Summer Fun For A Designated Driver in 2023

Nov 18, 2022 | Affiliates, Personal Insurance

Summer Fun and Preparedness as a Designated Driver

Summer – the season that we get to enjoy the beauty of nature and the freshness of everything in it – is here! As the warmer months come along, the weather calls for a splash of cool waters. In the Summer, you get to enjoy various outdoor activities with restrictions loosening up. You could try out new cuisine, visit a local brewery, or attend a new fun sporting event! Can you still have summer fun as a designated driver in 2022 though? In this article, we will discuss designated driver service.

These activities are all fun and going out once in a while isn’t really a bad thing. It’s just that if you are going out and having fun, you also have to prepare. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with their friends, grab a few drinks and just have a good time? With this in mind, who also wouldn’t want to be jailed and have a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) on their record? We definitely don’t want that, and we don’t want you to have it either!

And this is the reason why it is best to have a designated driver service before deciding to hang outside at night.

What is a Designated Driver/Designated Driver Service?

A designated driver could be anyone in your friend group. He should agree not to drink any alcoholic beverage during his night out or on any other occasion. It is an important task and a critical role because this carries a very big responsibility — his friends’ lives. He has to make sure that everyone gets home safe and sound, and makes himself safe, too. A driver commits to staying sober while everyone else is drinking alcohol. 

As our technology keeps on evolving, there are other ways to have a designated driver. In the case that you have no one to be your driver, there are professional car services available now. There are apps for this service that you can book a driver to get you home or take you somewhere else. This is a good alternative to your friends, loved ones, or relatives being the driver.

Being a designated driver may not be as fun as it sounds, but it is a vital role. By being the driver, you choose to be the responsible adult on a cold spring night of fun and partying.

Who to choose as a Designated Driver for this kind of Service?

Can resist temptation

To be a designated driver in service, one must have a strong, disciplined mindset and can resist temptation. Practically speaking, there are people who believe that alcohol is a vital part of having fun. The designated driver should not have this mindset and should know how to have fun without having to drink any alcoholic beverage.

Has a sense of responsibility to the law

Anyone in your group can be a designated driver as long as they know how to drive. But the ideal designated driver would be someone who has a sense of responsibility to the law. He should be someone who complies and abides by the law by having a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance. In this way, you could rule out the possibility that policemen would ask you to pull over due to technicalities and important documents.

Has to be reliable

The designated driver should always be there when needed. He should be reliable to come and pick everyone up when called or would stay at the venue and not drink. He should be someone who would come to your aid when you are too drunk to drive your way home. Not only should he be reliable, but also his vehicle. He has to make sure that his vehicle is reliable enough to drive his friend group to different places. Make sure that the car is in good working order – the signal lights, headlights, etc.

How to Prepare For A Night Out?

Have a plan

Your group should have a designated driver even before heading out. It is not advisable to choose who is the least drunk when assigning someone to be a driver. A driver should not be under the influence of alcohol when driving. Plan out who should not drink for a couple of hours before heading out.

Make ground rules

Being intoxicated and drunk could hinder one’s ability to think in a proper way. It would be a big help if the designated driver would set the ground rules before anyone gets drunk. The ground rules should include the time that the group plans to leave, and the meet-up place if they are all over the place.

Take turns

It would be unfair if only one person gets to be the designated driver every time. The group members should take turns in choosing the designated driver for the night. In this way, everyone gets to enjoy a night of going out for drinks.

Ensure availability

 In choosing the driver, one must consider the potential DDs (designated driver) schedule. It is dangerous to head out and not have a driver. If ever your friend is not available to be your driver, check out the taxi or private hire car services available in your area. You can book these via mobile apps, as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Being a driver is not an easy task or job. You get to see people who enjoy the night drinking everything away. You see people who are carefree and not worried about driving home. 

It is tiring to just sit around and wait for the party to be over. It is hard to resist temptation and keep yourself occupied to distract yourself from the fun of alcohol. 

A designated driver’s reward would be the appreciation of the people he drives for. 

How to Show Appreciation to a Designated Driver?

Buy his non-alcoholic drinks and dinner for the night

Your driver has to resist the temptation of drinking. He has to do it for hours and hours of the night while seeing everyone around him drink and party. Treating your designated driver to his non-alcoholic drink and food for the night is a much cheaper price to pay. Imagine the expensive fees and costs of a DUI. Not to mention that a DUI stays on your record and could affect other aspects of your life if investigated. 

Let him have a good time next time

As mentioned as one of the preparations for a night out, the group should take turns in assigning who the designated driver should be. Let the previous driver have a good time and assign someone else to the responsibility as the driver. This would practice fairness in your friend group and everyone gets to have fun.

Put gas in his car

The person driving does not get to do all the fun activities. He can’t drink alcohol and should stay sober throughout the night. Practically speaking, his gas car will be consumed by you since he will be driving around to get you all home safely. Paying for his gas car, food, and drink, is a small price to pay for partying and being safe.

Respect your designated driver

He is your designated driver, not your babysitter. Even with a driver, it is still advised to drink the right amount and not exceed your threshold. Don’t reach the point where your driver has to actually babysit you. Make sure he doesn’t need to hold you back because you are already out of control. Respect your designated driver because he has your lives in his hands and that is already a big responsibility on his part.

Keep the keys with him

Before all the drinking and fun, make sure that the driver has his keys with him. This could save you a lot of time when you have to go.

You might also want to check this 7-day program to drink less to also avoid drunk driving.

Find events that promote designated driving

There are certain events or establishments that offer a designated driver an incentive such as their non-alcoholic drink or food. If you can have your group hang out at this place, it would be best for both of you and the driver. In this way, you don’t have to pay for his non-alcoholic drink or food since the establishment gives it for free.

Being a responsible drinker and driver does not mean you don’t get to have fun. It just means that to enjoy the beautiful weather during spring, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared. At least, that’s one less thing to worry about. If you happen to be the group’s designated driver, read up on our article on how to encourage safe driving. If you have questions about your insurance, feel free to contact us here at Team AIS in Denver, CO.

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