Tips to Enjoy and Have a Safe Camping Experience

Jun 3, 2021 | From The CEO

Springtime has once again arrived in this world. Seeing the surrounding flora of the environment often influences the disposition of a person into exploring and experiencing the wide outdoors. Countless activities could be done only in the respite of the outdoors. These include the likes of fishing, hiking, and most importantly, camping. Camping is one of the most effective ways for individuals to escape the busy life of theirs and take in the wonders of nature. It is a basic activity that can be done alone, or with a larger group. One need not go over the top with camping. The activity of camping can be held from one’s own backyard, to camping grounds, or even in the woods. Though camping is an activity that is easy to do, one needs to learn the effective ways to have a safe, memorable, and enjoyable camping experience.

As any activity should be, camping starts first by planning about it. One must first decide where to hold the camping trip before one actually leaves. If a camping trip is to be held with a group, the group must collectively decide upon a place where they will hold their camping trip and how they intend to have the setup of their campsite. The group must decide if they will be using tents and sleeping bags, basking in the glory of the outdoors, or if they intend to hold their camp within the comfort of a recreational vehicle. If an individual intends to camp in solitude, they must tell someone where they intend to go, so that should something bad happen to them, someone will know where to find the individual. This is a form of insurance, wherein the individual is the one whose well-being is being protected.

On the note of insurance, there is such a thing as insurance for when you are camping. It is a helpful form of insurance known as “camping insurance.” This form of insurance allows for the camper to receive compensation should something happen to the items that they used when they were camping. This also accounts for personal effects that were lost, damaged, or stolen. With camping insurance, one will be able to rest assured that they will receive compensation for their items should something happen to them. Should the camper/s decide to stay within a recreational vehicle; however, there is also the option of “camping vehicle insurance.” As the name may imply, this type of insurance accounts for what might happen to the recreational vehicle used by the campers. With these types of insurance, an individual who intends to go camping can rest assured that they will receive appropriate compensation should their effects struggle under the duress brought upon them by the forces of nature.

When one is camping, it is pertinent to know that they must be cut off from the temptations of technology and work. The great outdoors is meant to be enjoyed with the mindset of being one with nature. Nature does not include technology or working. Campers must endure being away from their gadgets and other such effects for a short while since it is not every day that people can be free to go camping. Though camping is primarily about the thought of sleeping away from the comfort of one’s own home, there are a plethora of other activities that can be done during the time of day where one is not sleeping. Fishing, hiking, and swimming can be done during the day. And when nighttime comes, no camping experience is complete without a bonfire, even with the occasional spooky story and s’mores. 

On the topic of s’mores, pack food according to the necessity and amount of people who will be camping. One should not bring a feast fit for one when one is camping with six other people. One must also pack their camping equipment accordingly. Bring sufficient amounts of equipment for sleeping. This means having enough pillows, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, etc. for oneself and the other campers. Campers must pack a sufficient amount of clothing which includes the ones they will wear throughout the camping experience, and spare clothes, should the need arise wherein one has run out of pre-planned clothes to wear. Bring cutlery that can be easily disposed of or could be recycled. One need not bring fancy silver wear or plates. This is the outdoors, one will not be having dinner with some rich C.E.O., but instead be enjoying the glory of nature with friends or family, or alone, in solitude. This also prevents the risk of having your items stolen or damaged. There are other things that one must pack in order to have a fulfilling camping experience in the outdoors.

One must-have item that prevents harmful diseases such as sunscreen, bug spray/ insect repellent, and personalized medicine. One needs to have their essential personal hygiene items with them whenever they travel. These personal hygiene items include the likes of items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, and toilet paper. Though one is in the great outdoors, one need not lose one sense of civility. Bring items that may allow for camping to be easier. These include items such as a Swiss army knife, a lighter, and other such items. Camping offers a wide array of needs and activities. Due to this, countless gadgets or other such items were created in order to ease most people’s camping experience. Some of these include the portable charger that uses fire as fuel, stormproof matches, which allow for the fire of the match to stay lit despite the presence of rain, and portable equipment for relaxation that include things such as a portable chair, blanket, or cot. There are various ways that a camping experience could be enjoyed. Being prepared is one of them

Nature often proves to be an adversary in enjoying it. One must prepare for the possibility of natural disasters occurring during their camping trip. Keep in mind the current condition of the weather in the area where one will have their camping trip. Should a natural disaster occur, one must not hesitate to call for help. One’s safety must be prioritized over their camping items. This should be practiced even more so if the camper availed for camping insurance and/or camping vehicle insurance. Natural disasters are highly unpredictable. Storms can be tracked, though. So, one must make sure that they track progress regarding if there is a possibility of a storm affecting their camping experience. If a storm appears to be heading to where the camp will be held, it is best to leave that area as soon as possible, to avoid getting caught in the destruction or worse, losing one’s life. Should there be an earthquake where the camp is being held, it is a must to follow the standard “stop, drop, and hold” instructions. When the earthquake stops, it is pertinent to get as far away as possible to the area and avoid places that may prove to have a history of landslides. Leave any and all camping equipment, it is the camper’s life that is most important in times of natural disasters. If one availed for camping insurance or camping vehicle insurance, one need not worry about the equipment and should just focus on keeping themselves alive, since they will receive compensation for the items that were affected by the disasters. Should a fire start to spread throughout the campsite, attempt to put it out if it is only a small fire? But, should the fire prove to be bigger than one can handle, send for professionals to put out the fire. And once again, the camper’s safety is of the utmost importance. One should just leave any non-essential item, as it will be compensated for if they are available for camping and camping vehicle insurances. One must realize that insurance is helpful in these types of situations.

Camping is a fun outdoor activity that allows one to be in touch with nature. As such it is important that the sanctity of the environment be kept while the camper is holding their camping experience. Campers must not leave garbage lying around on the ground. To do so might warrant retribution from nature. One must bear in mind that there might be other people who might use the same camping spot in the near future. It is up to the camper to clean the camping spot they used. One would dislike arriving at a littered camping spot. So, one must also clean the campsite of any clutter that might prove a hindrance to the next set of campers to use the campsite. It is first and foremost nature that is the reason for one to camp.

With the problem of the pandemic, it is highly unlikely that people will be able to go camping. But should one find the ability to go and have a camping experience, these tips should prove useful in having an enjoyable experience. Safety should always be one’s number one priority.

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