Why Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

Oct 29, 2022 | Personal Insurance

A wedding is one of the most memorable events that can happen in our lifetime. It is that one memorable day in our life that we will always remember for generations to come. More importantly, a wedding marks the start of one’s happily ever after. Behind any fairytale wedding day is a lot of preparation. Also, expenses are also too much just to make this special day a perfect one. So, Why Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

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Weddings are Expensive

According to a  survey in 2019, the average wedding cost in the United States is a whopping $33,900. This amount includes the expenses for the wedding ceremony, reception, and the wedding ring. With so much money at stake, a wedding can even be the same as an investment. Unfortunately, natural disasters and accidents may strike at any time. These unfortunate incidents may result in last-minute cancellation or postponement of the wedding resulting in significant financial costs. Moreover, liabilities can also happen due to injuries among guests during the wedding reception. 

This is why many people are turning to wed insurance to protect themselves from risks due to unexpected events. So when anything goes wrong, you can have the assurance that wedding insurance is there to cover your financial liabilities during the wedding.

If you are planning a wedding right now, here is some important information that you should know about wedding insurance. 

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What is Wedding Insurance? 

Wedding insurance is special event insurance that aims to protect the couple from financial losses in case of any mishaps, accidents, natural disasters, cancellation, postponement, and other unexpected issues that may occur before or during the wedding. 

There are two types of wedding insurance available on the market namely: cancellation or postponement insurance and liability insurance. 

  • Cancellation or Postponement Insurance 

From the name itself, cancellation or postponement insurance protects you from financial trouble if ever your wedding cancels or postpones due to unexpected events such as sudden illness, severe weather, unexpected military deployment, and other unforeseen incidents. 

A cancellation or Postponement insurance policy guarantees that the insurance company will reimburse you for the non-refundable deposits that you paid for the wedding as long as the risks are part of the insurance policy.

In addition to this, this insurance policy also covers the following:

  • Damage to wedding attire such as your bridal gown
  • Damage to jewelry, especially your wedding rings
  • Lost or stolen wedding gifts which include cash and gift cards
  • Wedding video and photographs, in the event, that your photographer or videographer failed to attend the wedding
  • Or, if the photographer did not deliver the wedding photos and/or videos 
  • Lost deposits from vendors who did not show up
  • Other wedding expenses. 

With this, you do not have to worry and stress out about the worst scenarios that could happen during your wedding since you will have the assurance that everything is part of the coverage. As a result, you can focus your whole attention on your big day and live in the moment, knowing that everything is in the hands of the insurance company if something goes wrong.

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How Wedding Insurance Can Come In Handy:

To illustrate, the importance of a postponement or cancellation wedding insurance here is a short scenario: 

Robert and Mia are high school sweethearts. After graduating, they decided to have an intimate beachside wedding with their friends and family. The couple paid in advance the deposit for their wedding planner, catering, venue, florists, photographers and so much more. Sadly, Robert who previously decided to enlist in the military was suddenly called for an immediate deployment overseas ahead of the wedding. Due to this unexpected deployment, the couple had no choice but to postpone the wedding. Since the couple availed of a postponement insurance policy, they can be reimbursed for the wedding expenses that they had previously paid. Their insurance policy will take care of the lost deposits and non-refundable expenses in connection to their postponed wedding. 

Another scenario that can happen is postponement or cancellation due to poor weather conditions. 

Travis and May decided to marry each other after years of being together. They decided to have a wedding during the winter season to commemorate the day they first met each other. The couple listed the help of a wedding planner to ensure the smooth preparation for their big day. They also paid the non-refundable deposits for the catering services, floral arrangement, wedding cake, and other expenses in connection to their wedding. However, on the day of the wedding, a severe snowstorm struck their wedding venue. Due to the damage in the wedding venue as a result of the snowstorm, they were forced to postpone the event to another date.
Sadly, Travis and May forgot to purchase a wedding postponement insurance policy. As a result, they cannot be reimbursed for the non-refundable deposit that they previously paid in relation to their wedding. 

Liability Insurance

Let’s be honest — things can get a little bit crazy and messy during your wedding day. With so many people present in one place plus the free-flowing alcohol during the wedding reception, it is not surprising that accidents may happen one way or another. 

Consequently, liability insurance is essential to protect you from any financial losses if any accidents, bodily injuries, or property damage happens during your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception. This insurance policy will shoulder the bill for the medical expenses and the repair costs if ever any of your guests or vendors accidentally sustain an injury during the wedding or cause damage to the wedding venue. 

To illustrate, the usefulness of liability insurance here is a short scenario that usually happens at a wedding reception: 

Josh and Olivia invited a lot of their friends and family to their wedding. After the ceremony, they all went to the wedding reception with free-flowing alcohol served to all the guests. One of the guests named John had too much to drink that he accidentally tripped and fell on the dance floor. Due to his bad fall, he sustained some injuries that he had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment. Since Josh and Olivia availed themselves of liability insurance, they do not have to worry about John’s medical expenses. With their insurance policy, they can file a claim and ask for reimbursement from their insurance provider.

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What is not covered by wedding insurance? 

While a wedding insurance policy can protect you from a lot of unexpected events, there are also risks that are not part of the coverage. Take note of the following exemptions: 

  • Wedding cancellation by the bride or groom due to cold feet or change of heart 
  • Loss or theft of the engagement ring and other precious items such as jewelry and watches 
  • Other risks as may be stated in the insurance policy

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Cost of Wedding Insurance 

The costs of a wedding insurance policy can differ depending on different factors such as the: extent of the insurance coverage, risks covered, the number of guests, and the wedding venue. 

Typically, the basic wedding insurance policies can start from $155 to $550. This price can climb even up to $2,000 if you have chosen comprehensive wedding insurance coverage. In selecting the best wedding insurance policy, you would have to weigh your budget and the risks that you want to protect yourself from. 

A helpful tip in choosing a wedding insurance policy is to have in mind the estimated costs of your wedding and the possible risks that are likely to happen — by knowing this information you will be able to select the perfect wedding insurance policy for you that is within your specific budget. 

When Should I Buy Wedding Insurance? 

The perfect time to buy wedding insurance is anytime before making a payment or deposit in relation to your wedding. By doing so, you can make sure that your wedding expenses will be part of the insurance policy in case something goes wrong along the way. 

But, wedding insurance can also be purchased even 24 hours prior to your wedding day! 

So it is never too late to avail of a wedding insurance policy.

Filing a Wedding Insurance Claim

When a cancellation, accident, or any incident covered by your specific wedding insurance happens — it is best to file an insurance claim as early as possible in order to be compensated for any loss. 

Insurance companies have different procedures for filing an insurance claim. 

Here are useful tips that you might need in filing a wedding insurance claim:

Know the risks covered by your insurance policy

Read your insurance policy and take note of the risks covered by it. If anything goes wrong you do not have to stress and panic about the possible expenses if the specific incident is part of your insurance.

Keep all the records 

Safely keep all the important documents related to your insurance policy and your wedding expenses. These documents include all the receipts and invoices from the payments and deposits you have made in connection to your big day. Even the receipt of your wedding ring should also be kept! Your receipts can serve as your evidence when you want to file an insurance claim in the future.

Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible 

If any unexpected event happens that results in the postponement, cancellation of your wedding day, or any liability in relation to your wedding  — it is important that you immediately contact your insurance provider in order to know if such an unfortunate event or accident is part of your insurance policy. In this way, your insurance provider can promptly assist you and guide you in making a proper insurance claim. Make sure that you properly explain your circumstances in detail to your insurance provider, so that they can guide you in filing your insurance claim.

File a claim 

The process of filing an insurance claim may differ depending on the specific insurance company involved. Check the website of your insurance provider or contact them to inquire about their insurance claim process. One thing that you should know about filing an insurance claim is that you should do it as soon as possible. In this way, they can be promptly notified about your claim and resolve it at the earliest possible time.

Back your claim with evidence 

Once your insurance provider receives your claim, they will conduct an investigation to verify the authenticity of your insurance claim and determine the proper amount of financial compensation that they can give to you. As such, you must provide pieces of evidence to bolster your insurance claim. Receipts, invoices, and other proof of payment that you kept in relation to your wedding expenses must be presented alongside your insurance claim. Other relevant evidence like pictures and videos of the incident can also be useful in proving your insurance claim. 

In Summary 

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for a lot of people. Things can easily get so stressful for the bride and groom and their family. Sadly, even with a lot of preparation sometimes unexpected and unfortunate events can still happen. These can derail the wedding and result in financial losses. 

That is why a lot of couples are turning to cancellation, postponement, and liability insurance policies to protect themselves against risks. With these policies, you can enjoy your big day peacefully and truly live in the moment without worries. 

In getting a wedding insurance policy, have in mind your budget and the risks that you want to protect yourself. Each policy differs depending on the insurance provider involved, make sure that you read and understand all the details. 

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