Spring Bounce Back in 2023!

Nov 16, 2022 | Affiliates

As the weather starts to become warmer, the trees begin to grow, and the snow melts. We celebrate another spring. It is that time of the year when more people go out and some plan out home maintenance improvements from the winter season. And after winter, you should know some home maintenance tips for spring too!

Time to bounce back! It’s springtime! Why not have some home maintenance tips for this Spring of 2023?

As you prance around the fields or start cleaning out the driveway it is better to check if you are being safe in your activities. After all, it’s ok to be prepared for anything as you go about your daily activities. Did you know that at least 60,000 people are treated in the emergency room across the United States connected to the most used equipment around this time?

Yes… The lawnmowers. Not just that, there are reports across the US that there were more than 6,000 house fires due to grills leading to a whopping $30 million in property damages back in 2016.

This is why although springtime sounds serene, we cannot be too careless around this time. From lawnmowers, down to exercising are things you need to be careful about. Yes, I did mention exercising! 

Before your spring bounce back in 2023, here are some fun facts!

Fun Fact #1:

Did you know that Spring begins the vernal equinox? Ver means Spring, while Vernus means “of the Spring” in Latin; and in the 16th century, the word evolved into Vernal with the same translation from Latin.

Now, the word equinox is derived from two Latin words aequi for equal and nox/noctum for the night. During the late Middle English (after the Norman conquest to the late 15th century), the term equinox was used instead of its Latin form equinoctial which means equal days. Meaning that days are equal to nights.

Home Maintenance Tips to Watch Out for

Here are a few of the activities for this season that you need to be careful about as you bounce back this Spring 2023. This is of course considering the weather.


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Yardwork is work done in someone’s yard and the area outside their house, for example taking care of plants and removing garden waste. Feel free to check this local harvest organic gardening course that you can do in your yard.

Lawnmower Maintenance

Injuries with this equipment are very avoidable. Before using the said item, you need to make sure that all screws and blades are in good working condition. Remember that it was stored in your equipment shed in harsh weather. Cleaning it or taking it to the maintenance team to make sure of the integrity of the tool.


A lot of homeowners take this season to check house maintenance. And while they check their walls and roofs, they clumsily use ladders. After checking the integrity of the ladder, you need to make sure that you follow the safe usage of the equipment. Two feet, One hand, or One Foot, Two Hands. This will ensure your balance and safety while you are up that ladder.


Do not get surprised, cleaning your backyard and your lawn after winter can be dangerous. From sharp tools, chemicals, pests, and pests or animals that might have hibernated under the bush on the cold winter days.

Home Improvement Planning

Do not rush your home improvements because of the clear weather. You need to plan it out properly by checking each room or extension to maximize your time. Plan it out so the weather can aid you, like making sure anything that involves cement can be done further near summer so it can dry quicker.

Car accidents

  • Sun Glares – That sudden peek of the sun from the clouds can give us temporary blindness, causing us to swerve. this springtime, make sure we wear sunglasses when we start driving.
  • Motorbikes and Bicycles – There will be a big increase in people using these types of vehicles. This would also mean that there will be a slight increase in accidents. Share the road. 
  • Slippery Roads – While the snow melts on our streets. It leaves very slippery streets and roads. So, before you go Fast and Furious on your way to work, make sure that you check if the city maintenance has already cleared the streets. Or better yet, drive slowly. Something better than driving slowly… Walk. It is healthier and way cheaper!


  • Excessive Exercising – Catching up on your diets. Training too much can lead up to your muscles not being able to adapt. Forcing your summer body goal. Take your time and slowly adjust your workout regimen as the weather changes from Winter to Spring. Remember that safety is better than washboard abs.
  • Poor Conditions of the Parks – Runners, beware. Make sure that the shoes you are wearing are slip-resistant as the pavements in your favorite parks might still be slippery after all the snow.
  • Heat Stroke – Remember that the weather is changing from cold to warm. This means that our body is accustomed to cold, and a sudden increase in heat can cause heatstroke.

Other Activities for Spring bounce back in 2023


As the kids might be enjoying the warmer weather, please check if the cords on your trampolines are still at 100%. The cold might have caused the cords to be brittle and might snap from all the jumping.

Spring Break Accidents

Since many states opened up again to tourism, Spring Break accidents were very common. Including drinking to car accidents.

Understanding that prevention is always better than cure, we all need to be careful with the list above. Making sure our insurances are all up to date is the best way to spend the spring. Your car, house, or even personal insurance is always good.

Fun Fact #2

During this time, the earth’s axis is tilted a little facing the sun, which means that the daylight increases, and the world gets a little warmer.

Try these Activities:

Of course, some activities are pretty much safe to do, here are a few springtime Activities that you can do.

  • In-house Gardening – Knowing what is safe to plant on those small jars. Start learning bonsai.
  • Picnics – Go to the nearest park and prepare a healthy meal for yourself and your family. Make sure that you follow the health protocols in your area.
  • Learn to Bike – A very healthy new hobby that you can learn this time. 
  • Star Gaze – Grab your kids and a not-so-expensive telescope. Appreciate that all clouds are cleared, and you can see those stars at night.
  • Backyard Camping – It’s time for you and your kids to be enjoying the slight warmth of the sun. Planning a backyard camp with a barbecue on the side is the perfect bonding for the family.
  • Spring Clean your Cabinets – Hoarder beware! It is time for that old picture frame to leave and those unread books. The toys that your kids have grown out of. 
  • Donate – Remember those items you cleaned out? Donate them… 
  • Teach your pets a new trick – it would be nice to bring your pets to the vet and spa. Your fur babies need a little relaxation too.
  • Set A Family Exercise Goal – Create a doable to get your kids interested in exercise. Start them young.
  • Catch Up with a close Friend – Maybe you can start a tea party tradition. It will be nice to include your kids too.
  • Clean Up – Clear your garage and your Equipment shed. Take that equipment to the maintenance shop. 

Fun Fact #3

Did you know that around this time of the year, songbirds start learning songs of the same species? And animal newborns are most likely to survive without the harshness of summer and the coldness of winter.

In General:

Here are some General Home Maintenance and Safety Tips for Spring you should follow around this time.

  • Remember to clean your furnace or chimney. This was used too much over the winter. So it is better to clean it up to check if there are any clogs or any debris and grease.
  • Replace your furnace filters.
  • Check your Stove Hood – the heavy cooking over the holidays might have caused grease to accumulate. Make sure that you clean them to eliminate any incident of too much smoke in your kitchen.
  • Check your Smoke Detector – compared to the previous season, we need to be sure that our smoke alarms are working correctly.
  • Scan all your outdoor cords – the harsh winds or snow might have caused lines to be brittle and wet cables might cause short circuits that may result in fire,
  • Check all your gas-lined equipment. From your stove to your heaters. 
  • Keep all liquid chemicals properly stored in your garage or equipment shed.
  • Clear out the gutters – drains and waterspouts might have collected debris.
  • Wildlife activities – As mentioned in one of the fun facts. There will be a lot of wildlife animals that will be more active and might be heading to the rural areas. 

Fun Fact #4

Springtime is autumn on the other side of the world. In Australia and New Zealand, spring begins on the 1st of September and ends on the 30th of November.

There are a lot of things that you can do during the mud season. Just select which one would be the most exciting for you and your family. But never forget that safety always goes first. This goes not just for yourself, but mostly for all your investments. There is always a safer way to do the things you enjoy so much.

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