Should I sign up for telematics on my auto insurance?

Jun 15, 2021 | From The CEO, Personal Insurance

Let’s Understand Vehicle Telematics

User-Based insurance or Telematics technology looks at the pattern of driving as the base of an insurance premium. The data that is collected by this amazing microcomputer is used by the insurer to determine the kind of coverage that suits your vehicle best. You see, everything that you do behind the wheel and your attitude towards that road in front of you is being monitored and assessed.

What Is Telematics

Telematics prevents you from getting lost and in cases where you might need it, this makes it easy for you to receive roadside help among other things. All in all, this super amazing technology in cars navigates for you and promotes safety and security. It provides communication and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t take up so much space! This technology fits in your dashboard. Like a plane’s black box, it records all the data and is housed in a crash-resistant box. 

Telematics comes in different names like usage-based insurance or pay-as-you-drive. They all point to one thing – a system used to look into driving patterns and provide drivers with an incentive that comes in financial form. The safer you are as a driver, the cheaper the premium. 

Diving into its Features 

Here are some, if not all of the telematics features that can be in your vehicle depending on what kind of package you have from your provider. 

Automatic Collision Notification

No one wants to be involved in a car crash but if this happens, the system can detect the event and it will send a notice out in the area for help. The strong signal can reach a good radius when it comes to area coverage and in cases where a crash is severe, the modem will not be damaged due to the crash-resistant box that it is in. 

Emergency Assist

There are a lot of things that could happen when you are driving on that road. You may be on a spontaneous road trip one day and the next day, you may be a witness to a crime or an accident, or you or someone in the proximity of your vehicle probably needs medical assistance. The SOS button that comes in handy with the telematics system can connect you to the right help when you need it even if you don’t scream for it. 

Roadside Help

This goes without saying that when you are in the middle of nowhere and are stuck with a flat tire or you run out of fuel, telematics can help you in getting the assistance that you need in the nick of time via GPS. 


Another important feature of telematics is the ability to perform diagnostics before your dealer visits. Car owners with vehicle telematics are assured of monthly reports sent via email regarding the running condition of their vehicle. 

If this isn’t attractive enough, other minor benefits could make a driver’s life easier in the long run. Just like your phone apps, telematics can provide you with the following conveniences: 

Comparing Gas Prices in your area and Gas Finder

Fuel prices aren’t always favorable but with this system, you have a better chance of getting the best deals and save. With navigation, you are also given help when it comes to finding the nearest gas stations and if you are not familiar with the area, telematics gives you instructions on how to get there. 

Smartphone Apps for Local Directory Listings

Called simply as local search, telematics has search features just like the ones in your mobile phone. It can provide information for nearby hotels, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, bars, and a whole lot more. 


Never miss out on what’s happening with the world. With telematics, you are always updated with news and weather apps that send you notifications. 

Streaming Services

Never ride and be bored again. You have so many options at the tips of your fingers with streaming. Music and video apps are available with the system. 


Driving and reading text messages is not safe when you are behind the wheel but with telematics, you have the text and email messages displayed and read to you, and replying to them via voice dictation will not take your eyes away from the road. 

Enhanced Automatic Crash Notification 

This system uses the data that is collected through sensors to analyze how much damage was done to the vehicle and the injuries that the passengers may have. This prevents additional injuries and can connect you to help and bring them right to the scene. 


Putting boundaries for loved ones especially the new drivers, mostly teenagers, provides parents with information on whether or not the driver is exceeding allowable speed and is driving within acknowledged distances.

Are there a lot of drivers using Telematics? 

Telematics can help everyone drive safely and of course, safer driving equates to more savings when it comes to insurance premiums but why aren’t more drivers getting this technology in their vehicles? 

One reason is that nagging feeling you have that as you stick your keys to the ignition and drive, you are being monitored to the minute and to be monitored by a third-party provider creates more discomfort for the drivers especially because privacy is involved. People are also unfamiliar with telematics that it is so easy to doubt this technology or be suspicious of it. 

Who are the users of Telematics? 

The target of auto insurers is drivers who drive less and are really careful. These are the drivers who have less mileage or little to no unfavorable incidents. New car owners and young drivers fall into this category along with daytime commuting individuals. These customers usually consent to be monitored in a span of one to two months. Once the results come in and policyholders qualify, they are given discounts on annual premiums. 

In summary, Telematics works by looking at a driver’s behavior behind the wheel. It analyzes the distance driven, what time the driver is on the road and how a driver makes turns, accelerates, or brakes. The data is then collected for each trip and because of this information made available, any driver can understand how he is performing and adjust their behavior accordingly. 

Driver education can help them improve and as they do become better at driving safely, insurance premiums can be a lot more friendly on the financial side giving you more savings. When it comes to the data collected, there are strict privacy policies attached to this. These things are solely collected for insurance purposes by the insurer and may not be used for any other purposes without acquiring consent from the driver. 

Telematics and the Future

More and more breakthroughs and discoveries are coming into place for safer driving and the ability of telematics to improve safety makes for an exciting future. With the internet in place, this system can allow for car-to-car communication and expanded functionalities. There are so many exciting possibilities and what humans can imagine knows no bounds. 

We’re here to help

Deciding on whether to get telematics or not is entirely up to the driver of course. But if you are looking into getting more savings from your insurance provider, and if you want your safety as a driver, then Telematics is the way to go.

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