A Brand New Business

Oct 19, 2022 | Affiliates

A Brand New Business

I have a new idea for a new show so let’s forget about “Shameless,” “Breaking Bad,” or even “Game of Thrones.” In addition, I don’t know yet where the show will appear or who will even produce it, but I’m sure it will be a huge hit. Moreover, I think Amazon and Netflix will have this on their show list. I don’t really know, and I’m not sure if the show is better suited for tv or streaming sites, who would be the best person to direct it, or who would be the cast. I don’t know who would produce it, but I’m sure it will be a huge hit! Here’s something about agency transformation.

“A Brand New Business.”

I imagine that I’m a smart-guy host with permed hair and a soul patch. Yes, that’s me. I’m just standing on the main street, and I then gesture my thumb over my shoulder at a classic retail company or independent insurance agency. People don’t have any idea what’s going to take place. The camera crew then follows me inside. We have some of the offices ready as a backdrop. However, the place hasn’t been cleaned or stayed in since 1962. Oh, except for the weird carpet that was placed in the 1970s.

In one of the scenes in the pilot episode, once the staff is placed outside the street, a giant bulldozer will come through and demolish the said company. Two council members responsible for it have already been paid off, obviously. And, of course, we need to look for a sponsor for the bulldozer, and we will start over.

The agency transformation will now be a fantastic place to work or visit at.

We will then start building a much more wonderful new office space. Here are some examples:
  • Airy spaces – no more claustrophobic small offices with low drop ceilings
  • Much better window treatments
  • Flooring and cool rugs (no weird carpeting anymore)
  • Natural lighting 
  • Wall paints such as beige that are cheerful and bright
  • Latte machine that can give us delicious coffee
  • Relaxed and comfortable furniture such as white chairs
  • Flowers in the lobby; of course, these are needed to start the day right!
  • (The list is endless! I can still go on!)

People will walk or drive by this agency or even visit the website and realize that we are now a much better company. Young people will get curious and wonder how they do apply for our company. They’ll now know that working in the insurance industry is fantastic.

But, hey, let’s pause.

You might be wondering if I might be shaming independent agents. But hey, they are good people too. Small businesses are unique too. They also go the extra mile and work hard. You might think I’m just acting smart.

I’m not trying to act smart, and I am not shaming independent agents. I dislike suffocating workplaces that do not value your hard work.

With Brand New Business or Agency Transformation, we will also rebuild our office from the inside out. We need to liven up our office culture. People will be more interested in coming to our office if our place is welcoming, inviting, friendly, productive, modern, relaxed, and all the good things our possible staff may say. It will be a warmer place where they want to come to work, not just they have to.

We know remote work now is booming. But, of course, office spaces still matter. This is why people hang out and work in coffee shops and comfortable, functional hotel lobbies.

You might be pondering over whether or not to renovate your company office. You are doing the right thing. Office renovation is immense and expensive. However, it can be an excellent investment when done right. All the people involved in your business, such as your employees, potential investors, clients, and everyone who sets foot in your refurbished office, will definitely appreciate your effort to level up your company.

Let’s dig in more about Full Agency Transformation

Business growth is perhaps one of the inspirations behind your office renovation. One of the reasons you might have for your renovation is that you have more employees and clients. Therefore, you need wider corridors to accommodate the increased traffic, or maybe you’ve added new departments, so you need more cubicles. One more reason is that you might be redirecting your business focus, so you need a different layout for your available space. Changes are inevitable in business or agency transformation.

The location your office space occupies will inevitably need to adapt and evolve as your business or agency transformation grows and changes. Whether your employees have a brand new business focus or agency transformation, you have to remodel it. You need to listen to your employees and staff. If they suggest that they need more room or a different kind of space to work more efficiently, this is a solid indication for renovating your office.

The interior and exterior of your office building should reflect your company’s mission. Updating your marketing material with photos of the new office will help show a successful image and forward-facing attitude.

5 Reasons for Commercial Renovation and Why

There are five main reasons why you need commercial renovation at this time. Remodeling can give your business a fresh look, your employees will work more efficiently, your staff will be safer, have more room for expansion, and help lower expenses. This is part of agency transformation.

Keep up with the times with agency transformation.

You only have one chance to make a great first impression in front of people. A run-down or outdated office building can send the wrong message to your clients even though your products and services are new and groundbreaking. The last thing you want your clients to think is that you’re already going out of business instead of building on success. You should regularly renovate your office to stay in style and modern. Remodeling is also a vital part of the process if your business is rebranding, changing focus, or offer.

Boost Productivity

Professional contractors responsible for your office space renovation can ensure that your business still stays open during the renovation project. Remodeling should also improve organization and efficiency once it’s done. Their aim is to optimize space, make the work areas and storage more functional and facilitate workflow. Renovations are planned and customized to fit each company’s needs. Performance and productivity increase when you design workplaces that make employees more comfortable.

Safeguard Employees for Agency Transformation

Your staff is the most important asset of any company. While they work for the company, office spaces should be designed to work for them. You need to follow safety considerations depending on the kind of commercial building you have. You need to adhere to current fire and safety codes, unobstructed exits, appropriate office furniture, safe flooring, comfortable lighting, handicap accessibility, facilitate airflow and ensure office security.

Make room for growth for agency transformation.

You need to encourage development and ensure that your company can also provide plenty of room to grow. When you renovate your office, it should also reflect business development plans. If you look ahead to the future of your business for the next five or even fifteen years, the office can be redesigned to allow more expansion. Smart remodeling decisions may help your business stay in the same office as it grows. Space in your office can be optimized now to accommodate future business needs. It’s also essential that remodeling your station provides the right kind of space. You should also consider a probable larger staff and the addition of new equipment. Flexible workplaces can help your company make transitions in the future. Storage space and technology should also be considered in designing a new office.

Reduce operating and maintenance costs for agency transformation.

Competition needs to have strict cost control in the current business environment. One of the main goals of a remodeling project should always be to reduce energy costs as much as possible. Construction materials and techniques have also become advanced. Renovation can also help increase sustainability for older buildings. Meanwhile, it can also reduce operating and maintenance expenses.

Examples of reducing operational and maintenance costs:

  • Installing energy-saving window blinds.
  • Improving the use of space
  • Using more durable furniture (such as these chairs) and materials
  • Adding better insulation
  • Updating the heating (heaters) and cooling system (air conditioners)
  • Increase natural illumination
  • Switch to LED lighting

These small changes, as mentioned above, can absolutely make a huge difference. Lowering energy bills can also help ensure success for your business in the long run.

Critical Factors for Renovations and Changes at the Workplace

Many companies and brands consider upgrading and renovating their offices and workspaces as their businesses grow. This can allow them to grow personally and mentally aside from increasing your team. However, keep in mind that not every design approach and choice will produce growth. Here are some important factors that you should note when making renovations and changes to your workplace.

Preplanning for Agency Transformation

First, you must know what you want and plan to do with your renovations before the process takes place. Second, make sure that your design aspirations come with details and specifics and are not too general. Third, formulate and conceptualize your ideas with planners and designers who focus on how to utilize space, what kind of tables you need, what sort of layout you want, and what type of technology you should use. These are only a few examples to give you an idea of how to proceed and how the overall design experience will be faster and easier and, of course, go well with your budget.

Goals and Functionality

When you renovate your workplace, you have to ensure that your redesigns and changes have a reason. You don’t need to do a full-blown renovation if you are just looking for simple aesthetic upgrades. Moreover, your renovations will depend on the kind of business or brand you run. When you change the layout of your office space, it can make changes in the performance of your team and staff which can be both positive and negative. It is essential to know how these changes will affect your team. You have to ask yourself if you want to make an environment more conducive to communication and also if you’re going to create more focused and isolated work areas. You have to ensure that your designs for your office match your business goals.

Open Concept

Many new businesses are changing to an open-concept work floor or layout. This is usually made to give your staff a more communicative and team-oriented environment that encourages creativity among different teams and individuals. This kind of layout is popular with design and marketing industries and companies that require a lot of innovation from their employees. However, this layout is not for every company and industry since distractions and diversions may come your way, so you must know if this is right for your employees’ needs.

Cubicles and Enclosures

Older layouts of workstations have cubicles and enclosures for workspaces. Even though many offices now prefer open concepts, a cubicle setting is still welcome to use for your office. These layouts are efficient with offices that are not as focused and don’t require necessary communication between individuals. Also, small walls and partitions sometimes promote creativity on a personal level since you can share ideas in one on one discussions. In open concepts and shared workstations, your employees cannot share ideas that they are not sure of since those ideas are available to everyone. You must know your team since they have different personalities that will benefit from the new work environments.

Ergonomics – human interaction

Getting away from collective workspaces, it is essential to provide each individual in your company with means to be more efficient to have the best performance or product for the company as a whole. If you design your spaces that can create interaction between your employees and a comfortable place with things like desks, chairs, and computers that all cater to each of your employees, this will help them work longer. If you ensure that your staff can comfortably work, it will allow them to perform to their highest ability and mean success to your business.

Lighting, Windows, and Colors

Minor adjustments and renovations to your workplace will improve the overall work and satisfaction of your employees. Place natural light with lots of huge windows and even artificial lighting will help your employees be alert and attentive. Adding color to different spaces of your office location, such as your bathrooms, break rooms, and communal areas, will provide and promote more imagination and creativity. You should consider making adjustments small and big to help push your company in the right direction that you want. Every business has goals for growth but not every business out there does what is best for that growth. If you are now ready to expand your company and make design changes to your working spaces, we highly suggest putting in the time, effort, and thought to ensure you keep on growing your brand.

5 Benefits Of An Office Renovation

Employee Happiness

It’s essential to consider those who use your office space every day. Your employees and their happiness can both have an impact on your business profits. This impacts their work output and also your business.

It sounds simple. However, companies should work hard to keep their working environment as comfortable as possible for their staff. A well-thought-out office renovation can make your existing office into a comfortable working environment that makes your employees happy and motivated.

Providing your workers with good furniture such as good office desks can help them feel that the company cares about their well-being. If your employees spend all day sitting in comfortable seats that give them good posture, this can help reduce office health problems.

Company Image

The old cliché saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” rings properly here with your company image. We suggest that you ensure that your office shows an embodiment of how you want to be viewed.

If you renovate your office, show your clients that you care about how other people see your business. If you’re a creative agency, your clients will expect this to show through your office space.

Company Culture

When you think of an office floor plan, the interior design and how it is seen by your employees will help make a specific company culture. The culture found at your company will hugely influence your employee’s happiness and productivity.

If you don’t have a strong company culture, you should consider designing your office with a specific theme that reflects your company’s beliefs and values.

Your company culture doesn’t have to be the same level as Facebook features massive walls of graffiti artwork or their so-called “Facebook Wall” for their employees to write notes in chalk and communicate. Even Google has an entire office culture of having fun while working and having beanbag seating. But it’s absolutely fantastic to add your own different touch!

The Layout

After you have brainstormed some ideas, you now have a vision of what you’d like your office to look like. It’s now essential to consider the layout so your team can quickly move around the area and utilize the space efficiently.

An office can accumulate more unused furniture, boxes, and documents as time passes. It’s vital to ensure that every piece of furniture serves its purpose since empty desks and old chairs can build up.

When renovating an office, it is the perfect time to rethink the entire layout of the office and where departments and your team are located. Utilizing space to its full potential is a crucial consideration whether you purchase new furniture or reuse your existing one.

An excellent thing to do is talk with a professional who has enough office renovation experience as they can help you maximize the space you have. You should be able to find a great solution that will improve the way your office is organized when you ask them.

Attracting Passing Trade

A lot of retail businesses rely on passers-by for their customers. If you have an eye-catching and engaging design for your business or offices, securing them as a customer or just walking by could mean a huge difference.

Many kinds of businesses, especially retail-based ones, delay their office renovations since they fear that it will take too long and impact their work and trade. However, in reality, working with a professional office renovation company, the result can be done out of hours when no one is in the office is around and is the most convenient for the business.

Conclusion on a Brand New Business

We are encouraging you to renovate your office to give your employees a nice warm place to work out so they could be inspired to work and be productive. It could be difficult since this could halt your production, but hey, this can be done during your office hours. We greatly suggest that you think about your team and also your business. This can really be beneficial for you and your whole company. Contact us here at Team AIS in Denver, CO for more information!

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