13 Ways To Help You Become An Expert Pet Groomer

Dec 15, 2020 | Business Insurance

Are you fond of pampering your pets? Do you want to become an expert pet groomer that can pacify them? Our insurance agency in Denver, Colorado wants to share ideas in the proper grooming of our clients’ pets. It is a great experience to bring pets to spas and salons. However, it is wiser to learn techniques and skills to pamper them.

Most of the people love to please and spoil their pets. Thus, the rise of pet spas and groomer salons become more popular and continuously growing. They offer different services to take care of your pet’s treatments, haircuts, and even tattoos! On the other hand, some skills may be learned to take good care of your pet’s needs that is more practical.

We have gathered 13 tips that will help you become an expert pet groomer.

1. Learn Grooming Techniques Online 

Your passion for pets is one of the reasons that will drive you to learn proper grooming for your pets. There are a lot of videos on the internet that will teach you how to do these skills. You will learn how to clip their nails, cut their hair, bathe them, and also brush their teeth. But a better way to get the procedures better is to find a course online if you don’t have enough time to go to a pet grooming school. It doesn’t offer hands-on training and diplomas though.

There are also online programs that offer lectures through video and also a format that will help you apply what you have learned. The lectures would be online but you would have the chance to participate in a setting in school to do it in actual form. You can also learn these skills through experience if you had to work as a pet groomer. Ask a professional pet groomer to allow you to witness the actual grooming of pets. That way, you will have the idea of how to do it and not just from videos. 

2. Sign Up For A Pet Grooming Program

However, seeking programs or courses in a school would give you more knowledge on how to do it properly and with confidence. Different breeds have their own characters so it would be best to learn from comprehensive training. Some of the skills you would learn from this training are:

  • Different breeds’ characteristics and how to control their behavior
  • How to practice safety
  • Recognizing skin disorders and parasites that affect their bodies
  • How to bathe, brush, comb, and cut their hair
  • Where to purchase grooming products and how to use them
  • Different tools like brushes with its use for a different breed

The training is an advantage if you want to open up a pet grooming business. It is not just an additional knowledge but more so, your pets will benefit from it.

3. Work As An Apprentice To An Expert Groomer

After the training and watching different techniques of pet grooming, you should put them in real life. After all, the best way to learn those skills is to apply them. You can apply as an apprentice to work in a grooming facility. You will then learn and appreciate what you have studied. Your employer might give you the assistant’s position for you to learn some duties like bathing the pets. 

Becoming a volunteer in animal shelters is also a beneficial experience. The opportunity to bathe and groom them would show you the different behaviors of animals and real-life situations of how to deal with them. You can gain experience from this and might be your first step in managing your own grooming salon. Their impression of you might be your own record of how good you are in grooming animals. It might help you find the same job or they may hire you for that. 

4. Your Patience With Pets Matters

Being passionate about pets comes naturally if you love animals. Patience and affection with them are very important. It may be stressful and might put you at risk from bites so your patience would be tested here.  Awareness of this kind of behavior must always be observed. Animals have different moods that’s why you need to learn how to read their body language. 

It is very essential to learn the ability to interact with them. It is a hard job as it is not easy to communicate with an animal. Your patience matters, because it would convey your desire to take care of them and keep them calm. Connecting with pets is a unique skill you will learn in the process. Being calm makes them calm. Your behavior to your pets would reflect the way they act. Pets have the character to pick up the mood and the attitudes of the people around them, especially dogs. 

Pet groomers are also called pet whisperers. They connect with the animals especially to those who are new to grooming salons. You may allow them to explore the place after settling in. This way, they will learn to familiarize themselves and get used to it. Let them see you for them to get used to your presence. Spend some time feeding them with your hand. It forms a connection between you and it makes them realize you are the one who prepares everything for them.

5. Improve People Skills

Having a pet grooming business requires people to learn skills in dealing with clients. It is not just the animals that you are going to deal with but also their owners. Some clients can hardly leave their pets to the groomers as they treat them as their own children. That is why it is very essential to let them know that you can take care of their pets. Ensure them with your best services to ease their worries.

Always perform good customer service. Even if you would or wouldn’t build a pet grooming business, you should also build rapport with people. Servicing other pets requires you to listen and be attentive to clients’ requests. It includes requests of haircut styles and a thorough treatment of their beloved pets. You should also improve your negotiating skills when it comes to rates, dissatisfied customers, and imploring continuous business.

6. Study Standard Cuts and Discover New Hair Styles 

The training you went into should include this in their lessons. Learning this technique has been very popular especially with high-maintained breeds. The clients engaged more in unique hairstyles. There are grooming profiles that keep on updating and are kept by the US American Kennel Club. Be updated with these grooming profiles to be familiarized with their character. 

People need haircuts to feel and look good. It’s a refreshing state too for pets to experience hair grooming. It is not just looking good that we must be after but the fact that it helps a lot in keeping their proper hair hygiene. Not grooming their hair regularly results in some health problems. Groomers with good skills find out the trouble beneath the hair or fur of the animal aside from cutting their hair. 

Some health issues you may discover are skin and ear infections and also cysts. Hair mats, for example, can simply hide the ticks and fleas that are living there. It also suppresses the blood circulation that leads to amputation when it becomes severe. Simply put, pets suffer if they are not brought to grooming salons for a regular haircut especially those with long hair.

7. Learn Proper Brushing Techniques

Brushing a pet’s hair is very important as it helps in stimulating their blood circulation. This action helps in producing new fur. You can also check the presence of parasites such as fleas and ticks. Prevention of spreading wounds can be done once detected upon brushing its hair. It should be done regularly to remove dead hair. 

Each breed requires a different frequency of brushing. Long-haired animals need brushing once a day while the short-haired ones are once a week. There are also variations of brushes that can be used such as slicker, pin, rakes, and bristle brushes. Every breed has its particular type of brush and it makes a lot of difference when a pet’s comfort is to be considered.

  • Slicker Brush

It has fine and short wires that stand closer on its flat surface. It is used for long-haired and curly-haired pets because they are likely to form hair mats. Breeds that use this kind of brush are Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, St, Bernards, and Cocker Spaniels. Be gentle in using this brush as it may hurt them because of the tight spaces of the wires.

  • Rakes

It has one or two rows with pins that are tightly-spaced. It looks like a razor and intends to be used with slight pressure. It is built to penetrate the thick coat and take off the tangles and the dead undercoat. The breeds that have thick hairs are German Shepherds, Chow Chows, and Malamutes and usually develop dead undercoats. Make sure to purchase the rake that fits the length of your pet’s hair.

  • Bristle Brushes

It is used on smooth-coated pets that always shed hair and short-haired ones. Its natural bristles are tightly-packed to remove loose hair and revitalize the skin. It is used on breeds like Italian Greyhounds, Boston Terriers, Pugs, and Jack Russell Terriers.

  • Pin Brushes

It looks the same with the brushes that people use. Mostly they are oval-shaped and have loosely-arranged wires that are flexible. It also has pins on top. It is often used but it is not useful at all because it doesn’t give too many benefits. It is a good tool in finishing the grooming process as it is used to brush the already well-brushed coat.

8. Bring Them To The Veterinarian For A Regular Check-Up

Regular check-ups from the veterinarian will save your pets’ life from future harm. They know the whole anatomy of an animal. Although pet groomers do their jobs in checking the body of the pets such as possible parasites and infections, it is a must for a regular check-up. The situation won’t get worse if the veterinarian gets to see the pet often. The vaccinations they offer would improve and boost their health.

The good thing is if the pet groomer is knowledgeable, he or she will find out the problem right away. Some can be done by them but still, the best thing to do is to keep a schedule of your pet’s regular check-up to avoid future sickness. Vets may prescribe medicines that are good for old pets that experience arthritis and joint pains. They can also give some for longevity and good health.


8. In Case Needed, Advise the Client To Take Pet To Veterinarian

There may be instances when a pet brought in for grooming does not seem well. And as a pet care professional, you should definitely know by experience or at least by certification, if a dog or cat needs medical attention more than just a wash and trim.

It is possible that some first aid can be done by a groomer but still, the best thing to do is to let the pet owner know that they need to take their beloved pet to a veterinarian. Vets may need to prescribe medicine or run tests. They can also give some for longevity and good health.

9. Create A Lasting Relationship With Your Clients

Satisfied customers will surely come back for the great service you had rendered for them. Clients seek groomers that will give the best care for their pets. Not just that, it actually creates an attachment between you, the pet, and the client. Animals know how to appreciate it too. The bond that connects you to them is a precious thing no one could ever understand. 

The perks of being a pet groomer are the friendship and trust that would be built between you and them. They are not just customers to you but way deeper than that. Aside from the friendship is the repeat business they are having with you. Because clients that keep coming back would be the life of your business. The way we treat the pets of our clients would surely make them a loyal customer. 

Aside from being professional, it works best to build friendships with them. Their trust in your services would mean business growth for you. 

10. Attain Certification

Being certified is way different than just watching videos about it and gaining skills. There is a lot of information that needs to be considered when handling pets. Some states require their pet groomers to be certified and licensed. Associations like the National Dog Groomers Association of America and the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists are the ones that teach and train the aspiring pet groomers.

The reason for this is to properly address the pets of what they need especially because they are of different breeds. Some cats for example are quite hard to please in nature so the groomer must be knowledgeable enough to do the needed service. In the end, they need to perform what they have learned in the training and pass some exams.

11. Learn To Groom Different Pets

It might be uneasy for you at first, especially if you are not used to grooming other pets. But remember that the versatility of your services would attract customers. Especially because not all groomers prefer to groom other pets such as cats. Being different from other grooming salons because you groom other pets aside from dogs would be your advantage. 

Dogs for example have different breeds so you have to study each breed in order to handle them according to their characteristics. Most pet grooming businesses cater to grooming for dogs only. The need for cat grooming services is hiking so it would be good to try other kinds of pets. Proper training will do the work. You would surely boost your branding once people noticed your various services.

12. Know How To Recognize The Problems Arising

As an expert pet groomer, you will eventually learn the skill of recognizing the signs that a possible health problem would come out. Yes, you are not a veterinarian, but your concern and learning the proper regular grooming would teach you how. You must check every part of the pet’s body to see the problems of bad health conditions that might arise. If that happens, you may suggest the client seek the help of a vet.

  • Skin Condition

You must check the skin if there are cuts or swelling and parasites living in their skin. Notify your client if you saw skin infections so they may schedule a visit to the veterinarian. See if they have injuries and open sores because they may have encountered things that pierced their feet pads. This may lead to infection if not treated right away.

  • Temperament changes

When their temper or mood changes especially if the activity level decreases, it must be a sign of illness. Sometimes a pet is not ready to be groomed, making them hyperactive. This could affect grooming because they wouldn’t calm down and might cause an injury. It would be your assessment that would tell if they are ready to be groomed and then apply your knowledge on how to calm them.

  • Ears and eyes

Check their ears for possible infection before plucking hair from it. See if there are discharge or swelling and dead hair accumulation. If so, tell the client to have a proper check-up by a vet. For the eyes, look for discharge, redness, swelling, and irritation because these would lead to eye problems.

  • Teeth

It is very important to check the oral health care of the pets. Trained eyes get to find dental problems before proceeding to groom. You can implement oral care but the vet is still the one who will clean the gums and their teeth totally. You should not proceed in oral care if the pet has a dental condition. It might be a liability if you continue to brush its teeth if the pet is harmed.

  • Mistreatment

You should check too if the pet’s body has indications of being mistreated or abused. It is not an excuse to ignore the well-being of the pet even if the client is the one who pays for the costs.

Your expertise from the training would be of big help when judging the pet’s situation. Keep your client well-informed about the condition of the pet so they can relay it to the vet.

13. Make Sure You Are Insured

Every business needs insurance to protect its profit and employees. The same goes for the pet grooming business as you cannot avoid injuries while handling the pets. Even the most careful pet groomer can not prevent that because of some scenarios that are out of hand. It might cause harm to the animals and the owner might file claims if ever the worst happens.

The liability coverage protects the pet groomers and the business from possible lawsuits due to unexpected injuries. It would be an advantage worth investing if you would purchase insurance. The main reason is to avoid problems that would ruin your brand and cause profit loss. You may consider the coverages that fit your business.

Benefits Of Learning Proper Grooming For Your Pets

You may think that it’s just okay to have your pets brushed regularly in a week. Others thought that it is not necessary to religiously groom them. But the fact that keeping them well-groomed does not only help them healthy, more importantly, if you are also safe from the disease they might catch soon. It is also clean without any foul smell and avoids shedding their hairs. These are the following benefits of pet grooming to show you how important it is.

  • You can discover problems or diseases sooner to prevent them from being worse.

Early treatment can be applied to cure them and to bring back their good health.

  • Your pet’s coat and fur will stay healthy by keeping them brushed regularly.

Bathing them regularly is not advisable but brushing does. It stimulates their skin and therefore brings out natural oils that are essential for healthy hair and prevents knots.

  • Cutting their nails prevents joint pains that will make the pets hard to walk.

Uncut nails also bring stuck germs and make nails curl.

  • Pets develop good behavior when they are treated with awesome grooming regularly.

Of course, who wouldn’t when it gives them a good feeling afterward? It gives a good effect on their mental health and eventually makes them show a positive attitude. 


The love for animals calms the inner struggles we have. To have them means we need to love them, give them their needs, and learn the skills to properly groom them. The best skills can be learned from the training and programs you would take. Trying to enter a pet grooming business in the future would need these skills to ensure a better return on investment.

We, in Advantage Insurance Solutions, are ready to assist you regarding your insurance needs about pet grooming. Let us help you secure your investment and cover for you in times of need.  Give us a call and we will gladly assist you to find the right insurance coverage that suits you and your business.

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