Holiday Home Safety Tips 2023

Dec 10, 2022 | Personal Insurance

The holidays from last year and this year are far different from what we e are very much accustomed to. But the season is almost upon us, you will notice the difference in the department stores, and in a month or two, you will be hearing those Christmas carols once again. Here, we discuss holiday home safety tips.

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Holiday Home Safety Tips

Did you know that according to the US Fire Administration, there are at least more than 400 houses burned down all connected with Christmas Trees? As per US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission); hospitals and emergency rooms across the US report over 12,900 incidents such as cuts, falls, and electrocution from the holiday’s lights and decorations.

So you need to be very careful before you light those Christmas lights and lanterns, and before you cut down a tree; we have to first learn a few tips that you should check out as safety reminders to make sure you and your family will be enjoying this yuletide season.

There is a total of $18 million in property damage and an average of four deaths recorded between the years 2016 to 2019. During the same period, Consumer Product Safety Commission reported about 260 million dollars of property damage at about 130 deaths connected to candle fires. 

Fret not, we have tips so you can still enjoy your eggnogs.

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Here are tips for trees for holiday home safety:

  • Pick a tree – choose a tree with fresh and luscious green so that it will not easily fall off when touched.
  • Where to Place it – where the tree is put is very important.
    • Before placing the tree on its stand, you need to cut at least 2 inches from the base of the trunk.
    • The tree should be at least three feet away from any heat source like radiators, candlelights, and fireplaces.
    • Do not put place the tree in a location where it can block exits or paths near a door.
    • Water the tree regularly, and get the trunk as wet as you can.
  • Avoid breakable ornaments or detachable parts that can be hazardous to children.
  • Make sure you take down the tree as early as you can in January.
    • Dispose of the tree properly.
    • Recycle the tree and make use of it to avoid waste.
    • Donate the tree to a lumberjack that can make use of it.
    • Do not just leave it in the garage to dry or rot.
  • Choose a plastic and reusable tree!
    • If you will be buying an artificial tree, look for signs that it’s fire-resistant.
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Did You Know:

The Christmas tree tradition that started in the 16th century is thanks to Germany. It is popular that Martin Luther – a protestant performer added the first lighted candle to a tree. To learn more about this; here is the link.

Christmas Lights

  • Make sure that the Christmas lights you will be buying are all tested for safety and recognized by a credited testing laboratory.
  • Never attempt to use Christmas Lights more than the suggested quantity by the manufacturer.
  • Make use of extension cords that are safe and can handle the number of lights you are using. Do not overload one extension cord.
  • Make sure to use no more than 3 straight mini light sets and a maximum of only 50 bulbs.
  • If you are using an old Christmas Light set, check if there are any bulbs that are not working along with the series.
  • Untangle your lights properly if it was stored.
  • Check to wire if there are any visible wires. (Do not attempt to use if there are visible live wires.)
  • Check the labels of each light to see if it is ok to use indoors and outdoors. Outdoor Christmas lights can withstand the environment. If you mistakenly place an indoor light outside, these lights will not be safe for the weather and water can sip into the lines causing a probable fire.
  • Turn it off when before you go to bed or if you will be going outside.
  • If you will be using Christmas lights with a timer, make sure that you set it for the longevity that you are still awake. You do not want the light to be still on while you are sleeping.
  • You should place indoor lights far from any water. Please avoid the lines getting wet cause this might cause a short circuit and fire.
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More details about Christmas Lights regarding Holiday Home Safety Tips

There are available types of Christmas Lights that are available now which are safer. LED lights are the safest and are considered to be more efficient and long-lasting. Unlike bulbs, they do not burn out quickly and are not hot to the touch. 

According to, the Christmas lights were introduced to the holiday in 1882 by Edward Johnson, a partner and a friend of the inventor of the light bulb Mr. Thomas Edison. But this was not used for the holiday celebration. 

Christmas Decors:

  • If you have plans in hanging Christmas decorations, make sure that you use a safe and proper ladder to reach higher places. Never use a chair!
    • Survey shows that at least 2.6 million across the United States have fallen using stacks of chairs. These are highly unstable.
    • There is at least a 2% chance of people getting hurt by falling off the ladder and/or stacks of chairs while placing or removing decorations. Do not attempt to do this alone, always have a person or two helpings you while you do this. One should be helping to stabilize the platform you are using, and someone helping you reach out to the decorations.
    • Use a straight or extending ladder.
    • Ladders should be placed a foot away from the surface you are climbing. For every four feet, a foot should be added to make sure that the ladder is stable.
    • Use non-slip ladders. Wooden step ladders are always preferable.
    • Never stand on 2 feet on a step. Balance yourself by making sure one foot is on the lower step.

More details about Christmas decors regarding Holiday Home Safety:

  • Glass decorations should be far from the reach of children.
  • Decorations such as those made of foams or wreaths should be at least 5 feet away from anything that can catch fire.
  • Your garlands might look good, but please make sure to keep them away from heated objects like the fireplace and radiators.
  • Plan out all your decorations – taking into consideration who is inside the house and who can reach it. Make sure that all decorations are far from the reach of your child and even your pets.
  • Minimize or zero decoration in your kitchen.
  • If you are feeling a little moody and wanted fireplace warmth  – make sure that the chimney is cleared out of any debris that might cause a fire.
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Besides the 3 major elements of your Christmas holidays, there are other things you need to consider while you plan for your holidays.


  • If you are planning for an awesome feast, you need to be careful in preparing these meals. From Barbecues to other food preparation through Gas Grills. You can visit our website for information.
  • Hot food and turkey carving knives are extremely dangerous.
  • There was a survey that almost 50% of the respondents had accidents while preparing food for the holidays.
  • While cooking in extreme heat, make sure that no kids or pets are around to avoid any accidents.
  • When your chef hat is on, and while you’re feeling your best Martha Steward / Gordon Ramsey fantasy… Focus on what you are doing. Make sure that everything in the kitchen is carefully placed.


  • Although it is very tempting to head home to your loved ones this holiday season, remember that we are still in the middle of this pandemic. And staying at home is always a better option. But for you people on the go, you need to be able to understand a few tips if you are heading out for the holidays. Road Safety tips are all available on our site.
  • While you are on the road, you need to make sure that your house is in full protection. Home Protection is always important while you are out with your favorite grandma and grandpa.

Other things you should also consider:

  • Your visitors  – Make sure that your friends or family members are all aware of the safety protocols that you have. Let them know what time the lights should be out.
  • Booze and alcoholic drinks – It is very hard to avoid a little bottle or two once the holiday dinner is over. But it does not mean that you are to be careless.
    • Make sure that if you or someone is driving, avoid drinking alcohol.
    • Although it can be a smooth party trick… Do not light up any alcohol.

There are a lot of things to consider this holiday season and there are no amount of safety precautions that can beat a person who is prepared. But always remember that the holidays are all about celebration and letting everyone you that you love and cherish them. No need for an 8 feet tree, no fancy Tiffany’s Christmas Ornament will compare to a warm hug from your family. 

From us here at Team AIS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

We hope you learned a lot regarding holiday home safety tips. If you’re looking for a good independent agent who is familiar with the right insurance products and the local area, give Advantage Insurance Solutions here in Denver, CO a try. We won’t disappoint! We can tailor your coverage to your specific needs, maximize protection and minimize cost and suggest ways that you can adjust your coverage to take advantage of discounts that insurers give for packaged policies.

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