Our Pets Love Us

Nov 21, 2019 | Personal Insurance

A Pet’s Love

We feel unconditional love for our pets, and our pets adore us! Our best pals are not fussy or selfish. Our pets love us unconditionally. Pets don’t judge us when we’re cranky or feel lousy. They’ll never forget you as their best. Our pet adores us. They revere us when they see how much we love and care for them.

We fall in love with them immediately or gradually. Do pets deserve the best? Health-wise. However, a reputable vet is good. Pet insurance helps, though. We created pet care tips for Denver, Colorado.

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How Do Pets Affect Our Lives?

So many inspirational stories have been posted about the greatness and loyalty of animals we love – our pets. Living with them has tremendously impacted our lives over the years. Coming home to a best friend that will welcome us for a warm hug and caress releases the tension we might be having from work or school. Our pets love us so much but do you know the good effects they bring to people? Here are some of them.

Providing Pet Health Benefits

Some studies show the positive health effects of interacting with pets. Although its research is still in process, some cases tell positive results. It has been shown that it lowers cortisol levels or hormones related to stress and also decreases blood pressure. They keep us fit too because of their activity. We need to let them walk and run out every day, which is a good help for us to find time to exercise. This way, we boost our immunity level and avoid being sick and having allergies.

The reduction of loneliness, boosting one’s mood, and the feeling of being supported are some of the positive effects on a person that these studies have discovered. Through ongoing studies, researchers are finding out the relationship between people with special needs and animals. They are looking for good results in the child development of kids with health conditions by checking their interactions. 

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Bringing Positive Behavior to People While Overcoming Illness

People inside the hospitals that have terminal illnesses fight inner battles. Bringing therapy dogs around the hospital to comfort and support the patients is a significant factor in making them feel alive. It lowers anxiety and the stress of what they are facing. Dogs tend to be very loving when someone is struggling over something.

A study also discovered the excellent effect of bringing dogs to a classroom. It helped children with ADHD to focus and listen to the class. They read to these dogs and later on developed social skills. Another study tried letting diabetes patients (kids) take care of pet fish. It made a significant change in their behavior when it came to discipline. They regularly check their glucose level, unlike those who are not fish keepers.

By Meeting New Friends

You will find it unique how having a pet helps in making friends. Some people will stop and talk to us about our pets, thus, making conversation with people more fun. The advantage of bringing our pets outside is incredible. Sometimes we could create a bond between pet owners. If you are shy about talking to people, this will help you meet new friends and acquaintances.

We can share ideas and even find tips from others about pet care or where to get supplies for them, or the best pet care provider they could recommend.

By teaching kids to become responsible

Children sometimes ask, “Can I have a puppy/cat/pet?”. Kids love animals, which is precisely why parents want to have one at some point in their lives. It has a lot to teach kids the essential skills in life. Taking care of a pet means allotting time for grooming and cleaning their cage. It is a responsibility that they learn and eventually be a habit they will carry until they grow up. 

Teaching tricks and letting them walk outside would teach them patience, empathy, and nurturing skills. Developing kids’ character would be more straightforward by having pets at home. Later on, these skills will further develop. These will make them more mature and responsible, which is essential in the future.

My mom says that having a pet is like having a child.
I can’t just decide to have a pet and not be responsible for it when I get tired.
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Helping us feel safe

Pets, usually dogs, become our guards inside and outside our homes. Being home alone sometimes scares us, but with a dog around, we somehow feel safe. That is because dogs’ smell and keen eyesight are what they use in sensing a stranger or a thief in the house. Most of the time, burglars do not enter homes with a guard dog, especially those that roam around the whole property.

Some breeds perform magnificent strength in saving lives and homes. They will protect their beloved owners with their lives. They also follow us when we walk or run around so that they can keep an eye on us. That is just how big a pet’s love is. They are dependable and fearless in fighting for us.

How Do We Return Love to Our Pets?

Almost 68% of households in the US have pets. In Denver alone, it was found in 2019 that dogs are higher in population than kids. Health is essential for a pet’s happiness and life. Therefore, it would be great if we could keep them strong and well. Unfortunately, we never know when a disease or illness could strike, whether standard or severe.  

Nurture Healthy Lifestyle

We, as humans, protect and take care of ourselves through a healthy lifestyle. Isn’t it what we always wanted too for our pets? Below are some of the ways we can nurture their wellness.

Food and Water

When raising animals, we must know that healthy food and exercise will keep them strong and physically fit. They are like humans that need these necessities to survive. Water is also very essential to keep them hydrated all the time. Different breeds have their treats and food that are different from others. It is best to consult a vet for any recommendation they can give for products that will keep our pets happy and healthy.


Animals need to exercise by running, walking, and playing. It would keep them fit because they will be burning stored energy. Keeping them away from these activities may cause them to catch an illness. Some pets, like cats, can play with us, and we may use wand toys or balls. Another good factor of playing with them is it gives benefits not just for their well-being but for us as well.


Most people pamper their pets with proper grooming. Not all pets love us for this but those who enjoy grooming with definitely appreciate it. Not only because they will look excellent and smell good with it but more importantly is the health benefit it would give our pets. Grooming them does not only include taking care of their outside appearance but more on finding the deep-rooted illness, wounds, and allergies they may be having. From there, we will know the following steps to cure them.

Regular Vet Check-up

Reality check: not at all humans like to go to a doctor. Well, the feeling is mutual with our pets. Even if there is no appointment, visiting a vet will let our pets familiarize themselves with the place. It is one way to let them feel comfortable the next time we bring them back for check-ups or treatment. We may give out delicious treats to make an enjoyable experience inside the clinic. This will help them tolerate staying longer. We need to make a schedule for their regular checking to prevent future diseases or dental problems.

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Be Attentive To Their Needs

Pets love pets and cuddles. How about the gestures they are doing? Are we aware of what they are trying to tell us? We need to understand and know what is going on with them and if they are okay or simply trying to ask for something.

Learn To Communicate

Our pets can not talk and express their feelings well. We need to learn about our pet’s language to communicate with them. Their way of telling us what they are saying is through body language that we need help understanding most of the time. There are books we can read or research online on learning some of our pets’ gestures to understand their behavior. Also, we can learn some ways to calm them when they are grumpy and agitated.

Comfy Tools To Use

As their owner, our love and attachment to our pets move us to provide the things that they will enjoy and be comfortable with. Some of the walking tools are challenging to use and wear for dogs. Some leashes and harnesses trigger aggressiveness and cause throat problems. Cats have soft brushes that are specifically made just for them. There are toothbrushes, nail clippers, coats, and toys they will surely love. You may ask a professional or a vet about the best tools for your beloved pet. 

Love and Patience

Patience with pets is sometimes hard as our day is only occasionally okay. Loving them means caring for their wellness and also giving them attention. If your day is not that good, rest for a while and cuddle afterward for minutes. They also need to be attended to know if they are not feeling well or have encountered injuries while we are away. Manage our anger in front of them as it will affect their mood too.

Dogs acting out, cats hissing for no reason, and birds who won’t sing:
these things happen to even the best-trained animals.
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Insure Our Pets

Since our pets are already part of our family, we may consider insuring them if we care about their welfare. Words can not explain the deep connection that we have with our pets. Our love for them is enough reason to avail of pet insurance that will secure their well-being no matter what happens.

Pet insurance may include simple or comprehensive policies, and what you want to avail yourself can depend on your budget. Usually, simple guidelines define your coverage precisely: a broken leg, getting hit by a car, or foreign-body ingestion, for example. Comprehensive policies cover gastrointestinal or muscular-skeletal systems, which will cover diseases under them, but of course, they are much more costly than a simple (fire and theft) policy.

How Do We Define Pet Insurance?

As expected, pet insurance can drain an owner’s funds and range from inexpensive to pricey, depending on the coverage. Pet Insurance, like other insurance, helps owners cover unforeseen costs.

Insurance coverage is best for young pets because many insurers won’t cover older ones. Pet insurance has smaller deductibles than life insurance, making it a good investment. Bonus reimbursements, a pet plan that covers major illnesses, and unusual and expensive breeds might increase costs. You can also choose your veterinarian and acquire insurance if your pet dies, or is wounded, lost, or stolen.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

New insurers rarely cover pre-existing conditions. Finding one that meets our pet’s demands is best. Ask your agent or call/text us at (877) 658-2472 to help explain your coverage:

  • Vet bills. Consultations, lab tests, medication, surgery for injuries and disease, x-rays, MRI scans, hospitalization, and alternative therapies are included.
  • It may cover third-party liabilities. 
  • If our pet were stolen or died, they would pay the claim. Some insurers want full payment before filing the claim if our cat dies mid-year.
  • It covers advertising to assist in finding lost or stolen pets. They may also pay the finder’s prize.
  • Insurance pays for emergency hospitalization.
  • It may cover holiday cancellations. Some insurance policies can cover holiday costs if our pet needs emergency treatment.
  • It may cover international care. The Pet Travel Scheme covers vet bills for emergency treatment overseas.

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What Are the Plan Types of Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance coverage also depends on the plan you choose for your pet. It has four types that you can choose from. 98% of pet owners insure their pets to accident or illness plans and with add-ons of wellness, while 2% of them choose the accident-only plans. How about you? What would you prefer?

Accident and illness plans

It covers unexpected pet mishaps and illnesses like allergies, infections, digestive difficulties, and cancer, as the name implies.


It covers poisoning and vehicle accidents. This one has a lower cost but does not cover your pets if they become sick.

Wellness-focused plan

This plan covers accidents, diseases, and pet wellness. Vaccinations, heartworm prevention, cremation, burial, dental care, diet and flea counseling, and medicines.


Riders are policy changes that add or change coverage. Wellness plans are available as add-ons.

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Are There Exclusions or Things That Are Not Covered?

Yes, there are exclusions. It is sad and disappointing that not everything is covered for our beloved pets. Here are some of the things that are commonly not covered by pet insurance.

Pre-existing Conditions

Our pets are not insured if they are sick before we buy insurance. Insurance does not cover recurrent injuries and illnesses. Some allow this if medical records indicate that a pet is cured.

Waiting Time

Insurance does not cover the first 14 days. After those days, the insurance works on early illness claims. Some policies coincide with injuries.

Routine care

Dental, parasite treatment, grooming, immunization, spaying, and neutering are not included.


Giving birth to offspring, treating them, and pregnancies are not covered. 

Age Limits

Pets must be 6–10 weeks old to get insurance. Some firms limit accident and illness coverage by age. Older pets can only get accident-only coverage.

Hereditary Disorders

These are disorders or problems passed down from our pets’ parents. Whether they are visible or not, still, this needs to be covered.

We know insurance policies vary. If it covers what you requested, evaluate your contract with them. Before signing up for pet insurance, check out your options. You don’t want to be surprised that you can’t apply for pet insurance after an expensive treatment.

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Our Pets Love Us and We Love Them

Our pets love us and we surely love them. It cannot be expressed in words. Though others may not understand, our connection justifies what we can do for them and vice versa. Given this information, pet parents can choose to insure their furry, scaly, or other pets. Our pets can do without it. The essential thing is to care for them, love them, and cherish every time with them. But what about pets? We can only repay them as much as we can.

How To Find The Right Pet Insurance Near Me

We hope that this article helped you learn more about pet health insurance and how to find the best insurance policies for your furry family. If you already have a policy, we hope that it meets your needs.

And if you are not yet covered, call or text Advantage Insurance Solutions today at (877) 658-2472 for your pet insurance needs!

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