How to Choose the Right Doggy Daycare for Your Beloved Pet

Dec 4, 2019 | From The CEO

Our daily activities include how to take good care of our pets especially when we get to work during the day and go home in the afternoon, sometimes late at night. With that said, choosing the right dog boarding facility for our pets is important, as we animal lovers need these centers to keep our fur babies safe, entertained and happy. 

Pets thrive in doggy daycare environments because they can play and socialize along with the other pets but we have to consider the right facility that fits our fur babies’ needs. In choosing the right facility, grooming, scheduled exercise and supervised playtime is also essential. There are pet care centers that also provide training commands throughout the day and it also provides us, pet owners the reassurance knowing that our pet is in a professional setting and well taken care of.

Of course, there are also disadvantages in pet care centers which we cannot avoid but this is also important to know so that we should be careful and selective in deciding which pet care facility is best for them. Circumstances like injuries, illnesses, and overstimulation. Also, our pets may also form poor behavior while at the doggy daycare center. All of this may happen to them at any time so doing some research, asking recommendations from family and friends for a potential list of candidates is a good thing to do. Check each pet care location by making an in-person visit to help make sure the safety and security of our pets. 

Having a conversation with the managers and staff members about their daily operations and addressing issues that had happened with their facility with the other customers is also necessary. Knowing how they handle emergencies, sanitation routines and how much it will cost along with how each facility conducts its assessment should also be included in the list. Be wary of the red flags when choosing a pet care facility. Those ‘red flags’ may include filthy surroundings and high noise levels, including people who seem aggressive or uncaring to animals. Some pet owners may even advise you to tour the facilities first thing in the morning, for it is the best chance for a consumer to see it at its worst. 

However, for some pets, dog boarding facilities may not be good for them. There are few types of dogs that might not be a good fit for a group dog pack setting. Pets that are extremely anxious, fearful, and aggressive dogs are the ones that need extra care and attention. For these instances, you should find a local trainer to work with you to improve the situation so eventually, you can try it out.

It is important to prepare for what is best for our sanity and our pet’s safety that we consider all of this in choosing which pet care center works best for our fur babies, as there are places that may not be good for all pets.