A Guide to Choosing Personal Pet Insurance

Dec 1, 2019 | Personal Insurance

Choosing the right pet insurance may be confusing. There are tons of insurances to choose from. Average pet insurance costs $10 -100. That’s why knowing what to look for before purchasing one is a must. It’s best that you discuss your budget and your pet’s needs to the insurance company for them to be able to give you a plan that best fits your needs.

The Best Plan

What is the Best plan?  That maybe is the most common question that a Pet owner always asks. Well, it depends on what kind of pet you have. For example, your pet is a dog, there are insurances that are known to be best in handling cats and dogs alone,  while some are good in handling different kinds of pets. You can also make some research about the different insurance companies that already a good reputation in handling the kind of pet that you have. Being said, knowing the specific kind of service you are looking for is a good start. 


Who doesn’t love discounts right?  When it comes to finding the right plan, those who offer more discounts are already on top of your choices. So you better make a good research on different insurance companies that offer the best discounts. 

What’s Covered and Not Covered?

There are roughly 250 policies for pet insurance.  Though they are all different, most covers accidents and illnesses. Preventive and regular check-ups, vaccines,  annual blood work, dental cleaning, heartworm medications, neuter, and spaying are considered as part of a wellness plan and are not covered. Though you can pay an additional fee if you want to cover that.

Purebred Dogs may not be covered in most pet insurance policies. There are certain breeds that are genetically linked to some diseases and health conditions such as hip dysplasia and cancer.  Therefore, it’s best to check first if hereditary conditions are excluded from the insurance that you are eyeing to buy. 

Pre-exiting illness is not covered. Like most insurance policies pre-existing illnesses and conditions will not be covered by the insurance provider.


Is the amount the customer pays before the insurance kicks in.  Deductibles can be per incident, condition or per visit. But most insurance company offers annual deductible. The higher the deductible,  the lower your annual premium will be. Pet insurance deductibles average between $50 to $100.

Caps or Limits

It’s good to ask the insurance company about the caps or limits that the insurance covers in each illness or incident.  For example, the caps for a broken bone is different from neutering. 

Good Customer Service

This part may be neglected in considering the best insurance company. But this has a big impact more than you think of. Since almost everything right now can be searched online, take that as an advantage. Do some research about the insurance companies that have good reviews. Are they reputable? Are they good at explaining the plans to their customers? Did they provide the reimbursements on time?  These things are a big deal. They will be handling your claims so make sure that you choose an insurance company that you can trust.

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