would give to our pets. Grooming them does not only include taking care of the outside appearance but more on finding the deep-rooted illness, wounds, and allergies they may be having at present. From there, we will know the next steps to take to cure them.

  • Regular vet check-up

Reality check: not at all humans like to go to a doctor, right? Well, the feeling is mutual with our pets. Visiting a vet even if there is no appointment will let our pets be used to the place. It is one way to let them feel comfortable the next time we bring them back for check-ups or treatment. We may give out delicious treats to make an enjoyable experience inside the clinic. This will help them tolerate staying longer. We need to make a schedule for their regular checking to prevent future diseases or dental problems.

Be Attentive To Their Needs

Pets love being caressed and cuddled. How about the gestures they are doing? Are we aware of what they are trying to tell us? They need to be understood to know what is going on with them if they are okay or simply trying to ask for something.

Learn to communicate.

Our pets can not talk and express their feelings well. We need to learn about our pet’s language to communicate with them. Their way of telling us what they are saying is through body language that we do not understand most of the time. There are books that we can read or we can research online on how to learn some of our pets’ gestures to understand their behavior. Also, we can learn some ways to calm them when they are grumpy and agitated.

Comfy tools to use.

As their owner, it is our love and attachment to our pets that move us to provide the things that they will enjoy and be comfortable with. Some of the walking tools are not easy to use and wear for dogs. Some leashes and harnesses trigger aggressiveness and cause throat problems. Cats have their soft brushes to use that are specifically made just for them. There are toothbrushes, nail clippers, coats, and toys they will surely love. You may ask a professional or a vet the tools that best fit your beloved pet. 

Love and patience.

Patience with pets is sometimes hard as our day is not always okay. Loving them means caring for their wellness and also giving them attention. If your day is not that good, rest for a while and cuddle them afterward for minutes. They also need to be attended to to know if they are not feeling well or if they have encountered injuries while we are away. Manage our anger in front of them as it will affect their mood too.

Insure Our Pets

Since our pets are already part of our family, if we care about their welfare, we may consider insuring them. The deep connection that we have with our pets can not be explained by words. Our love for them is enough reason to avail of pet insurance that will secure their well-being no matter what happens.

Pet insurance may include simple or comprehensive policies, and what you want to avail can be depending on your budget. Usually, in simple policies, they define specifically what your coverage is; a broken leg, hit by a car, or foreign-body ingestion for example. Comprehensive policies cover gastrointestinal or muscular-skeletal systems, diseases under them will be covered by this policy, but of course, much more costly than that of simple (fire and theft) policy.

How do we define Pet Insurance?

As might be expected, pet insurances can still dip the wheel into an owner’s savings, and as mentioned, may range from affordable to expensive depending on what plan the pet parent will choose. Just like other insurances, Pet Insurance is there to help and protect owners with expenses in case something unexpected happens.

Pet Insurance is best applied for when the pet is young as many insurers will not always provide for older animals. Pet Insurance is an investment that pays off since it has lower deductibles than human (life) insurance. There could be bonus reimbursements, a pet plan that could cover serious illnesses- which would be more costly since many breeds of animals can be rare and expensive. There are also insurances where you could also choose your veterinarian, there are also policies that are available in case your pet dies, is injured in an accident,  gets lost, or is stolen.

What does it cover?

New insurance companies, mostly, do not cover pre-existing conditions. It is better to find the right one that will surely cover for our pet’s needs. Ask your agent for a better understanding of the policy you purchased.

  • Pet insurance can cover vet fees. This includes consultation costs, lab tests, medication for treating illness, surgery for injuries and operation, x-rays, MRI scans, hospitalization, and other alternative therapies.
  • It may cover for third party liability. We are responsible for every damage our pet would incur in other people’s property and also the injuries they may cause to others. This is where it applies.
  • It can cover the purchase price of our pets. If in case our pet got stolen or died, which I don’t want to think of or worse is to let that happen, they would pay for the claim. However, if ever our pet dies in the middle of the year, there are companies that require paying the full payment before paying the claim.
  • It can cover the costs of advertising. It will be a big help in finding our lost or stolen pet if it would be advertised. They may also pay for the reward cost to whoever finds them.
  • It can cover hospitalization. Going to the hospital for medical treatment of our pets and it is an emergency earns a payment from the insurance.
  • It may cover the cost of a canceled holiday. If an emergency happens during a holiday and our pet needs to be rushed for immediate treatment, the holiday cost can be paid.
  • It may cover overseas treatment. If our pet needs to be abroad for an emergency treatment, the veterinary fees would be covered under the Pet Travel Scheme.

What are the plan types of pet insurance?

Pet insurance coverage also depends on the plan that you will choose for your pet. It has four types that you can choose from. 98% of pet owners insure their pets to accident or illness plans and with add-ons of wellness while 2% of them choose the accident-only plans. How about you? What would you prefer?

  1. Accident and Illness plans. Based on the name itself, it covers unexpected accidents our pet might encounter and also illnesses such as allergies, infections, digestive issues, and cancer.
  2. Accident-only. It covers incidents like the ingestion of objects or poisoning and accidents resulting in injuries such as car accidents. The benefit of this one is the cheaper premium that it offers and the disadvantage is it does not apply if our pet gets ill.
  3. A comprehensive plan with wellness. This plan does not only cover for accidents and illnesses but also for the wellness of our pets. These are vaccinations, heartworm prevention, cremation, and burial, dental care, diet and flea consultations, and also its medication. 
  4. Insurance endorsement. This plan is also called a rider, a change in policy that adjusts your insurance by adding or modifying coverage. It is where wellness plans are an option if we are going to purchase it as an add-on.

Are there exclusions or things that are not covered?

Yes, there are exclusions. It is sad and disappointing that not everything is covered for our beloved pets. Here are some of the things that are commonly not covered by pet insurance.

  • Pre-existing conditions. If our pets are experiencing any illness or showing some condition even before we purchase insurance they would not be covered. Insurance excludes injuries and illnesses that may reappear or might happen again in other body parts of our pet. However, there are some that allow this provided that we have medical records showing that our pet was cured already.
  • Waiting period. The first 14 days are not yet covered by your insurer. After those days, the insurance starts to work for illness claims that show the first signs. Some of the policies implement the same period with injuries.
  • Routine treatment and prevention. Treatments and its costs that are not covered are dental care, parasite treatments, clipping of claws, grooming, vaccinations, spaying, and castration. 
  • Pregnancy. Giving birth to an offspring, treating them, and pregnancies are not covered. 
  • Age limits. When purchasing insurance for our pets, they must be between 6 and 10 weeks old before they jump on a plan. Other companies even implement age limits on accident and illness plans. Older pets sometimes can only acquire accident-only plans because of their age.
  • Hereditary disorders. These are disorders or problems that are passed down from the parents of our pets. Whether they are visible or not, still, this is not covered.

Again, we all know that insurance policies are different from each other. It would still be best to review the contract that you signed with them if it met the coverage of what you wanted. For others who want to avail of pet insurance, try to rummage through the policies that suit your needs before signing up. It won’t be good if you will be blown away by the fact that you can not apply for your pet’s insurance coverage once an expensive treatment is needed for them.


A pet’s love and our love for them is something that can not be explained by words but by heart. It may not be understood by others but the connection that bonds us together is enough reason to justify the things we can do for them and vice versa.

Given this information, it’s completely up to the pet parent to decide if they should get their pet babies (furry, scaly, etc.) insurance. Our pets can do with or without it. But the most important thing is for us to give them our best care, shower them with love, and treasure each moment we have with them

As humans, we have different things going on in our lives, but our pets? They built their whole lives around us, and the best we can do is reciprocate it as best as we could, for as long we could.

Here in Advantage Insurance Solutions, we aim to serve you with the best quote we can give you to meet your needs for your pets. Should you consider getting your pet’s insurance a go, you can check out rates instantly or even sign up with ease. Just click here or contact us if you want a more thorough explanation today.

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