Smart Home Technology and Cybercrime

May 9, 2021 | Affiliates

Have Your Home Secured

Home security systems might be one of the best investments you will ever make for your home. You protect your home at the same time you give yourself peace of mind. It deserves knowing that you can control it. And, monitor the security in your home with just your fingertips and your smartphone. You need to read more about cybercrime and your home in order to be secure.

If you start your own home security system, you can start off with an indoor security camera. Indoor security cameras help you know and see who goes in and out of your house; depending on where you will be placing the camera. Helping you identify a burglar in case there is a break-in; indoor security cameras could actually help you prevent this from happening. Since you would be able to go inside your house even if you aren’t there. Or, somewhere else inside the house since you can sync it to your smartphone.

Indoor Security

Indoor security cameras help you keep an eye on your home wherever you are. At Advantage Insurance Solutions we find the best home insurance policy so that your stolen assets and belongings are covered; security footage during the event that something is stolen from your home would help your case. You can review your policy online through Advantage Insurance Solutions’ client portal.

It would be best if you research and study what type of indoor security camera you would want; before actually rushing to the store. And, buying whatever security camera you see first. In this way, you can personalize and choose the best security camera you think is for your home. 

One of the distinctions of indoor security cameras that you might want to consider is if it is wireless. Or, ask yourself if it does use a power cord. Some cameras even require drilling to be mounted, and of course, cost. Safety does come with a price. But, with smart home security systems nowadays, homeowners don’t really need to pay monthly fees for third-party entities. Or, people watching and monitoring their homes.

Cloud Storage to Avoid Cybercrime in Your Home

Another thing that homeowners or you should take into consideration when buying an indoor security camera would be your privacy. Most of these types of cameras use cloud storage technology; wherein your video feeds or anything that your camera captures gets securely; and heavily encrypted and saved somewhere on the internet or the cloud.  In this way, thieves can’t physically steal your video feed. Though some people would still prefer to have their video feed saved somewhere tangible for privacy – these would include USB flash drives, microSD memory cards, Digital Video Records, or Network Video Recorders. 

Having a physical copy of your video feed would be prone to stealing. It is nice to have one stored on the cloud and one physical copy to serve as your backup. With today’s technology, cloud servers, and everything that is stored in it, can be accessed anywhere; and anytime through your phone. Through your desktops, as long as you have an internet connection; and access to the account that you used to set up with the indoor security camera. 

Another thing that you could eliminate if you choose to store your video feed on the cloud is that, no matter what happens to your indoor security camera, if it gets broken or if it gets stolen by any chance, your videos and recordings will still be there on your account. So choosing if you are going with a wired or wireless indoor security camera, and what type of technology would you want to use are just some of the concerns that you might want to look at before rushing to the store to get an indoor security camera. 

Do-It-Yourself VS Professional Installs to Avoid Cybercrime in Your Home

Homeowners can install, monitor, and protect their homes on their own with the help of smart home security systems. Know that there are two ways to set up and install your indoor security camera; do it yourself or have someone professional install it. You might be overwhelmed with the technicalities, but setting up an indoor security camera on your own is very easy.

Identifying what type of indoor security camera you will use, and how you would want it to be installed could be your first step in incorporating a home security system in your home.

Camera and Connectivity to not have Cybercrime in Your Home

If you do decide to set up the indoor security camera on your own, the first thing that you would need to do is power up the camera; and start syncing it to your phone. Cameras are usually plug-and-play. So, once you have it turned on, you would just need to connect it to your phone. So, the live video feed or playbacks can be viewed on your smartphone. 

There would usually be a mobile application wherein you will need to sign up using your email. This is what your credentials would be when you would want to modify. Or, do something with the settings of your account synced with the indoor security camera. 

After signing up, connect your camera to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Your network and the one the camera is connecting to must be the same. Once the connection between your home network and indoor security camera has been made, a unique QR code will be displayed on your phone. This is through the mobile application for the security camera. Scan this QR code using the security camera. This step is crucial and you have to make sure that the camera scans that QR code. This will serve as the camera and your phone’s connection. So, you would be able to see on your phone what the camera sees.

Home Security App

Now that your smartphone and the video feed from your security camera are in sync, it’s time to decide where to mount your security indoor camera. You might want to put the security camera in a place where you want to always monitor and you consider it an important part of your home – like near your safety vault or your front door. Wherever room you want to put it in or whatever part of your house, the angle is always the key to getting good security footage. 

Consider that angle a good place if it has a clear and wide view of the room or part of your home that you do want to monitor, also check if the camera, from that angle, is unnoticeable because this would help a lot if ever a thief tries to break in and does not see the camera – you might just get lucky and identify that person easily. Just angle the security camera somewhere high and cornered and if possible a position wherein people won’t trip over the cables – if it is a wired indoor security camera – and accidentally turn the camera off. 

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Let’s say you decided to position the camera near the front door so you could monitor who goes in and out of your home, you can rest it on any surface that is available in that area or you could also use the metal plate that came in with the security camera. Once you’re done positioning the camera, review the video feed from your phone and if you are good and satisfied with it, it’s now time to fix the settings of the app on your phone. 

You can actually set the app to send you notifications every time it detects any motion within a certain distance and radius from the indoor security camera. Some cameras even record a couple of clips or a few seconds before the trigger for motion detection goes off and sends you a notification on your phone. 

Navigating through the app is easy; you can just click on the thumbnail of the video to play the live stream or real-time video of whatever is happening in your home or rewind the said feed to see what has been happening since you were not looking or watching the feed. 

Home Security of the Future to Avoid Cybercrime in Your Home

Now, you have a smart, indoor security camera watching your home 24/7 with just a few clicks away on your smartphone and this and that on the security camera device itself. Investing in a home security system does not only protect your home but also protects your assets and belongings that you have worked hard to achieve. Or even to look after your loved ones at home while you are away for a business trip, some security cameras with motion sensors are used to monitor pets. 

Cameras are not just used for visuals, there are indoor security cameras that have a two-way audio wherein you would be able to hear whatever is happening in your home and they could hear you from where you are, and again this could be used to look after your pets at home. Advantage Insurance Solutions pet insurance coverage includes pet accidents that your indoor security might happen to capture then you would be able to see what happened to your beloved pet. To know more about our Home Insurance, Home Warranty, or Pet Insurance feel free to visit our website. You can always contact us here in Denver, CO if you want to speak with our agents and review your policies. We hope you learned a lot by reading this to avoid cybercrime in your home.